Friday, October 21, 2011

New favorites :)

Hi there!

I thought I'd share some of my new favorite things that have been rocking my world lately...

So here ya go!

1. I came across Sweet Home Candles a few weeks ago at a holiday mart here in Memphis. It was on my way out the door, and I almost didn't stop...but then I did.

All the scents were amazing! However, there was one that rocked my world.

Cornucopia = AMAZING!!!

Let me explain why. A few years ago, my favorite scent in the whole wide world, Aromatique's Peppercorn was discontinued.

I was devastated!

Okay, devastated is a strong word. More like really really upset.

My mom used to burn Peppercorn candles in my house growing up, and I just looovvved it.

So, when I came across this candle, I told the lady working the booth, "Oh my goodness. I just love this. It reminds me of my favorite scent."

Lady: "Oh what's that?"

Me: "Aromatique Peppercorn."

Lady: "Seriously?! That's exactly what I tried to replicate with this candle! I love that scent, too!"

Well. She hit a home run.

I bought 4 of them. And it really reminds me of home. :)

Check out Sweet Home's website here!

2. I am loving this cheddar pepper bread!

I got a couple of these mixes from the Pink Palace Arts in the Park. The lady sold me when she said, "They taste just like Red Lobster's cheddar biscuits."


I have made both of the boxes for a dinner at home and the other for a girls night.

Everyone gave a resounding two thumbs up!!

Annnndd they taste a whole like those biscuits. Uh oh.

You can get yours here!

(If you are in Memphis, they'll probably be at the Merry Marketplace at the Agricenter at the end of the month.)

3. Revlon's PhotoReady Foundation

I decided to pick up this little foundation after ready PinkLouLou's review of it. I love reading her blog...and her makeup always looks amazing.

I really love this foundation.

It gives great coverage.

But be warned: it definitely gives a more matte finish.

But, that's what I was looking for!

I picked out "Shell" as my shade.

Check it out's really affordable!

4. I am loving my wedding pictures! 

Post on those to come. :)

Much love friends.

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