Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh me...Oh my...Turning The Big 28.....

Well folks...

Today is the day.

I am officially 28 years old.

I know I know.

I'm in no way old.

And honestly...I feel very blessed this birthday.

I have a had a wonderful weekend with some wonderful people.

Had some great food.

And made some great memories.

Like I said, I am a blessed gal.

And turning 28 doesn't bother me. 

Of course, it's just one step closer to 30. 

But who cares? 

(Please remind me of the aforementioned statement when the time does roll around for my 30th birthday and I'm spazzing out.)

I feel lucky to be alive. 

I feel lucky to have the most amazing husband on the planet.

I feel lucky to have some of the most amazing friends.

I feel lucky to have the most amazing family a girl could ask for.

I know. I know. "Could you please stop talking about how awesome your life is??"

Okay, I get that. 

But I just want everyone to know who is in one of the groups above to know that this past year you have made my life so rich with love and friendship. 

I am so grateful to each one of you for that. 

Here's to 28!! If it's half as good as 27...I'm a happy camper.

I think that what strikes me in all this turning 28 business is that it was 10 years ago today I turned 18.

Holy moly.

What a difference a decade makes. 

Ugh. A decade. Yikes.

Anywho, it's just amazing to think about all the plans I had for my life at that time. 

And how in just 10 short years (yes, in the grand scheme of life 10 years is just a blip on the radar...).....

Things are completely different than how I ever imagined life to be.

But in the best way possible.

It's funny how life works out that way, huh?

Oh to go back and tell that 18 year old girl the things I know now.


Well, I don't know. 

It's probably for the best she lived and learned all that she did. 

She's all the better for it. 

10 years from now I'll be 38.

And I pray that I have the same joy and contentment then as I do now.

Speaking of joy....

My joy this birthday weekend came from hanging out with the hubs and some dear friends....

Here's a pic recap:

Makeup look for festivities on Friday evening:

(I decided to be adventurous and wear a red lip for the evening.)

Foundation: Revlon Photoready Foundation in Natural Beige
Lips: L'OREAL Colour Riche Lip Color in #315 True Red
Eyes: L'OREAL Decrease Eye Primer
Cover Girl Line Exact Eye Liner in Very Black
elf Mineral Mascara
L'OREAL Volume Million Lashes Mascara

The hubs surprised me with dinner reservations at Acre. It was our first trip there, and it was really impressive.

Well the food was impressive. I wasn't sold on the decor. Or even the ambiance. But, the service was great. And the owner/head chef personally greeted us twice. Now that makes someone feel at home!

Dungeness Crab Cake to start out with....

I had the Berskshire Pork. Absolutely delicious!!!

The hubs had the pan roasted rib eye. So amazingly. Good.

Go try out Acre. 

You won't be disappointed.

From there we headed over to Jim's Place to have a cocktail and a piece of coconut cake. 

The coconut cake at Jim's is to die for

Go see the hubs one night....have a cocktail...and a piece of that cake. 

You can thank me later.

Then it was off to Alchemy for cocktails with friends.

I won't elaborate on how the evening started out at Alchemy.

Let's just say this birthday girl wasn't happy because the party in front of us WOULD NOT LEAVE.

So, we waited over an hour longer for the party room we were promised. 

I could blame a lot of people for this mishap. But, I will keep those thoughts to myself.

But we finally got the room we were promised. And we finally got to sit down. (No, there was not another place to sit. The place was slammed.)

So once I got to sit down and once I knew my friends could sit blood pressure started coming down....and then all was well with the world again. 

I still love Alchemy. I just hated how things didn't go as planned. But hey, that's life. 

I definitely recommend the "Dancing Jimmy Spirit." So good. Citrus Vodka and muddled grapes. Yes sir ree. 

With some of the best friends a gal could ask for!
Dress: Bisou Bisou JcPenney

The hubs and me. He looks spif.

Miss Robyn and me

These two are a hoot.

Things are starting to get a little crazy. 

Two of the most beautiful people I know.

This was supposed to be a funny pic. I was the only one who got the memo.

Take 2 is not any better.


Our best friends Josh and Robyn. 

Watch out world. The next great bowling team has arrived!!!

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out. You made my birthday so special.

You know what else is special????

(Wait. Don't answer that.)


The lovely Kindle that my sweet husband got me for my birthday.

Uh Oh.

Now I have to figure out how to use the darn thing. 

Thank God for instructions.

Anywho, I am heading out of here in a little while to have dinner with my best friend Sarah and the hubs.

What a wonderful way to end a great birthday weekend. 

Thank you to all who have sent me well wishes!

It means the world to this damn near 30 gal.

Much love, ;)

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