Monday, August 15, 2011

Crafty-(hot mess)-ness.

So, I am growing tired of the lackluster-ness on the walls in our house.

We'd love to paint, but unfortunately, we can't. It's a long story, but the long and the short of it is, there are 8 layers of wallpaper that have been painted over in our house (his great-grandparents' home).

Of course, when Brad moved in 7 years ago, his uncle painted a quick coat over whatever was here (I can't remember what is was for the life of me...). What remains is this slate-blue-grey color.

But when Brad and I went to paint a few months ago (after seeing some cracks in the paint & wanting something new), we realized we were in over our heads. And after advice from my brother, we just had to put our painting dreams (I use the term "dreams" lightly. I hate painting. Don't we all??) on hold.

Fast forward to opening wedding gifts and learning that my brother's (and his business parteners') gift to us was to help us with renovations of the house.


Yes, it is a truly amazingly-wonderful gift. We are beyond grateful.

So, we obviously can't paint for all the aforementioned reasons. Annnnddd because in order to start the whole renovation process, we have to buy the house. And that may take a minute. Or two.

So, all that being said, I am having to just find pieces that match the color on the walls...and our furniture.

And, I've just been putting off finding things for the walls because I'd like for Brad to have some imput. I mean it is his house, too.

But, trying to get Brad to Garden Ridge is like trying to squeeze a piano through our front But highly unlikely.

(This avoidance of such places is mostly due to his work schedule. Mostly...haha.)

Anywho, I just got the itch today to DO something. So, I went to Garden Ridge and found a couple of frames for suuuupppaa cheap.

Annnddd I had seen this on Etsy and thought, "Hey I could do that!"

It's all the important dates that you might have for you or your family. 

Pretty cool, huh? 

I present to you my, on the fly, interpretation:


Wow, mine definitely looks like it could use some tweaking. The card stock is fine. But my handwriting could use some tweaking. (And by "tweaking" I mean, should not be there at all.)

So, maybe I'll just go to the creation page of the person who did the original picture and do that instead (and by "that" I mean be lazy and order it).

So, after taking a look at the other one, I am definitely going to re-do mine.

However, I am going to keep mine up for right now. I am dying to have something (anything!) up on the wall in the bathroom.

Oh and the explanation of the dates:
01/13/04 =  the first day of Tuesday/Thursday classes for that semester = the beginning of Brad's and I's journey together
07/22/04 = Brad asked me to be his girlfriend.
08/29/09 = Brad asked me to marry him.
05/21/11 = wedding day

On to the next crafty project...

I made this little ditty for the bedroom:

(it says, "yeah, love is a verb here in my room." - incubus)

It's a song lyric from one of Brad's favorite Incubus' songs. I am surprising him with it in the bedroom.

I am pretty happy with that project. Simple. And to the point. And it's in the font that all of our stationary for our wedding was in. So, I like that about it, too.

I guess it's on to the next project...

Hey, I'm no Martha Stewart. 

But a girl can dream!

Thank God for and I don't have to be Martha. I let my mouse do the hard work for me. 

Much love. :)


  1. PLEASE, let's plan a craft night! G is going to bed at 6 now, so my evenings are free :)

  2. I would loveee a craft night!! Want to plan like a "fall" or "halloween" wreath night? I am dying to make one!