Friday, August 19, 2011

And now a word in regards to rudeness...

I understand this post might be a little bias.

Because today I'd like to discuss the treatment of those in the service industry.

You know...severs...bartenders...hostesses....etc.

And yes, I am married to a bartender.

(Who happens to work at Jim's Place Restaurant and Bar at Poplar and Perkins every Monday night, Wednesday morning, Friday mornings & evenings, and some Saturday nights...oh and also at Chili's at Poplar and Perkins on Tuesday nights...just ask for Brad.) = SHAMELESS PLUG.


I would say that more often than not when we go out to eat, we are probably a little more observant of our surroundings than most. Mostly because Brad has been in this industry for years, and I had a brief stint in the industry, also (as a hostess).

Oh...and because Brad is going to school for a degree in Hospitality and Resort Management in the hope that he can open his own bar one day.

So, that being said, when we go out, we have a good time....but we can also be a tad critical.

However, more often than not, we try very hard to, at least, give the benefit of the doubt to our servers.

Because we understand, for lack of a better term, the crap that they have to put up with and what all that they have to do.

Unless you've worked in this type of industry, I don't think you can possibly understand the ridiculousness that they have to deal with.

I mean, I could fill this blog with pages upon pages upon...(you guessed it!) pages with stories of...well...ridiculousness.

So, when we blatantly see someone be rude to a server, it flies all over Brad and me.

Ladies and gentleman...I present...last night:

Brad and I were out last night getting a bite, when...dum...dum...DUMMMMM.....

"We've been waiting 20 minutes for our drinks (no they hadn't)...why did they (Brad and I) get served before us (totally the manager's fault because she sat us and got our drinks)....well I am NOT happy about this....blah blah blah..."

First of all, the server was completely swamped. We both knew it. But that guy just assumed that the server had ignored their table on purpose.

Why in the world would she completely ignore them on purpose...I don't think that she thinks that money will magically appear on the table when they leave.


Brad was so upset by the whole ordeal he had to go outside and compose himself...(and yes, that is code that he had to go outside and smoke a cigarette because he was so mad.)

Sometimes people can just be so inconsiderate. And it flies all over me.

Do you realize those people depend on your tips to survive?? They are not out on the streets hustling. They are trying to make an honest living.

I understand that there will be times when your service is less than stellar. Believe me, I KNOW there are lazy people in the service industry. But more often than not, they are busting their butts.

Annnnd I also know there are times when speaking to a manager is probably warranted.

However, making a scene is NEVER acceptable (in my opinion).

You really just make yourself look like an ass. And you've made yourself a target.

Because believe me, most servers, bartenders, and hostesses never forget a face that makes a scene.


So, please, stop being rude to servers. To bartenders. To hostesses.

Take a minute and put yourself in their shoes.

I think everyone should be required to work in this least once.

It would be a real eye-opener.

Wait, did I mention to stop being rude?

Much love. ;)


  1. Preach it, sista! As a ten year veteran of the service industry, I could fill a book with horror stories! I've always said people should work in a restaurant at least one to gain some perspective. As usual, you are right on!

  2. Girl I know you know all about this! Hooray for being veterans of the biz. :)