Monday, October 24, 2011

At home facials...

Hello friends!

Today I thought I'd share with you all about trying a do-it-yourself facial.

Now, I will be the first to admit. I have never had a real, spa experienced facial.

I really want to. I might even put it on my list of things to do by the end of the year.

However, when I saw this little post on the beautiful Lauren Conrad's website, I had to try an at home facial for myself.

Side note: isn't Lauren Conrad gorgeous?? I admit it. She (and Gwen Stefani) will forever be my #1 girl crushes. I have loved her since Laguna Beach, was obsessed with her on The Hills, and still love everything she does today.



Back to the task at hand.

Soooo, this past weekend I decided to try out her DIY facial.

(Remember, see her post for all the details....)

What I used to cleanse my face:

This has been what I have been using now for almost a month to wash my face. However, if I am in the shower, I use this:

But, I like the way the Olay's keeps my face feeling I used that one instead.

Here is the sexy picture that results from cleansing:


Okay, so the next step is to exfoliate. I went a tad further and used my microdermabrasion kit that I have from Olay. I bought this kit a few months before the wedding so I could try to keep my skin in good condition. I used it probably once every two weeks before the wedding. However, now...I am not so diligent. So, I decided to use it for the purposes of this project.

Here's the first product I put on:

It is this orange scrub stuff that is applied to your face. You massage it all over your face for about a minute. That's all you can really take, because it starts to almost hurt after that.

Then, you apply this serum to your face:

It causes the scrub stuff to become this liquid foam on your face. I know, sounds weird. But, you massage it all over for around 1 minute to make the scrub stuff disappear. It actually heats up on your face. Don't be alarmed. It's supposed to do that.

Sexy pic #2 resulting from exfoliation process:

I tried to get a pic of this stuff turning into a liquid. Which proved to be quite difficult as to not feel like your face is on fire. That shiny part of my face is the serum stuff. That's the best I could do pic wise.

As per Ms. Conrad's advice, I exfoliated my lips, also, after washing the exfoliant off my face.

I used this product from Mary Kay:

I ordered this on Ebay before the wedding, too. (I had to have my lips in good shape y'all!...haha!)

I fell in love with this stuff years ago. It's Mary Kay's Satin Lips Mask. It works so well! It makes your lips feel amazing.

So after that step, I proceeded to the steam process. It's really easy. Washcloth + warm water = ahhhhhh.

Look how dedicated I am to my blog:

I managed to get a pic of this step in...with a washcloth on my face. Boo-ya.

This part of the facial was my favorite. It feels so awesome!

The last part of the process involves putting on a mask.

I used this one (bought at Walgreens):

Smelled really nice....

You leave it on for 15 minutes. Be warned: this stuff pretty much makes your face not movable. I could barely open my mouth.

I know you guys are dying to see another picture with me and all the glory that is a face mask:

Looks at little bit like this, no?

(a little Michael Myers for ya.)

After 15 minutes, wash it off...and off to the last step!

Time to moisturize! I use this at night, so that's what I chose to use for this. Sorry the pic is a little blurry. I love this stuff. It doesn't take a lot, and man does it go a long way. I love Olay products for moisturizing. I have used many moisturizers, and for me, Olay just seems to work the best. I need an oil-free moisturizer, and I just love this stuff. During the day, I use the Olay oil-free 15 spf moisturizer. Love it, too.

So, here's the finished make-up. Nothing. (Just for you guys!)

I definitely do not have perfect skin. But, I am on a quest!

I also use this product every other night on my face.

Roc Retinol Correction Sensitive Night Cream. I bought the sensitive version because I was new to the whole retinol treatment and didn't want to aggravate my skin too much.

Retinol = good for your skin.

Annnndd....drum roll....I have quit going to the tanning bed.

I may go for a friend's wedding that I am in June. At the beach. (Thus, getting a base coat helps in not getting burned at the beach. Well, that's my rationale behind it anyways!)

But, I have decided to forgo anymore tanning.

#1 I am scared of cancer. #2 I am scared of what it does to your skin.

I am not judging those who still use them. Like I said, I'll probably be using one for a minute before that wedding in June. However, in the past few months I have become crazy obsessed with keeping wrinkles at bay. So, I figured this was one (big) way I could help in that process.

And the fact that I am scared anymore tanning will lead to cancer with me.

Cancer is not funny. Cancer is scary and real. It has affected people very near and dear to me.

However, I sometimes feel like anxiety cat (thanks Pretty in Pink for this! Hilarious website...):

So, the next project will be finding an liquid tanner to aid in a healthy glow.

I am sure there will be a blog post for that adventure, too.

If you have any questions about the products mentioned, let me know!

Ladies have a facial day.

Guys, have one, too. I don't judge. It would be good for ya.

And if you're feeling frisky, go get one at the salon.

Until then, try out the one at home.

My skin felt AMAZING afterward!! 

And it didn't look too shabby, either.

Be sure to take ridiculous pics of yourself during the process, as well.

It's a very important step.

Much love. ;)

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