Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Friends!

Hi friends!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Festivus....

Or Merry Happychristmahannukwanzaca.


I thought I'd share with you some holiday cheer from our household...

Usually our tree is a Memphis tree. You know...grey (silver) and blue decorated....

However, this year I wanted to do something different (gasp!).

I bought a smaller tree to decorate as our Memphis tree and it went into our bedroom...

We had to buy a new tree this year because the tree I'd had for 7 years finally bit the dust. I had bought it on clearance at Old Time Pottery and just needed to go.

So, I got out new tree at Wally World...

And decided to go with a traditional red and green motif....

Oh and definitely a glitter motif, also...

Our tree topper. Loves it. 

I wish I could take better pics of our tree!

Here are a few shots of some of my fav new ornaments this year :)

I warned you. There is lots of sparkle!

Nativity :)

Our wreath on the front door from Etsy! I wish I could make this!
I broke out the Waterford crystal wine glasses we got as a wedding present. They are so pretty!

Dining room table setting.


Bedroom ;)

I am sort of obsessed with penguins right now. 

Kitchen chalkboard :)

Bar :)

The only time I like this green chest. Christmas-time. Haha...we are going to paint in the new year!
Our Christmas card for this year :)

Front (haha..yes I blotted out our last name..that's not how they came...)

Back (wishing you a merry and bright holiday season...)
A big thank you to the hubs for helping drag all the stuff down from the attic this year!

Hahaha...he HATES decorating the house for the holidays. So, I have to give him a shout out for going into the attic and getting all the stuff down...and then dragging it all back up there. :)

I have to be honest, while most years I am full of cheer, this year it's been a little lacking.

In fact, the other night, as I watched Brad wrap presents (yes, HE wraps because I truly can't!) I was just in a funk.

And I figured out why.

This is the first year that I will not be spending the holidays with my parents. My mom is trying to recover from numerous health problems right now, so my brother and I just asked them to stay at home this year so she can focus on recovering.

I know it's super hard for them to be away from us, but I didn't realize until a few days ago how much I was upset by it.

And I know it upsets them. Dad told me yesterday he told mom, "You know Ruth Ann. This will be the first time in 30 years that we won't be with any family for the holidays."

However, we all know it's for the best.

I am so grateful to have my parents around, even if they are 5 hours away. I know many people who aren't lucky enough to have their parents here anymore, so I am grateful for the opportunity to have the luxury to pick up the phone and tell them how much I love them.

But I miss them terribly.

And it's hard. Especially as they are getting older. And the years go by faster. And I feel like I don't go see them enough.

So, I am going to try to go see them before school starts back. Even though it won't be the same as in years past, at least I'll get to visit with them! :)

(oh good grief, now I am crying...)

So, now because I am getting all weepy and sentimental I think this is where I should stop.

I am looking forward to spending Christmas Eve with my husband! We get to spend all day together and I am so grateful! We plan on making breakfast together, then opening gifts at some point, going to Christmas Eve communion at our church, and then eating the homemade crock-pot lasagna I am attempting to make.

Sounds divine :)

Then the next few days after that will be spend shuffling around from his family and mine.

I can't wait to see my nieces on Monday!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish each and every one of you a bright holiday season. I pray that you feel blessed beyond measure and find joy in the small things.

Much love, :)

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