Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes Dress Recap....

Did you watch the Globes??

I watched half of it.

But I watched ALL of the red carpet coverage...

And without further adieu...

Here are my favorite dresses of the evening in order...

Shailene Woodley

Zooey Deschanel

Charlize Theron

Viola Davis

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Okay, I know the last one (SMG) will probably earn me some flack. I've heard her on everyone's "Worst Dressed" list. However, I thought it was an interesting dress. And I loved the blue and white together. ANNNDD...I loved her makeup and hair with the dress. So sue me. We can't all agree!

Jessica Alba

Laura Linney

Evan Rachel Wood



Jessica Chastain

Those pearls. I mean c'mmmmooonnnn. Can I borrow please? (Yea, okay, I know. I think I'd need WW on steroids.)

#3....Ugh I hate to admit this butttttttt.....
Angelina Jolie

That dress is amazing. And those lips. And bag. 
But I still don't care for her.


Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler looked stunning. Red is definitely her color. And it's hard to pull of red...on a red carpet...

And check out the back!!

Isn't that bow just the most precious thing????? Love love looooovvvvve!!

(However, that better NOT be a panty line showing there. Not allowed.)


Claire Danes

Claire Danes looked amazing in this dress. I mean the dress is to die for.

Especially the back...

That beading is AMAZING!!!!!

The picture above doesn't do it justice. The beading just shone so beautifully. 


I know we may not all agree on my choices. 

That's okay.

One person I am leaving off is Reese Witherspoon.

That's on purpose.

She's on everyone's "Best Dressed."


I thought it was okay. Nothing special. I loved her hair...but I thought she could have used a few more accessories. 

And I hate saying that. Because I love Reese Witherspoon. Every. Little. Bit. Of. Her.

But this dress just didn't do it for me.

Who were some of your favs??? Disappointments???

How about we all agree to disagree, shall we?

Much love, ;)

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  1. I totally agree about Reese! And I loved alot of your choices!