Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forever 21 finds....

Hello friends!

I got my Tiger shoes in the mail, so I thought I'd show you the other little treasures I also got.

(I would like to preface these pics by saying that I need to perfect the art of taking pictures in the mirror. I am terrible at it. My husband needs to be home more often to take my picture. Gosh...what is he thinking having a job?....)

Just kidding. 

Well about the having a job thing.

I am very grateful for that.

Okay, back to the subject.

First of all, here are the Tiger shoes in person:

(yes, I have my lounge pants on. probably would look better with jeans. I know.)

Aren't they just awesome?!

I also got this little gem:

(Yes, that is a tiger bejeweled ring.)

I love it!

Okay, this begins the portion of the blog where I try to take my own picture...

 (Tiger terry shirt...take 1. Awesome face.)

(The only pic I could get without a flash. And it's still blurry.)

(This is my Go Tigers pic...and my attempt to be lame. Wait...I am lame. Never mind.)

Anywho...I loveeeee my new Tigers shirt.

It's very comfy. And sparkly. And will be great for basketball season.

I mean, I would wear it for football season...but as you know....our football team

(Hey, I still support my Tigers through thick and thin...Go Tigers Go!)

Okay, so all in all I am happy with my purchases. (All from Forever21!)

Obviously, I have an obsession with Tiger-esque things.

Don't judge.

Coming up next on today's blog....

I went to JCPenney yesterday because I had a coupon. 

Let me tell you something.


I think they really have affordable, cute things. 

I can always find something in there!

I wanted to try to find some dressy, dark jeans. 

Well, I did find some jeans...and a new top...and new earrings...and a new purse!


Anywho, I thought I would try out the skinny jean look.

Being a curvy girl...skinny jeans have always scared me. 

But, I really like the ones I got!

They are freakishly comfortable.

(And I guess they are a denim jegging. Didn't realize that until I looked up the specs online. Oh well! I still love them.)

(outfit pic take 1...going to visit the man at work)

(take 2...ugh...maybe I need to learn how to use a tripod...and the self-timer on my camera)

I didn't take a pic with the new purse. Oh well. Sorry!

And for whatever reason they don't have it on the website. Ugh. Sad face.

Makeup look for the night:

(I love my new earrings. Sparkly = obsession.)

They don't have my earrings on the website either. 


Anywho, I will be doing a vlog in the next few days on some new makeup finds. And some old favs. 

As I am typing this, tornado sirens are going off. 

Hooray Memphis weather!

Stay safe friends. 

Much love :)

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