Saturday, October 15, 2011

On the Mend

Hello friends...

Well last time we visited, I was bound and determined not to go to the doctor.

Well, the hubs put his foot down about that, and so we headed over to the clinic on campus.

On a side note: not having health insurance is a big fat skinky poo.

On another side note: I am glad we can both utilize the clinic on campus because we don't have health insurance.

Anywho, because I came in so late on Wednesday afternoon to the clinic, the lab had already closed for the day. So, I was told to come back asap on Thursday for some blood work.


Well, I dropped the man off at class on Thursday and headed back over there. It only took about 35 minutes for them to do all the tests they needed, so that's a plus of getting there early...and that they do testing in house.

Soooooo the verdict was/is......

A urinary tract infection.

Say what?!

I really thought I had some sort of viral infection (especially after the conversations I had been having with the nurse the day before.) But no. UTI.

I have never had one so this just took me by surprise...

She told me that sometimes people just manifest symptoms in different ways with this type of infection (the bad migraine, the aches and pains, the nausea and upset stomach). Just because I didn't have the classic symptoms (frequency to urinate or hurting when I used the bathroom) didn't mean I didn't have it.


So, I got my antibiotic prescript, went to work, came home from work for the day, and then went straight to bed.

I felt exhausted.

And BOOM did the pain in my pelvic region come on strong that evening.

And now, I have just been trying to force myself out of bed the past few days to not become one of those people they have to cut out of their house.

But let me tell ya folks....I might have the energy to last a few hours...and then BOOM.

Down for the count.

Other than my appendectomy, I can't remember feeling this consistently bad (exhausted, really) in a long time.

I could literally sleep all day. No energy at all. Which really stinks because I have missed running like you wouldn't believe. 

Have you guys had an experience like this with UTI's?

Mr. UTI and I are trying to come to an understanding...but he's a tough negotiator.

He needs to learn to give a little more. Because I am tired of being tired. And in pain. And tired of all the nausea.

I want to be back to normal!!!! (please don't roll your eyes at this statement even though it probably warrants it...)

Maybe I need to send Mr. UTI a bouquet of flowers? Box of chocolates? Dinner and a movie?


Thanks for all the kind words friends...

Much love to you all! :)

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