Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why Didn't I Think of That?

Hi friends!

Okay, if you are addicted to Pinterest raise your hand.

Yep, I thought you might be.

If you don't know what Pinterest is, HERE ya go.

I am warning you now.

If you so choose to visit Pinterest, please don't write and harass me about how you don't have any free time left because you are so addicted to the website.

I gave you warning!

Okay, so for those of you who are familiar with the site, I was inspired by this project:


So, the hubs and I took a trip to Target to get supplies.

And guess what?

It was a big fat fail.

Yep, Target didn't have a towel rod. At all.




So, he reluctantly so graciously agreed to go to Home Depot with me to see if they had a towel rack-rod-thing.


They had what I was looking for!

The hubs also graciously broke out his big boy tools and drilled everything into the wall for me.

What an awesome hubs he is. 

So I present to you my finished project:

Pretty neat, huh?

Now, I don't have to worry about my necklaces getting all tangled up and what not. 

So, what projects have you been inspired by on Pinterest lately?

Don't worry, if you haven't been inspired yet, I promise it won't be long.

There's just way too much on that website to even process.

Happy pinning!

Oh, and here's a new recipe that the hubs and I enjoyed last night:


We loved it. 

And I'm not sure what the weather is like in your neck of the woods...

But here in Memphis, Tennessee...

IT IS CHILLY! And oh-so-fall-like.

And that soup hits the spot.

I used non-fat cream cheese instead of regular cream cheese in the recipe.

I think that it tasted great (as did the hubs). However, if you used regular cream cheese, it would probably help thicken the consistency even more.

So, take your pick!

Did I mention nom nom?!

Much love :)

P.S.- On a more serious note, for those of you who didn't know, my mom had surgery today. She had a bone infection and had to have her big toe removed. I know, sounds a little crazy...but, she is diabetic and any sort of infection in her foot could be bad news bears. And, I'm not sure if you know this, but your big toes help tremendously with your balance. So, she's going to be down for the count for a few weeks. Please continue  to pray for her...and my dad. My dad called me tonight to tell me that they had made it home and that mom was sleeping. And that the new  recreation building their church has been working on (my dad is the pastor) caught fire this afternoon. Lots and lots of damage...and smoke damage to their church. Please keep them in your prayers. My parents have both been under lots of stress this past year, and I hate being so far away from them. I know they have an amazing church family that helps to take good care of them. However, it still stinks not being able to be there for them more. Lord knows they were (and always have been) there for me. Thanks friends for the prayers! :)

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