Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tokyo Grill

OMGeeeeee. Let me tell you guys about this sweet gem in East Memphis: TOKYO GRILL!

You guys can check out the menu here.

It's in the old Asian Palace location. (Which, if you ever went into that location, you know what I mean when I say it was sort of questionable. The food was just had to turn a blind eye to the surroundings...specifically the kitchen. Yikes.)

However, the inside of the building has been completely redone. It's nothing fancy, by any means. Buuutttt, it's cute. And quaint.

The man and I headed over there this afternoon for our second trip there. I think we are going to make it our Thursday-night-before-bowling-meal. And let me explain why:

We both ordered the two roll and miso soup combination. However, we left the soup off (this due to the fact that one of the air units is it was a little warm in there...they offered us a salad, but we declined that, too). We opted to get an order of the vegetable fried rice, instead. (Yes. Don't judge. Carb overload.)

I'm not sure if you can understand the massive amount of food one gets here. I mean, just take a look at those pictures again...

If you love sushi like the man and I do, then you know how expensive it is. I mean, going to Bluefin downtown or Pacific Rim in East Memphis will about break the bank.


We got all that food (and opted out of the soup that's supposed to come with it) for....


If you were keeping score then that was 4 sushi rolls (what would have been 2 large cups of miso soup) and an order of vegetable fried rice for $23.30.


The people there are really friendly. You have the option of take-out or dining in. Hopefully, the air will be fixed soon (the gentleman assured us that the guy was coming tomorrow to fix it).

Thumbs up! Go check it out!

Much love. :)

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  1. Thanks for the review! Sean and I will have to check it out soon!