Monday, November 28, 2011


I saw a fun little list on another blogger'

So, I thought I'd do it too!

Plus, I feel like I am in a blog rut...I'm not really feeling like writing about anything in particular lately...

So, if you guys have questions you'd like for me to answer or writing ideas, please feel free to comment below...and I'll see what I can come up with.


On to the list...


Age- 27

Bed Size- Queen. And it's amazing. Brad and I bought a new mattress last year...and it was the best purchase EVER! I mean of course. I'd love a California King. But, our house size is not conducive to this idea. So, I'll take my queen size bed and be happy!

Chore you hate - Washing dishes. Hands down. I pray for a dishwasher. Maybe I should plead with Santa?

Dogs- Just one. Baxter. He's pretty awesome. And a great cuddle buddy. I yell at him sometimes...but I love him with all my heart. I'd be lost without him!

Essential start to your day- Ugh. I hate mornings. Yuck. But I suppose it would have to be washing my face. And brushing my teeth. Then turning on the news. I have to watch the news.

Favorite color- Black. Loves it.

Gold or silver- Yikes. I used to love silver and hated gold. But now I am really digging gold. And since my wedding band is white gold...I'll go with gold.

Instruments you play- Um. None. Sad face. I used to play the clarinet in a land far far away. I played for 3 years. But, I wouldn't know how to play today at all.

Job title- Crisis Counselor. And full time graduate student. Because let me tell ya...graduate school is a j-o-b.

Kids- One day in a land far away. Maybe a little Ruthie Claire Weaver...or a little Emerson Shannon Weaver....or a little Hansen Weaver. But for right nieces are the lights of my life.

Live- In Memphis, Tennessee. I love it here. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Well, maybe Chicago. Or at the beach. But for right now, Memphis is home.

Mother's name- Ruth Ann. She is wonderful. And crazy. Crazily-wonderful. I love her so.

Nicknames: Jenny. Ruthie. Jen.

Overnight hospital stays: Well, I've had a couple. When I was young, I had to stay at LeBonheur Children's Hospital for a few days. And then when I had an appendicitis a few years ago, I had to stay. IT WAS NOT FUN!

Pet peeves- Yikes. I have a lot. Rude people. People who don't tip. People who use bad grammar. People who fish for compliments. Habitual complainers. Mean people. People who change lanes and clearly did not look in the mirror. People who ride your bumper. I could go on...Obviously, I am awesome I need to learn to let some things go.

Quote from a movie- "What? You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate the whole... wheel of cheese? How'd you do that? Heck, I'm not even mad; that's amazing. How 'bout we get you in your p.j.'s and we hit the hay." Ron Burgundy in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy  to his dog Baxter. Yes, that's where our doggie got his name from. 

Right or left handed- Righty.

Siblings- One older brother Mark. He's pretty cool. But don't tell him that. His head is already big enough.

Time it takes you to get ready: I mean it depends. I can be out the door in 5 minutes if I have to be. But, if I am going out with the man on a date, I'd say a good 30 minutes (if my hair is dry). If not, then probably an hour. 

Underwear- Um, yes. I am not sure how to answer this. I wear them. I like them. I hate thongs. The end.

Vegetable you hate: Cabbage. Yuck.

What makes you run late: I wait too long to start getting ready. For whatever reason, I always push the envelope with this. However, to be quite honest...the man can make me late, too. I love you honey! ;)

X-rays you've had: Hmmm..I know I've had some on my mouth for my teeth. But other than that...maybe when I sprained my ankle back in the first grade? (Here's a heads up kids: When your best friend dares you to jump off the big pole on the playground equipment after you've gone down...I don't know..maybe 3 inches...don't do it. You'll sprain your ankle. Guaranteed. Thanks Mary Elizabeth Roe. Hey, I still love you though.)

Yummy food you make: Well, honestly I like to think of myself as a pretty good cook. I make a mean spaghetti with homemade sauce. And I make a good meatloaf. And good sugar cookies. And an amazing pecan pie. So come on over!

Zoo- Penguins. After watching March of the Penguins the other night..I am in love. 

That's my A-Z for today!

Any random things we agree on friends?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Monday.

