Friday, December 30, 2011

The Great Memphis Hot Chocolate Adventure - Round 5

The search continues dear friends....

I bet you can figure out pretty quickly where I picked up this little ditty...

Duh...Dunkin Donuts!!

I had forgotten about Dunkin Donuts until I went out to my aunt's and uncle's house the other day. They live right down the road from it! 

Whip Cream? - NOPE! (Hey, I am getting good at remembering to tell them not to put it on there.)

Chocolate-ness- On a scale of 1-5 (5 being full on super duper chocolate flavor) I'd give it a 4-5. It was pretty dang chocolaty.

Richness- On a scale of 1-5 (5 being super duper rich), I'd give it a 4-5ish. Almost 5ish. This stuff was good. And rich. But not as rich as I want it to be. Like I said, I might have a problem....Apparently I want this stuff to take like warm chocolate syrup..haha.

Size- I got a small which is 10oz.

Calories - For a 10oz cup, it has 220 calories and 7 grams of fat. YOWZA!! Must explain why it tasted so good....haha. (This info came off the DD website.)

Price- Okay, to be quite honest, I lost my receipt. :( I know, BAD JENNIFER! However, if memory serves me correctly, I believe I paid something in the neighborhood of a $1.37 with tax? I know it was under $2 for sure. Which isn't a bad price at all. It was only 10oz, but if you are looking for a little treat, then the price isn't bad at all!

Cup cuteness- As you can see from the pic, the cup is very festive. Very cute.

All in all, I have to be honest....

So far, this is tied for my favorite cup of hot chocolate (with Poplar Perkin')!

This hot chocolate was really good. Maybe it was the mood I was in that day...or maybe it's just that good, but I really loved this hot chocolate. I would highly recommend Dunkin Donuts as a hot chocolate destination. I hope that if you do try it out, that it is as good as the cup I had. 

I have a few more places to try in the Hot Chocolate Adventure (and maybe a few more to try out at home), but so far these are the standings!

1st place (tie)- Dunkin Donuts & Poplar Perkin'
2nd place- Starbucks
3rd place- Panera Bread
4th place- Making my own at home (Hershey's cocoa style)

This is where I got my DD cup from:
Dunkin Donuts
1674 Whitten Rd
Suite 108
Memphis, TN 38134

Hope you are having a great day friends!

Much love, :)

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