Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Foreigner & Journey Concert...


The man and I headed downtown last night to the Night Ranger, Foreigner, and Journey concert at FedEx Forum.

We went to Bangkok Alley downtown for dinner, and it was yummy!

The hubs had never been to a Thai restaurant before, so it was a new experience. I had been there years ago, and remembered how good it was.

We had made plans to go to the Majestic Grille, but it was PACKED. And Pa Pa Pia's was PACKED. (Not only was the concert going on, but it was also opening night for the Orpheum's season.)

So, we just headed down the street to Bangkok Alley, and I'm glad we did!

We decided to opt out of the Night Ranger portion of the concert as we only knew one song..."Sister Christian"

We got there just as Foreigner was taking the stage.

And let me tell you. They still got it.

I mean, it was probably one of THE BEST performances I've ever seen.

(You may be rolling your eyes...but I kid you not!)

Granted, the person who is in charge of the graphic designs that go behind the band should be fired.

I'm not joking.

Brad and I were almost crying we were laughing so hard.

All the images looked like Windows '97 screen savers.

But, hey, it added to the charm.

So, next up was Journey.

And I freaking love Journey.

Annnnddd I've watched their concert special with their new lead singer.

And he is amazing. And the band is amazing.


I think the band played just a little too loud. And I attribute that to the singer's still shaky English. So, the louder the band is, the less you can hear how thick the singer's accent is. was still awesome!

But I will admit...Brad and I both actually thought Foreigner did a better job.

(Shhhh...don't tell my inner Journey junkie.)


We saw some amazingly bad outfits/hair/bad choices.

However, we WERE at a Foreigner/Journey concert. (Ooops...and Night Ranger...I forgot.)

So duh. Those things were guaranteed.

It's like all of 1987 showed up with a few 20-year-old-present-day scantily-dressed..well...skanks.

One of the bad choices was made on my part.

New shoes + walking downtown = blisters.


One day I'll learn my lesson.

Here are some pics from the evening...

(Found this dress on sale at Macy' it has pockets...I looooveee pockets!)

(the infamous shoes....haha)

(the hubs and me)

Just remember...

Don't ever be as Cold as Ice.

It's also Urgent...

That you keep an open mind and Open Arms....


Much love :)

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