My Thanksgiving was amazing.

My niece Heather Dawn. She is serious about her turkey eating. Obviously.

My other niece Hannah Jane made place cards for everyone. Aren't they precious?

The hubs and my dad. Chowing down. 

Bro (aka an amazing chef) and my sis in law. Yum.

The folks.

My favorite red head and me. 

Look at that gorgeous fam. 

This could be one of my favorite pics ever. Brad loves these girls so much!

Being an aunt is awesome. 

I love my family. They truly are the best. And hanging with them is such a blessing.

Please continue to say prayers for my parents. My mom fell this past Tuesday night and took a bad fall. It was awful, but she is recovering. She hit her face on the tracking that the shower doors slide onto. They had taken the shower doors off a while ago and had replaced them with a shower curtain. Well, mom went to the bathroom by herself (a no-no right now), lost her balance...tried to catch herself on the towel rack (not knowing that the rack was loose)...and hit her face on the tub and track. She could have died. I'm not even joking. So, she is very lucky. And she is retaining an enormous amount of fluid. So, she is going to the doc tomorrow to see how they can address getting this excess fluid off of her. 

I know she'd appreciate the prayers friends. As would my dad. 

Thanks guys. 

I hope you've had a happy Monday.

I know I did.

I got out of class early tonight. 

And it's snowing. 

In Memphis.

In November.


Much love friends! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

6 months of wisdom... marks the 6 month milestone of the hubs and me taking the walk down the aisle....

So what?

Yea, okay.

So what.

Well, I'll tell you what...

In the grand scheme of life, 6 months is nothing.

However, 6 months has already taught me a lot about marriage.

1. Pick your battles.

I mean, I pretty much already knew this already...however, being married definitely reinforces my beliefs about this. I think it's really important to step back sometimes and ask myself, "Is this really worth fighting over?" or even taking 10 minutes out and then revisiting my emotions to ask if it's worth getting mad over. Fighting is inevitable in a relationship, but it doesn't have to define it. Well, at least, I hope it doesn't define the one you may be in friend....

2. Sex complicates things.

Okay, yes, TMI. I shudder to think that any of my family members might read this. But, for the sake of being honest, I've said it. And if you'd just like to skip over this little tid bit of info, then that's okay. But, most of you probably know that I was a virgin when Brad and I got married. And yes, we'd been together 7 years before we got married. So, you do the connecting. I mean sure...we had a system down that worked for us. However, we were both very excited for the new kind of intimacy that (we'd hope) sex would bring. And it did. Sex is amazing. However, it definitely complicates things. I would say that we fought about it numerous times the first month of marriage. But, those fights lead to an understanding that I am so grateful for. And to another level of honesty that I am also grateful for. So, yea it complicates things...but it's par for the course.

3. Time is flying by.

My dad always warned me about this. Good grief. He wasn't kidding. I mean, the next thing I know, Brad and I will be watching grand kids off the back porch. I can't believe it's been 6 months. And I really can't believe that it's Thanksgiving week. What?! Crazy.

4. The first year of marriage is the hardest...maybe.

Is what they say. But, I'm not sure that I believe that. I mean, I'm only 6 months into it...but Brad and I have been through rougher times before. And I know there are rougher times to be had. It's just called life. And maybe 6 months from now, I might completely agree with the aforementioned statement. But right now, I love being married to my best friend. You know why? Well, one example I can provide is this...the other day we were having lunch together and Brad told me this, "You know I told someone that I think that even if we hadn't eventually become romantically involved, you'd still be my best friend. I am pretty sure we would hang out all the time. Just like we do now." I think he's right. God meant for us to be in each other's lives. I'm just lucky enough to be able to call him my husband...and my best friend.

5. I'm learning how important it is to keep God first and us second.
Everyday, I'm learning how important it is to have this picture in my head at all times:

I mean, some days are harder than others to remember this. I mean, we are all selfish by nature...(well, for the most part). And it's hard to let go and let God...because let's face it, we pretty much all think that we have all the answers we need. We are the ones that are in control, right?! Wrong. God is in control. And I know that he is in control of my marriage. I have prayed more for Brad these past 6 months than I ever had. And I pray to be the best wife I can to him. And I pray that our marriage will be a testimony to God's love. And I pray for guidance on the days when we aren't having a good day. When I know that I can't, or Brad can't...or we can't...I know that God can

I look forward to another 6 months with my best friend. 

