Monday, January 30, 2012

SAG Award Fashion Favs....

Hi friends!

Did any of you catch the SAG Awards last night?


Me either!


I did, (as I did with the Globes) watch the red carpet. 

 Look now.

I AM going to watch the Oscars.

And I like to watch the Emmys.

So, don't judge. 

(I would have watched all of the Globes. But, there was a reason why I couldn't. I just can't remember now. Stupid short term memory loss.)

Here are some of my fav looks from the no particular order...because I am feeling lazy today.

Jane Lynch. I love this blue. Love it. And I love the pockets.

Chick from The Office. I think she's channeling Old Hollywood glamour here.

Sofia Vergara. I mean c'mon. Va Va Voom!! And I love this raspberry color on her.

Kyra Sedgewick. Look at her body in this dress. Amazing.

Octavia Spencer does it again. She looks amazing. Just as she did at the Globes.

I believe this young lady is from Modern Family. How lovely is this cocktail dress? So age appropriate and pretty.

Chick from The Office and Bridesmaids. This color is to die for. Especially with her hair. 

Okay Okay. I sort of have a top 6. 

Naya Rivera. Stunning. Loved this dress. Best Glee dress of the night in my opinion. Don't shoot me Lea Michelle lovers.

Emily Blunt. Lord have mercy. The color of this dress is so amazing. And so fresh especially for Spring. It just popped so well on the carpet. 

Viola Davis. DOES IT AGAIN! So stunning at the Globes. Even more stunning at the SAG Awards. Love it. 

Stacy Kiebler. Love it. Love it all. Love the lace. Love the off the shoulder look. Love the accessory on her arm, too....

My top 2. AGHHH! This was a hard choice. I mean I lovvvveed both of these looks. 

Rose Byrne. 

Rose's look is getting mixed reviews. But I love the jump suit. It's such a departure from all of the gowns. It's exquisitely beaded and looked beautiful on the carpet. I loved it. I wish I could pull that off! I'm not crazy about the hair...but if she had done something super pretty, it might have made the jumpsuit look..I dunno...a little bridal in my opinion. Way to take a chance! Love it. 


Jayma Mays from Glee


Okay, I know it's been done before.

I still love it. 

The sparkles.

The sleeves.


And her overall look just balanced out perfectly.

So glam.

What were some of your favorites friends? 

Remember: we can agree to disagree. 

Much love ;)

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