Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Baxter.

Hello friends.

This is Baxter.

He is the man's and my little one. We've had him for almost 6 years.

We've had our ups...

We've had our downs...

I would say that for most of his life he has slept on the couch at night.
(and well anytime he pleases.)
Underneath whatever blanket may be on the couch.

Brad and I, on the whole, never let him sleep with us because we didn't want to start the trend of him wanting to sleep with us at night.

Every now and again, though, one of us would feel our heartstrings being tugged at every time we'd kick him out of the bed.

Soooooo....needless to say, he's had a few more nights in the bed with us.

While that seems to be working out great for him, it is not for us.

Here a few of the grievances we are experiencing:

1. I am sweating beyond belief. Wait, did I put a Thermacare wrap around my ankles before I came to bed? Oh no, it's just Baxter.
2. He has to be touching me at all times. I scoot, he scoots. He's little, but he's like a tickling maniac.
3. He knows the perfect time to want to go outside...3 am. 5am. 6:30 am.
4. He likes to jump off the bed and make lots of noise. And sometimes if I'm lucky, he'll lick me on the face before he jumps off the bed, to wake me up out of a dead sleep. For no reason...just to make noise.
4. Whine. Whine. But he's okay. I think he just likes to do it. Whine. Baxter: "I'm at the door. Let me in to the bedroom. Whine."

I know I know, he's a dog. And we absolutely love him. But #3 on the list is driving us nuts. We are not getting restful sleep at all. AT ALL.


Does anyone have any advice on how to keep him out of our bedroom without whining at the door?

Much love. :)

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