Here's to the new adventures that lie before us, sweetie!

(photo by amydale photography)

On a side note, the hubs and I decided to head downtown last night for the last night of the downtown dining week. Several restaurants participated in the downtown dining week, where most places offered 3 course meals for $20.11. Our group decided on The Majestic Grille, and the hubs and I were really happy to head back to one of our favorite places!

The food was amazing, as usual. And the company was pretty darn good, as well. :)
Ugh. I am not digging this pic of me. I was sweaty..and you can tell. It was hot in there! But look at that good looking guy who was my 

Amanda and Taylor. Aren't they so cute?!

Emily and was so nice to hang out with these two!

There's nothing like an amazing meal with great I right?

Here's the OOTN:

Things I like about this pic...
1. comfy sweater
2. great Premier Jewelry Necklace
3. Skinny jeans
4. Gold glittery flats

Things I don't like about this pic:
1. My jacked up hair.
3. Red face. (No idea why.)

I love the combo of purple and gold together. 
And I love glitter.
So, those flats are the bees-knees in my opinion...

Do you have a favorite glitter accessory?
If not, make it a point to find one!
Glitter=instant smile. 


The man and I are heading to Missouri on Wednesday to celebrate Thanksgiving with my folks...where we will join my brother and sister in law, and our nieces. 


I'm hoping to be able to post some while I am there. 

However, if not...


I am so thankful.

I hope that you all are thankful, as well. 

Much love, :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My new hero...

Is this lady:

I just love these commercials!

The man and I have never ever been Black Friday shopping.

Maybe this year we will bite the bullet....

Much love :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back to the land of the living...

Hello friends!

I am happy to be back in the land of the living!

Where was I?

Oh just on a nightmare-ish cruise to stomach bug island.


I got the dreaded projectile vomit, diarrhea, body aches, "I think I might actually be dying" 24-hour stomach bug.

3 of my dear friends also had it.

We all commiserated together.

We're pretty sure we got it hanging out together at my friend's son's 1st birthday party.




There was a point where I thought it might be E.R. time.

However, I chose to stick it out in bed.

To top it off, my procrastination ways had lead me to put off papers that were due on consecutive days.

So in the middle of being dog sick, I managed to crank out 19 pages of papers.

I don't recommend this method to anyone.

It's not conducive to your mental health.

(And hey, mental health is my thing.)

So, anywho, fast forward a few days, and here I am.

I really haven't gotten my appetite back.

But, hey, that's one way to jump start a weight-loss program!

(However, I in no-way recommend this method.)

I would also like to take a moment to honor the memory of something that was lost during the stomach bug Apocalypse:

My beloved Starbucks Cafe Mocha (light).

I will never ever be able to drink another one of those again.


I drank one about 2 hours before the projectile vomiting started.

I'm sure you can conjure up a very pretty mental picture of how that turned out.

So, anywho, I'm trying to get back to being healthy friends....

I feel like these past few months I've been sicker than I've been in a real long time.

I can't figure out why my immune system is not helping me out more...

C'mon immune system....throw me a bone here!

Hopefully, this will be the last round of sickness for a while.

Speaking of health-related things...

I need some help friends!

In the past few weeks, I've noticed a horrible dry skin patch right under where my engagement/wedding ring fits.


And obviously, because the skin is so dry, it's itching like crazy.

And kind of hurts.

Why is this happening?!

I've decided to not wear my ring when I'm at home for a few days so maybe it will heal.

I use lotion every day, so I can't figure it out. 

Do you guys have any ideas???

It makes me sad to not wear my rings.

I worked really hard for those puppies.

Speaking of puppies....

This little fella wanted to say "Hi friends!" too.

I am thinking of purchasing one of THESE for him....

Have any of you tried it with your dogs?

I am hoping it will stop this ridiculousness everyday with the mail person:

Every. Single. Day.

I wonder if they have rush order??

