Thursday, December 1, 2011

The hubs birthday recap...

Well, yesterday my sweet husband (I just love being able to call him that!) turned the big 2-8.

Let me tell you how excited he was for his birthday  he dreads his birthday.

He just does. And I made the mistake of reminding him "Hey honey, it's been 10 years since you were 18. Can you believe that?!"


Anywho, he was a good sport about it (I mean c'mon, what are you going to do when the big 3-8 rolls around?) and all in all, I think the day was a success.

And even so, who really wants to go back to being 18 again?

The lessons I've learned and the gains I've made as a person trump any sort of wish to revert back to my naive youth.

Plus, I was making bad hair choices. Badddd.

Let's not get started on this amazing shirt, either. 


Back to the star of the hubs.

So, I really love birthdays.

I think it's important to play them up because it's the one day of the year where you can be selfish and have the day be all about you.

So, I decorated the house a few days ago with banners, and happy birthday/cupcake cutouts, and cupcake centerpieces. Just to make things festive.

And lord knows...I love being festive. 

Unfortunately, the hubs had to work.

So, his day was not all about him.

However, everyone at his work sang to him.

And he almost died of embarrassment.

But, I am glad they did!

Present recap...

I actually took this picture the day before we went to see my parents because the gift was to be used on the trip...

Yes, that is a man's travel accessory/toiletry bag.

Don't judge!

I thought it would be nice for him to have something like this to take on trips because he puts everything in plastic bags.

This is leather.

And Kenneth Cole.


And he actually really loved it. (Or he was just really putting on show trying to spare my feelings. Hmmm.) 

And he used it! 


Fast forward a few days later to his actual real birthday...

When the hubs got home from work...I was a little frantic.

See, his big gift had not arrived yet.

I had paid $40 extra to have it shipped on time. 

It was now dark outside, and I saw my $40 slipping into oblivion. 

I also saw me having to get real nasty with some unsuspecting customer service representative....

Since it was supposed to be here on Monday, I was already peeved. The manufacturer had mistakenly sent it to the distribution warehouse in Dayton Beach, FL instead of Memphis, TN. I got it all worked out on Monday to have it shipped overnight to me...and they assured me it would be here on Wednesday.

5:00 p.m. rolls around. Still no package. 

So needless to say, I was glad I heard Baxter going crazy (see this post to be reminded of how I always know someone is at the door) as I was in the shower at 5:30 p.m. because I knew that the package had finally arrived. 


So then it was present time round 2.

What did you get when you combine my hubs fav two colors (blue and grey) with Mr. Ralph Lauren?

Cozy sweater present.

So, then it was on to the grand finale present....

Isn't he cute?

Figuring out what it is....

The goods.


That's right folks. His very own Memphis bowling ball.

We love bowling. And he's wanted his own ball for a very long time. 

So, of course, this only made sense.

Loves it.

So off to dinner we went. 

The hubs had decided a few weeks ago that he wanted to try out a restaurant we'd never been to and go for his birthday...

Interim Restaurant was the choice!

The food was amazing. 

It's funny because the hubs said (after dinner) that most people rave about the ambiance, but are not completely sold on the food. 

I said, "Well, it's because they didn't have the petite filet. If they'd have had that, they would have been sold on the food. Period."

I, on the other hand, wasn't completely sold on the ambiance, to be quite honest. The decor kind of had me feeling like...things were disjointed. But only in the dining room. 

The bar is amazing! They have stained glass circles hanging from the ceiling in the bar that are just breathtaking. And the bartender knew his stuff. Being married to a bar manager/bartender...the aforementioned statement should come as a high compliment. One neat thing about the dining area, though, is the fact that the kitchen is in complete open view to the entire dining area. Don't think that those chefs aren't minding their p's and q's....

Macaroni and cheese casserole for starters. Amazing. 

The hubs had the nightly fish selection. Which was flounder. It was very tasty.

I had the Angus beef filet. Divine. One of the best steaks I've ever had. 

Grabbing a drink in the bar before we left.

I definitely think that Interim will be put on our places to go back to. Especially back to the bar. It's really great in there. But go and have the food, also. I would recommend the mac and cheese any day of the week! 

We decided to forgo dessert because I had, the day before, embarked on an adventure of making a home-made carrot cake for the man. He loves carrot cake. I do not. But, it's his birthday. So, therefore, I made carrot cake. 

And I'm not talking some cake mix here people. I'm talking about flour-and-sugar out-of-the-bag-kind-of cake. Thank you Better Homes Bridal Edition cookbook.

However, from the start....this was an obvious mistake. 

I didn't get finely shredded carrots from the grocery store. The recipe demands that they be finely shredded or  the carrots will sink to the bottom of the cake. So, I broke out the food processor for the first time to shred, what were apparently, "normal" shredded carrots. After 10 minutes of "shredding" I wondered why they weren't really getting any smaller. "Hmmm...must just be a crappy food processor." 

Um no. As I was cleaning up later, genius here discovered that I had left the protective plastic (clear mind you) covers on the blades. 

Duh. Of course it wasn't cutting properly.

After kicking myself royally for that one...another thing became apparent.

They consistency of the cake batter didn't seem....right.

It was more of a bread dough. Not a cake dough.

"Oh, well. I'm not shredding anymore carrots. Please dear God, let this not be a terrible mistake."

On to the frosting.

Homemade cream cheese frosting. Yum.

For this task, I broke out the new Kitchen Aid mixer I am so proud of. 

On this inaugural run, however, I made a grave mistake.

I didn't check to see, before I plugged it in, if the notch was set in the "off" position as opposed to...I don't know...a medium speed setting.

Let's just say it looked like Christmas came early in the Weaver kitchen.

6 cups of powdered sugar. Went everywhere.

The cabinets.

The floor.

In the toaster.

On Baxter. (He wasn't complaining. In fact, he looked like a coke addict as he feverishly licked the white powdery substance off the floor as I tried to immediately get him out of the kitchen. Let's just say he shook more than normal that evening....)

On me. And my clothes. And my hair. And my running shoes. (It looked like the abominable snowman paid a visit to our home as I ran through the house to get the vacuum cleaner...)

So I cried. And I cursed. And I cleaned. And then I made the damn frosting. 

And I prayed. That it would be, at least, somewhat edible. 

The hubs secretly praying that he doesn't die from cake poisoning. 

Probably wishing for the same. 

What a brave/loving man he is.

You know what, though? It wasn't bad. I still think something was off with the cake. I have no idea what I did wrong. But, it was definitely edible. I don't even like the stuff, and I was able to eat a piece.And the man loved it. So that's all that mattered!

Carrot cake would be way better without the carrots. That is my hypothesis. 

Nonetheless, I hope that the hubs had a wonderful birthday. He definitely deserves it!

I would no way in hell gladly make him 1000 more carrot cakes if that's what he wanted for his birthday every year. 

I'll just buy finely shredded carrots from here on out. 

Much love, :)

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