Monday, January 2, 2012

The Great Memphis Hot Chocolate Adventure - Round 6

Hi friends...

This suggestion came from a former classmate of mine, so thanks Lindsey!

Whip Cream? - No sir ree.

Chocolate-ness- On a scale of 1-5 (5 being full on super duper chocolate flavor) I'd give it a 3-4. I think mine could have used a touch more chocolate. 

Richness- On a scale of 1-5 (5 being super duper rich), I'd give it a 4ish. But I would have liked to have a little more richness.

Size- I don't really know what size I got. I just asked for a hot chocolate to go. And that's the size I got. I think it was around a 12oz.

Calories - Unfortunately, Cracker Barrel doesn't provide nutritional info online. So, I am not sure. 

Price- Once again. Forgive me. The hubs grabbed the ticket before I could see how much it cost. But I am pretty sure it wasn't too bad. The husband didn't shriek out in dismay. So, that's a good sign. Haha.

Cup cuteness- As you can see from the pic, the cup is just a plain ol' to go cup. I think that now the holidays are over, the cup cuteness will be sort of a non-issue. 

I picked up this little cup of hot chocolate after my race this past Saturday. It was a nice way to end the meal, for sure. However, I really think that this particular hot chocolate was lacking something. It def needed more chocolate. And while I can't be sure, I am pretty sure they just added water to a mix. But, hey, that could be everywhere for all I know. And they do sell their own mix in the gift shop. So, if you'd like your own, that's pretty cool they sell it there in the restaurant. Glad I tried it!

Where I got mine from:
Cracker Barrel 
8000 Lowrance Road
Memphis, TN 38125

Much love, :)

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