Much love, friends :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Favorites

Hi friends!

First of all, thank you for all the kind words in regards to my parents.

Mom is doing okay...resting.

Dad is trying to get things back to normal around the church. Hopefully, things will be getting back to normal soon!



I thought I'd share a few of my new favorite things!

I may have already blogged about this recipe.

But it's so dang good, I'm going to do it again!


Of course, I tweaked it.

I sauteed onions, bell pepper, and mushrooms covered in a little garlic powder.

And then I added it to the mix!

Oh and I used non-fat sour cream.


We made homemade (yes, not Bisquick mix) waffles, too!

That recipe comes out of my Better Homes and Garden Bridal Edition cookbook (thanks Tonya Murphy for that wonderful wedding present...I've used the heck out of it!).

But, I am sure you could look up homemade waffles online peeps.

I love breakfast for dinner.

Definitely try the hash brown casserole recipe though.

It will rock your world!

The next Friday Favorite I'd like to share with you is this deal going on at Old Navy right now:

50% off all outwear.

My pea coat I've had now for years was a little too big on me (hooray!). So, I decided to take advantage of the sale. And Goodwill my coat. :)

And by take advantage of...I meant...go crazy.

I bought three coats!

Now, before you think I am completely nuts, let me share this.

I got three coats (well, 2 coats and a blazer) for a grand total of......


You can barely get one coat at Macy's for that price!!

So, here ya go:

(Blazer. I've wanted one forever! I love how I can dress it up or down!)

(My casual coat. Very cozy!)

(I love that it has a hood! Should keep me very warm.)

(And this is my dress coat. I love it. I normally wouldn't go for ivory since I am a curvy girl. But, I think it looks classy. And it will match everything.)

So, if you need a new coat, I suggest OLD NAVY!

Next on my Friday Favorite agenda is a few new makeup finds:

(ELF Mineral Infused Mascara)

Okay, I've told y'all before that I am a mascara junkie. I'll try most anything! Well, this stuff is $3! So, duh. I tried it. I got the heads up on this mascara from The Bargain Blonde. And boy, am I glad I tried it. It has definitely become one of my favs!! It lengthens sooo well! And is in NO WAY clumpy! It really is a fantastic find. I purchased mine from the Super Target (at Poplar and Ridgeway)...or you can get it online!

I haven't tried these bad boys out. But I'll give you the low down on them when I do. I also got the heads-up from this from The Bargain Blonde's (see above) post. They were $1. I mean, C'MON!

I know I've already blogged about this foundation. But, let me tell you, I am still loving it. Go get you some!

Okay, I know this is weird. But, I got this brush (I think it was $3, too) at Super Target. And I know it says Powder Brush. But, I have been applying my foundation with it. Why? Well, I have been trying to "stipple" my foundation. (You can look up on youtube what the process of stippling requires.) ELF and other brands sell a "stipple" brush. However, I saw this powder brush and thought it was almost the same thing, so I tried it out. I love it! It really puts my foundation on smoothly. And the brush is so soft! So, hey, get the stipple brush if you want. But, I recommend this powder brush, too!


Next on my list of Friday favs is this new store in the Laurelwood shopping center here in East Memphis:


Ladies and gentleman (because you know you are on the hunt for a gift for the ladies)....

Turkoyz is amazing!

It is a jewelry, accessory, cutesy home gift items type of store.

It's so awesome!

I mean, I could literally spend a bajillion dollars in there.

And all the jewelry is reasonable priced. I mean, it's not Forever 21 priced. But, the quality of the jewelry is WAY better than that. 

I loved probably everything in the store. 

And there's so much to choose from.

Ladies, they even have some clip-on earrings (cute clip-on earrings!) for those of you whose ears aren't pierced. (Ahem, MER!)

I tried really hard to not purchase anything.

But, when I saw this little gem, I just had to:

Now, I've really wanted this Michael Kors rose gold watch for months:

However, I did not want the $250 price tag that accompanies it. 

So, I paid $24 for mine.


(Dear Hubs, 
YES, I just saved you $226 on my Christmas present. You are welcome.)

So, please go over and visit Turkoyz!

