Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's The Most Wonderfully Stressful Time of the Year...


It's one of those days.

Scratch that.

It's been two of those days.

Some of the gifts being given this year are wedding pictures.

It's how it goes when you get married. 


I sent in an order of pictures Monday to be1-hour developed at

For whatever reason, they split the order up between two different Walmarts.

Hooray! I love Walmart sooo much. I can't wait to go to two! Especially during the holidays!!

Yes. That was sarcasm. 

Yesterday, (now remember, I ordered them 1-hour) I went to the first Walmart to pick up that order.

Oh yea, I had paid in advanced through the online process.

I waited in line for over 20 minutes because not only is that the photo line, it is also the layaway line.

Layaway line during holiday season = ridiculous.

So, I finally realize, "Hey, wait a minute. I just need to get pics and walk out the door. I don't need to pay for them!"

So, I look over at the photo lady who obviously is thrilled beyond words to be at work on this particular day...and ask if I can just pick up my pics since I've already paid for them.

She asked me my name, I gave it to her, she looked around and then said, "Ma'am your pictures aren't ready. See I just got here and walked into this mess. We outta paper. Sorry."

Me: "Um, okay. Do you know when you might have paper back?"

Disgruntled employee: "Um, no ma'am."

Me: "Okay. Well, I've got some errands to run. So, I'll just come back later then."

Okay. At this point. I'm a little perturbed. 

Look, I know it's the holidays. And those who work retail hate their lives. Believe me. I did it for years. 

But, at least act halfway genuine when you say "Sorry." Or concerned. Or something besides like I am some sort of burden to you.


So, I get in the car and I make the treacherous drive to the complete opposite end of Germantown Parkway. 

Okay, anyone who lives in and around Memphis knows that Germantown Parkway is nothing short of hell on earth during this time of year.

Bumper to bumper traffic (in the middle of the day). All sorts of curse words flying around. Madness.

So, finally, I make it to the other Walmart...where I have absolutely no problem picking up my pictures. Well, aside from the fact that I had to wait another 30 minutes in line because there was only 1 person working this layaway/photo register at this store. 

Then, I went to run at Shelby Farms.

(A side note...I did it! I ran the 5.5 miles! WOOHOO! I was honestly proud of myself yesterday. I'll do a running post later this week...)


I get back in my car and head back to the Bartlett Walmart. And wait another 30 minutes in line.

Are you starting to see that I might be reaching my breaking point here in regards to this situation?

If not, then just hang on.

So, I get to the front of the line where the aforementioned disgruntled employee is standing there with a big ol' smile  "F-the whole world" look on her face.

Me: "I'm here to pick up pictures."

Disgruntled employee: "What's your name?"

I told her my name, to which she once again halfway looked around and then said the magic words I had been dying to hear all day...

"Ma'am our machine broken. It been broken all day."

Wait. What?

Me: "Um, when I was here this morning you said it was just out of paper. And now you're telling me that it's broken??"

Disgruntled employee: "Yep."

Me: "I ordered 1-hour photo online and prepaid so..."

Disgruntled employee: "Well you can call and get a refund."

And that was that. 

No sorry. 


Just bad grammar and a f-you look to me. 

So as I loudly proclaimed "this is RIDICULOUS!" to the rest of the layaway line as I walked away...I headed towards Customer Service.

Where I waited in line again....

Finally, I got to the front and got the # to call from the lady there. She at least seemed halfway concerned about my situation...(hey thanks!)

So, I called, got my refund, and got a drink (or 3) at dinner. 

Fast forward to this morning, where I had the brilliant idea to put another order in to the Southaven Walmart (because I had a work meeting downtown and it was the Walmart in between there and my house). 

(For those of you wondering, I like the paper that Walmart uses ten times better than that's why I am on this ridiculous journey.)

So, I get done with my work meeting. And head down to the Shaven.

Where I once again wait 20ish minutes in line. 

Here comes the funny part guys!!!! I know you are excited!!!

Their machine is broken, too.

Um, what? 

Employee: "Um, yes ma'am. I am sorry. It broke this morning. We were supposed to be taken off the website as a site that can do pictures right now, but they haven't taken us down yet."


I am pretty sure that my red hair now matched the color of my face.

The only shining part of this story is that I didn't pay for them up front this time because I had the foresight to see that paying online only results in refunds for me. 

I will say that these employees seemed genuinely sorry. Their explanation was that because everyone and their momma is sending in Christmas cards to be printed right now, the system is being overrun. And the printers can't keep up. 

So, if you are one the 1.2 million people sending their cards to be printed, thanks for screwing up my order. 

I really appreciate it. 

So, I turned around, got in my car, and called the Covington Walmart (as the hubs and I are heading out that way tonight to his parents' house). 

Machine is broken.

I called Collierville.

Machine is broken. 

So, at this point I done with Walmart. 

I am just going to pay the extra money to have them shipped from

However, if I get an email from them stating that their machine is broken, there might be a homicide. 

Just sayin'.

What a joyous time of year friends.

Much love, ;)

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