Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Birthday Gift To Myself..........And.........A Favorite Recipe

Soooo...guess what I got myself for my birthday (which is Sunday btw)...

2 purses for less than what one normally runs...

"AWHA?!" you say...

I picked up two Kate Spade gems at Marshall's the other day!!!

I am so freaking stoked.

literally walked around for an hour contemplating...

"This goes against everything I believe in..."

(Spending that much money on a purse [or two] that is...)

"OMG...the hubs is going to KILL me...."

"I don't really need two purses...."

"But c'mon...TWO Kate Spade purses! For how much????"

"Okay, I'm just going to do it."

So, I took both of my purses to the counter.

And the sweet girl behind the counter reminded me how LUCKY I was to have come in that day because of the Kate Spade shipment.

And how AWESOME of a deal I was getting.

Hey, did this girl want to go grab a drink or something? I mean, she was really feeding my feel goodness about all this situation.

So after having immediate buyer's remorse (which the hubs can attest to the ridiculousness that is my buyer's remorse.."Wait, are you sure that pack of gum was a good idea??")

I text the hubs to let him know that he need not worry about buying me a birthday present.

As he had already purchased it (I mean, "them"). 

To this he replied, "I already have something else picked out for you. Don't worry about the purses. Really.You deserve to treat yourself every now and then."

I. love. this. man.

I can't even begin to tell you how much of a deal I got on these two gems.

I don't dare type out how much I actually paid, as I am still reeling from a case of buyer's remorse. 

But hey, I recommend the Marshall's in Southhaven.

You never know what gems you'll find!!

This is the purse I'll be using sparingly...I consider it my dressy purse....

Still nervous to take off the plastic coating...

And here is my every day purse...

So cute.


So awesome.
Speaking of AWESOMENESS...
Weight Watchers Crock-Pot Lasagna is my new favorite recipe.

I literally could eat it every day.

Of course, that wouldn't really be that conducive to my WW plan.

However, I love that I can incorporate it into my plan.

It is so yum-o.

I will never cook lasagna any other way again.

The hubs is also in love with this recipe.

Hey, it's no Pete & Sam's lasagna.

But it's pretty amazing nonetheless.

Doesn't it look sooo good????

Of course, I tweak it a little. I add more garlic powder and Italian seasoning to the meat and sauce. 

But you tweak it however you like.

Go make some!!!

No literally.

Go make some. 



Much love, ;)

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