And finally, on my list of Friday favorites is this little creature:

Albino raccoon. On top of our carport. (Yes, obviously we need some repairs done on the 50 year old carport. Don't judge.

Albino raccoon scared the bee-jeezus out of the hubs last night. 

Sometimes it's fun to see him squirm. 

(Sorry, hunny. You know I love you.) ;)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend friends!

Find a few favorites of your own this weekend. 

Much love :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why Didn't I Think of That?

Hi friends!

Okay, if you are addicted to Pinterest raise your hand.

Yep, I thought you might be.

If you don't know what Pinterest is, HERE ya go.

I am warning you now.

If you so choose to visit Pinterest, please don't write and harass me about how you don't have any free time left because you are so addicted to the website.

I gave you warning!

Okay, so for those of you who are familiar with the site, I was inspired by this project:


So, the hubs and I took a trip to Target to get supplies.

And guess what?

It was a big fat fail.

Yep, Target didn't have a towel rod. At all.




So, he reluctantly so graciously agreed to go to Home Depot with me to see if they had a towel rack-rod-thing.


They had what I was looking for!

The hubs also graciously broke out his big boy tools and drilled everything into the wall for me.

What an awesome hubs he is. 

So I present to you my finished project:

Pretty neat, huh?

Now, I don't have to worry about my necklaces getting all tangled up and what not. 

So, what projects have you been inspired by on Pinterest lately?

Don't worry, if you haven't been inspired yet, I promise it won't be long.

There's just way too much on that website to even process.

Happy pinning!

Oh, and here's a new recipe that the hubs and I enjoyed last night:


We loved it. 

And I'm not sure what the weather is like in your neck of the woods...

But here in Memphis, Tennessee...

IT IS CHILLY! And oh-so-fall-like.

And that soup hits the spot.

I used non-fat cream cheese instead of regular cream cheese in the recipe.

I think that it tasted great (as did the hubs). However, if you used regular cream cheese, it would probably help thicken the consistency even more.

So, take your pick!

Did I mention nom nom?!

Much love :)

P.S.- On a more serious note, for those of you who didn't know, my mom had surgery today. She had a bone infection and had to have her big toe removed. I know, sounds a little crazy...but, she is diabetic and any sort of infection in her foot could be bad news bears. And, I'm not sure if you know this, but your big toes help tremendously with your balance. So, she's going to be down for the count for a few weeks. Please continue  to pray for her...and my dad. My dad called me tonight to tell me that they had made it home and that mom was sleeping. And that the new  recreation building their church has been working on (my dad is the pastor) caught fire this afternoon. Lots and lots of damage...and smoke damage to their church. Please keep them in your prayers. My parents have both been under lots of stress this past year, and I hate being so far away from them. I know they have an amazing church family that helps to take good care of them. However, it still stinks not being able to be there for them more. Lord knows they were (and always have been) there for me. Thanks friends for the prayers! :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

True Blue 5K

Hello friends,

First of all, can I ask a favor?

I knew I could.

No matter who you are, could you just say a prayer for some people who are very dear to me?

I don't want to speak of specifics, but I just ask that you please pray for this unspoken request.

Thanks friends. :)

I, in turn, have said a prayer for you.

God is good.

Okay, so last night (Friday...whenever you are reading this) I ran the True Blue 5K benefiting the Young Alumni Association at the University of Memphis.

Of course, I had to run this race.

Did I mention I graduated from the University of Memphis with my undergraduate degree?

Did I also mention I am currently enrolled as a graduate student there pursuing my Master's degree?

So, of course, my blood bleeds blue and grey.

Coupled with the fact that I have set a goal to run 12 races in a year (from this past Labor of my first 5K)...

I had to run this race.

What also fueled my fire was the fact that they were giving a prize away for this:
TIGER Spirit Award (given to the runner who best represents the U of M Tigers throughout the entire race-costume, face paint, attitude, etc.). Winner will receive a very special Memphis Tigers gift. 

Um hello?!

I definitely had to run this race.

So, I planned. 

And plotted. 

I was going to make myself look like a fool.

I didn't care. 

I know that I will never win a race in regards to time...

