Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet Me In St. Louis

Hi friends!

Sorry, I've been a little MIA from the blogging.

I had a busy weekend!

The man and I met my folks in St. Louis this past Friday to watch the Cubs take on the Cardinals. Sadly, the Cubs lost.

(the folks and I at Busch stadium)

On the upside, we had an amazing time in St. Louis! Brad had never been, while I had been twice before. My parents were only able to stay Friday night, but Brad and I stayed both Friday and Saturday.
(the man and me)

Our hotel was not the best...however, it was in a really cool part of town - "The Hill."

Check out some cool facts about The Hill here!

We ate dinner on Saturday night at a restaurant called Gian Tony's. It was sooo good! And very charming. Check out the website here!

(after dinner pic)

I had decided to wear a dress I had gotten on our honeymoon (at the same store that I purchased the LBD from). They called it the "Julia Roberts" dress.
(said Julia Roberts dress)

I loved it because it was polka-dotted. :)
(my version of the Julia Roberts dress)

But anytime I wear something new, I get a little nervous.

And for whatever reason, I get self-conscious. Ugh. I know. Stupid. But hey, it's what happens. I am trying to work on it.

So, imagine my thought process when I kept catching this woman at a table staring at me. I kept thinking "Is there something wrong?" "Do I look terrible?"

After about 20 minutes of wondering, she and her family got up from their table to leave. Surprisingly, she popped by our table to tell me, "I just had to tell you. I think your dress is so adorable. I've been admiring it since you got here."

WOW! I was so shocked. And blushing!

Brad then told me that he had overheard the lady tell her husband how much she liked my dress. But because he knew how much I would blush, and that I'd be uncomfortable taking the compliment (that's a whole other blog post), he decided to wait and see if she'd say anything.

Well, hey...it made my day! :)

On Saturday we also took the Anheuser Busch tour. I had already taken it, but Brad thought it was pretty cool.
(the man at the tour)

Sunday we headed to Union Station and sadly, it has gone downhill since the last time I visited. Granted that was almost 10 years ago, but still. It was definitely a sad face.

After that visit we headed to the Arch, which was pretty cool...to begin with...

Explanation to follow.

I had already been to the arch, faced my fears, and experienced the whole kit and kaboodle. Brad had not. So, I mean he HAD to go. The Arch is something you just have to do at least once in your lifetime.

(awesome Arch pic taken by the man)

Unfortunately, we made the mistake of getting there around noon. Which apparently, is the time everyone else decided to get there, too. We had to wait in a long line outside (in the ridiculous heat) for 30 minutes because of security. Upon entering, one thing was abundantly clear to both Brad and me....


What I mean to say was that it smelled of sweaty feet.

And nastiness.

Yikes. It was a hot mess.

Waiting another 30 minutes in line to get tickets was a bag of fun, too. We realized very quickly that it was going to be a long afternoon. We got in line around 1ish.

The next available tour wasn't going to be until 2:55 p.m.


But hey, we checked out the museum they have. And played checkers in the general store. And toughed it out.

And then we got in line to head to the top. And the gentleman behind us..well...whistled the entire time. And talked to himself. Muttering strange things. He was behind us for 20 minutes. Muttering and whistling non-stop. Fabulous.

Correction: fabulously scary.

(me and the man right after getting away from creeper)

All in all...we decided that while worth it for the day, we are definitely good for the rest of our lives on visiting the Arch ever again.

(checking out the views from the top)

While I had already been to St. Louis, one thing that surprised me was how FRIENDLY everyone we talked to was. It's not like I had negative ideas about St. Louis. However, I just was so impressed by the friendly nature of everyone there.

Thanks St. Louis!

The man and I are already plotting a return trip...maybe in September to see the Cubbies again?

And maybe the Cubs will have better luck with that go round...

Wait, let's not jinx anything.

Much love. :)


  1. The picture right after the creeper is HILARIOUS! I think I've seen that expression before :)

  2. haha! we wanted to capture that special moment..and that pic about sums it up. and i AM SURE you've seen it before. probably on more than one occasion! :)

  3. I am obsessed with you! I love the dress - you are scalding hot. I love it and love your blog! Xoxo!!

  4. thank you miss bekah! :) and I love reading YOUR blog :0)