Monday, November 21, 2011

6 months of wisdom... marks the 6 month milestone of the hubs and me taking the walk down the aisle....

So what?

Yea, okay.

So what.

Well, I'll tell you what...

In the grand scheme of life, 6 months is nothing.

However, 6 months has already taught me a lot about marriage.

1. Pick your battles.

I mean, I pretty much already knew this already...however, being married definitely reinforces my beliefs about this. I think it's really important to step back sometimes and ask myself, "Is this really worth fighting over?" or even taking 10 minutes out and then revisiting my emotions to ask if it's worth getting mad over. Fighting is inevitable in a relationship, but it doesn't have to define it. Well, at least, I hope it doesn't define the one you may be in friend....

2. Sex complicates things.

Okay, yes, TMI. I shudder to think that any of my family members might read this. But, for the sake of being honest, I've said it. And if you'd just like to skip over this little tid bit of info, then that's okay. But, most of you probably know that I was a virgin when Brad and I got married. And yes, we'd been together 7 years before we got married. So, you do the connecting. I mean sure...we had a system down that worked for us. However, we were both very excited for the new kind of intimacy that (we'd hope) sex would bring. And it did. Sex is amazing. However, it definitely complicates things. I would say that we fought about it numerous times the first month of marriage. But, those fights lead to an understanding that I am so grateful for. And to another level of honesty that I am also grateful for. So, yea it complicates things...but it's par for the course.

3. Time is flying by.

My dad always warned me about this. Good grief. He wasn't kidding. I mean, the next thing I know, Brad and I will be watching grand kids off the back porch. I can't believe it's been 6 months. And I really can't believe that it's Thanksgiving week. What?! Crazy.

4. The first year of marriage is the hardest...maybe.

Is what they say. But, I'm not sure that I believe that. I mean, I'm only 6 months into it...but Brad and I have been through rougher times before. And I know there are rougher times to be had. It's just called life. And maybe 6 months from now, I might completely agree with the aforementioned statement. But right now, I love being married to my best friend. You know why? Well, one example I can provide is this...the other day we were having lunch together and Brad told me this, "You know I told someone that I think that even if we hadn't eventually become romantically involved, you'd still be my best friend. I am pretty sure we would hang out all the time. Just like we do now." I think he's right. God meant for us to be in each other's lives. I'm just lucky enough to be able to call him my husband...and my best friend.

5. I'm learning how important it is to keep God first and us second.
Everyday, I'm learning how important it is to have this picture in my head at all times:

I mean, some days are harder than others to remember this. I mean, we are all selfish by nature...(well, for the most part). And it's hard to let go and let God...because let's face it, we pretty much all think that we have all the answers we need. We are the ones that are in control, right?! Wrong. God is in control. And I know that he is in control of my marriage. I have prayed more for Brad these past 6 months than I ever had. And I pray to be the best wife I can to him. And I pray that our marriage will be a testimony to God's love. And I pray for guidance on the days when we aren't having a good day. When I know that I can't, or Brad can't...or we can't...I know that God can

I look forward to another 6 months with my best friend. 

Here's to the new adventures that lie before us, sweetie!

(photo by amydale photography)

On a side note, the hubs and I decided to head downtown last night for the last night of the downtown dining week. Several restaurants participated in the downtown dining week, where most places offered 3 course meals for $20.11. Our group decided on The Majestic Grille, and the hubs and I were really happy to head back to one of our favorite places!

The food was amazing, as usual. And the company was pretty darn good, as well. :)
Ugh. I am not digging this pic of me. I was sweaty..and you can tell. It was hot in there! But look at that good looking guy who was my 

Amanda and Taylor. Aren't they so cute?!

Emily and was so nice to hang out with these two!

There's nothing like an amazing meal with great I right?

Here's the OOTN:

Things I like about this pic...
1. comfy sweater
2. great Premier Jewelry Necklace
3. Skinny jeans
4. Gold glittery flats

Things I don't like about this pic:
1. My jacked up hair.
3. Red face. (No idea why.)

I love the combo of purple and gold together. 
And I love glitter.
So, those flats are the bees-knees in my opinion...

Do you have a favorite glitter accessory?
If not, make it a point to find one!
Glitter=instant smile. 


The man and I are heading to Missouri on Wednesday to celebrate Thanksgiving with my folks...where we will join my brother and sister in law, and our nieces. 


I'm hoping to be able to post some while I am there. 

However, if not...


I am so thankful.

I hope that you all are thankful, as well. 

Much love, :)

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