Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let's Stay Together....

Hello friends!

I hope that this week is treating you kindly.

I know in my world life is going pretty well.

Mostly because my beautiful nieces are coming to see me tomorrow night for Zoo Boo!!!

I am so excited.

Being an aunt ROCKS!

So today, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite pictures from our wedding.

If we are facebook friends, then I am sure that you have seen them all (since I posted them last week).

However, I thought I'd share a few of my personal favorites and the story behind some things...

May 21, 2011 = best day of my life.

(All images are property of amydale PLEASE don't steal them. If you do, I (and Amy our photographer) will hunt you down. And you don't want that, now do ya?!)

(The church we attend. Brad's parents were also married in this church.)

 (Do it yourself programs. I printed and folded them all. And mom, Brad, and me tied all those bows!)

 (Helping my future sister-in-law with some hair woes..)

 (Okay, let me say something...I opted to do my own flowers. We ordered all of them from Sam's Club. And it was STEAL! However, if I were to change one detail about the day it would be that I would have had a florist. We saved a TON. However, it resulted in me doing the above on my wedding day. It was a tad stressful.)
(Haha. I love this pic. I had that bedazzled organizer from week one of Brad and I being engaged. Being that we were engaged for over a year, it took some beatings (see missing rhinestone). But, I couldn't have survived without it!)

(Bridesmaids' bouquets. I love this pic. I am pretty sure it will be framed.)

(My polka dotted shoes. I love them!)

(I ordered this hanger off Etsy. It was perfect.)

(I love this close-up of my dress. I loved the belt. AND the fact that it had pockets. I LOVEED THE POCKETS!)

(Brad's card to me. Sweet.)

(We chose to see each other before the wedding. So glad we did!)


(Reading the cards we had written to one another.)

(The stained glass windows are so beautiful in the church.)

(Look at that handsome guy. Probably one of my favorite pics of him ever.)

(My polka dotted bows. I had them made at Michael's. They were very reasonably priced!)

(This is in the running for our Christmas card pic.) 

(I love this picture. It's probably in my top 3 of my favorite pics of the day).

(Beautiful shot.)

(I love this picture. I really feel like that's God love shining down on us. Corny..but that's my prerogative!)

(Haha. This pic reminds me of something that might be shot if we were the Kardashians. = "Brad and Jennifer take Memphis")

(From Day 1 I knew I didn't want to wear a veil. It just wasn't me. My mom found my beautiful headband in a consignment shop for $11. It was perfect.)

(This could be my favorite pic of Brad, too. He has so many!)


(With Brad's family)

(Brad and his sister..can I just say I loved my bridesmaids' dresses? I thought all the ladies looked amazing!)

(My family)

(My beautiful nieces and flower girls. They are so amazing!)

(We wouldn't have made it through the wedding without my Aunt Mary and Uncle Neil. I will never be able to thank or repay them enough!)

(Probably the best picture of my brother and me. Ever.)

(I love this pic because my dad is all dressed up in his preacher gear).

(My beautiful sister in law, brother, and their beautiful girls)


(I love this pic of my niece Hannah Jane. It just captures her innocence so well.)

(Love this pic of my guest registry guru Robyn.)

(It's show time)

(I am glad someone captured my brother being sweet to me.)

(I was so excited!)

(Showing off my clutch. I have had it for years. I just thought it would go well with everything so I brought it. And I am glad Amy captured it.)


Our reception was held at the Jack Robinson Gallery downtown.




(THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PIC FROM OUR WEDDING! Amy had gone inside the doors to our reception venue and captured this. I just think it's amazing!)

(Hobby Lobby clearance purchase. Polka dots = obsessed.)

(See those vases? Hard work of me and my bridesmaid Sarah)

(Memphis. Duh.)

(So happy!)

(Beautiful shot of Brad and his grandmother).

(I love this shot of Hannah and my brother. Hopefully, it can be framed next to her wedding picture one day!)

(Hannah was the other photographer at the reception. No really. She copy-catted everything Amy did. So cute.)

(I love this pic of my dad and Hannah. Yes, those are her natural curls. Crazy!)

(Lots of laughter at this reception! I made the chair signs from scratch at home. I was really pleased with how they turned out.)

(First dance: Let's Stay Together by Al Green)

(My daddy is the best. Father & Daughter by Paul Simon)

(Oh me. One of my favorite shots. I have an amazingly sweet husband. He couldn't dance with his mom, as she is in a wheelchair. However, he dedicated a song to her. Have I Told You Lately by Rod Stewart.)
(Such a sweet moment with his mom.)

(One of my absolute favs, too. For obvious reasons).

(Our groom's cakes. We paid $70 for the both of them. The lady did such a good job! And that was the bag of peanuts that my engagement ring was hidden in at the Cubs game so long ago...yes we kept the bag!)

(Eating a Muddy's cupcake. Heaven in your mouth. Best. Cupcakes. Ever.)

(Posing with my dear friend Ashlee's crutch. She had ACL surgery. We played with her crutch. Poor thing.)

(Our dear friends Thomas and Boggs. Love this!)

(Time to boogie!)

(THE BEST PICTURE OF MY BROTHER EVER!! And definitely one of our favorite shots of the entire day!)

(I love this pic #1 because of the look on my face...#2 because of the look on our friend Derrick's face!)

(Aw. Hugs for my dad.)

(We chose to have a last dance all by ourselves...You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne)


(Note to future brides..."safe for birds" hearts = sticky nasty mess after melting to your body)

(Such an amazing group of people we are lucky enough to call friends. The day couldn't have happened with out all of you and our amazing families!)

That is just a fraction of the pictures we had taken. Amy Dale is truly such a gifted photographer. We could have never imagined that our experience with her would lead to something we like to call "friendship." Brad and I cannot say enough how awesome of a person she is. She was (and is) a gift from God to us. Our wedding experience (from our engagement pictures to my bridal session) would not have been the same with any other photographer, and we feel so blessed to have had her there by our side throughout this whole process. 

Her husband Andrew is such a wonderful person, as well. I won't get into details, but he completely saved our butts when a mini-crisis erupted during our reception. (And they were so smooth about it, I didn't know until the next day what happened!) 

That's just the kind of people they are. I hope to use her again in the future for other projects...but until then, I can't wait to have dinner with them. 

Check out Amy's amazing work HERE.

I hope you've enjoyed the shortened tour of our big day.

I loved every single second.

"I'm so in love with you...whatever you want to alright with meeee..."

Amen Rev. Green!

Much love :)