But I COULD possibly win this Spirit Award.

So, I made myself look ridiculous.

Yes, those are Tiger tights. I ordered them here.

I was actually very nervous to run this race.

I have been sick this past week. 

To be honest, I really haven't run in over a week. (Sickness people.)


Can we say running withdrawals??!!

So, needless to say, I was nervous.

"Am I going to make it through this thing?"

"It's cold outside. Are my legs going to feel like lead?"

"Do I look like a complete idiot?!"

"What if my time is bad?"

So, I couldn't tell if my nerves were taking over right before it started...or if it was adrenaline...because my heart was fluttering.

It was probably a combination of both.

But as soon as it started, I said a prayer...

And off I went.

There weren't that many people running this race.

Well, okay, there were probably a couple of hundred. 

However, compared to the Chick-fil-A 5K (2,000+ people) and the Cooper Young 4 Miler (4,000+ people)...a couple of hundred seemed like none at all to me.

So, I felt a little lonely.

And I also felt that I was at the back of the line.

Which thus caused me to think, "Man, my time is really stinking."

All the while I have a watch on my wrist keeping up with my pace, telling me otherwise. 

But I wasn't really thinking clearly at this point.

I was coughing and wiping my nose.

Running in the cold, damp Memphis night air. 

I stopped once for about 30 seconds to get water at the one and only water station. 

And then once again to pop my ankle and stretch my Achilles Heel (it was giving me grief).

That was it.

I just kept going. 

Let me tell you.

The area around the University of Memphis is quite hilly.

Me no likey the hilly.

Anywho, I try to pick one person (if not a couple) to try to keep pace with. 

It's funny because there was an older gentleman who I was sort of keeping up with. Then I fell behind. 

But after I passed the girl I was keeping pace with....and passed her by a long ways....I caught back up with him as we were nearing the end.

He said, "There you are! I was wondering where you went!"

(starting the "running buddy" is in the khaki colored pants)

Aw. Running buds.

We ran the last 0.20 miles together.

However, as with all races, whenever I see that finish line I muster whatever strength I think I have (which I do have...WE ALL have it...) and I PUNCH it.

And I crossed the finish line at 39:46.

(that's me)

I was kind of bummed.

I thought I hadn't beat my first 5K time.

However, that's why I am a counselor in training. Not a math teacher in training.

When I got home, I realized I HAD beat my first 5k time by almost 4 minutes. 

And I had lowered my time per minute by both my first 5K and the 4 miler.


I had run faster without even trying. Or thinking about it. I just wanted to finish. 

I was pretty stoked.

However, I did not win the Tiger Spirit award.

Sad face.


I was beat out by a girl wearing a cape that said, "I married a Memphis grad 10-11-11", a veil, and carrying a bouquet of fake flowers.

(that's her to the right)

My best friend Sarah, who helped tape all those streamers to my back (and came to the race to support me), was really upset. She thought I got robbed.

That may be true. (Hey, I'm not bitter...not at all...not one bit...*cough*...okay, maybe a little.)

However, I did shave time off my previous race times.

Therefore, I AM a winner. 

(The aforementioned statement is completely cheesy. So what? It's my blog. I reserve the right to be cheesy when I want. Boo-ya.)

And I have a whole year to plan my Tiger Spirit get-up for next year's race.

It might involve bedazzling my whole body.

Lord knows I love sparkles, glitter, and sequins.

They'll be able to see me running from miles away.

Oh the wheels are a'turning.

Next up?

10K on 12/31/11.

Training has already begun.

Well, it had begun, but was put on hold this week due to sickness. 


But it's back to the training grind tomorrow.

I am so happy to be hitting the pavement again. Oh how I've missed it this week.

Remember friends: don't sell yourself short.

Push yourself a little.

It might hurt.

But only for a little while.

The end is worth the push.

Much love, :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Add A New Member...

To the list of my absolute all time girl crushes...

Of all time favorite:

Gwen Stefani

My next in line is....

Lauren Conrad

Next is....

Kate Middleton

Add a new member to the club...


NO ONE can compare to her right now in the music industry. She is AMAZING. And gorgeous

Enjoy my friends.

Much love. :)