Thursday, January 12, 2012

"A Change...Will Do You Good..."

"I think a change, will do you good..." - Sheryl Crow

(And no I don't want any hate mail in regards to Sheryl Crow. She's a good artist! C'mon.)

(The aforementioned statement was more directed at the hubs. He hates Sheryl Crow. Whatever. We all have our flaws.)


Can you tell?

There are a few (and by few, I mean a WHOLE LOTTA!) changes around this little blog!

This is all the work of the amazing Danielle over at Just Dandy!

I contacted her after I saw that she offered blog design services, and man o' man....did she deliver!

I love it!

She has been such an awesome person to work with. She is so prompt with email response, and getting the job done. 

And just through her email, I can just tell she's a sweetheart in person!

She is currently working on a little signature for me, so that will be one more little fun addition to the end of every blog post. 

Well, you might not think it's a fun addition...but think it is. So there. Boo-ya.

I should be getting that in place soon, but I couldn't wait any longer to show off her work. 

I highly recommend her services!

I hope you enjoy the new "Mrs. in Memphis!"

I know I love it!!!

Speaking of other changes....

I had my weekly weigh-in for Weight Watchers yesterday.

Annnnd even with the hub's holiday party...

Annnnnnd a Wild Turkey and Diet Coke night to console my sore throat and constant blowing of my nose....

I am down 5.6 pounds my first week!!


I'll take that small victory.

I am really loving the program so far. 

However, what I not loving so far is that I am still sick. 

Yes, slowly, and I mean slowly, I am starting to get better.

But, honestly, I feel like dog poo.

I feel like there is a small grizzly bear in my chest. (Why can't it be a cute polar bear or something???)

Therefore, I wasn't able to begin my training this week for the half-marathon. 


I think I can still train in enough time for the race, though.

But, man o' man.

I think this horrible wretched sinus infection was the devil.

He saw that I was trying to do better....joining Weight Watchers...attempting to train for a half-marathon.

He's laughing profusely at me.

Whatev' man.

I got this.

Well...I maybe "got this" in a few more days.


But, if you are interested, I plan on running the Lisa Lassandrello 5K Rememberance Run on January 21.

I'd love to see ya there!

Oh, and don't worry...

I haven't forgotten about "The Great Memphis Hot Chocolate Adventure...."

I have one more post and the revelation of the winner coming soon...

I know you are all on the edges of your seats waiting in anticipation.


Yea, I wouldn't be either.

It's okay.

But, nonetheless, I will be spotlighting one more place and then revealing the winner.

And you know what else friends???

It's snowing here in Memphis, Tennessee this morning.

Okay, "snowing" is sort of blowing it out of proportion.

More of like a "snow tease."

Nonetheless, it make my heart happy.

Hope your heart is happy today, also!

Much love, ;)


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