Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thank You...

Hi friends...

I just wanted to send out this little thank you to all who have responded with comments, texts, and emails after yesterday's post.

Your words of encouragement meant the world and the sharing of your struggles was also very brave.

And I thank you for being encouraging and brave.

As I look back on what I published yesterday, I have two thoughts.

#1. Gosh, that seemed a little dramatic. Even a little First World Problem-ish if you will.

#2. I did get asked out on 1 date in high school. We went to Red Lobster. He was a nice guy. Just not my type. My bad.

In regards to #1, I think it was so dramatic because, well, I was feeling dramatic at the time. It was an impulse post, and I can see that now. I guess I thought that I just HAD to get that off my chest at that exact moment...right as I got out of the shower. Right as I was coming down off this emotional roller coaster.

Hey, sometimes good posts can come out of impulse.

However, I apologize for the dramatics of it all.

Nonetheless, I really do think and have had those thoughts.

So, it's the truth.

And I guess the dramatics of it all are secondary if it is the truth.

Hopefully, the next post will be a little lighter!

(I am hoping to do a skin care regime vlog...yes a reader has inquired about the products I use. Thanks dear reader!)

Anywho, on to even more serious stuff peeps...



How awesome is that?

The energy in the forum was amazing.

I haven't seen the fans pumped up like that in a lonnnnnggg time.

The guys played great.

Coach Pastner performed some new acrobatic moves...he's getting pretty good at that.

And it was just a fun night.

I love this rivalry.


Tiger sequined shoes...check.
Tiger basketball bracelet...check.
Blue sparkly earrings...check.
Blue scarf ...check.
I think I am ready to go to the game now.

I even sported Tiger blue eyes for the game...

Pom Pom gloves are awesome. However, they are hard to drive/text/put hands in pocket/do everything in. 

With the hubs.

Getting ready for the game to start.

A legend. RIP Coach. 

Such a great time!

Oh speaking of great times, before I had mini-meltdown 2012 yesterday...I did partake of some fun times as I mentioned at the pizza parlor where trivia was held on Tuesday.

It's at Ferraro's Pizzeria & Pub, which occupies the former Highpoint Pinch bar.

Trivia was a blast!

Like I mentioned $1 PBRs & $1 Rolling Rocks are the special.

The pizza was pretty good. Not my fav, but not bad either.

(Sorry, I am loyal Garibaldi's fan.)

But, be sure to get there early, as there is limited seating!!!

Every Tuesday at 8pm...I think we are going to make it a Tuesday ritual!

(Minus all the carbs and a few less beers for me now, though....)

No, the hubs is not looking up answers on his phone. We'd already turned our sheet in!!

Could be the best pic of our best friend Josh ever.

Our best friends Josh and Robyn.  Aw. 

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

I took a break from running these past few days to let some things rest. 

But, starting's on.

Because I have decided to run the Germantown Half-Marathon on March 18th!!! I come...again

Much love, ;)


  1. OMG! I love those drink deals!! Could you use two more girls on your team? My friend Carli and I play somewhere at least once a week! Good luck o the Gtown marathon! You should look in to the Lisa Lass 5K on Jan 21, all proceeds go to Old Coach Mathis at SAA-SDS (He has a brain tumor)

    Love ya Jennnnnyyyyyy (that was my Forrest Gump voice)

  2. Girl anytime you want to join us, feel free!!! It would be funnnn.
    And I had planned on running the Lisa Lass 5K. It's on my to-do list. I hate that about Coach Mathis. That is so sad!!

  3. Hey! Just catching up on blogs from the past couple of days. So excited you want to do the half! If you ever want a running buddy or want someone to force you to get out there, let me know. I'm planning on running it as well!

    I'm definitely not the healthiest person in the world. But I've made a lot of lifestyle changes in the past few years to become a much healthier person. I know how scary it is. And daunting. But you can do it!

    BTW random question, but are you on Twitter? I don't think we follow each other, if you are.

  4. Yea! Glad we are running together! And yes, I may holla at ya to be a running buddy!! :)
    Thank you for the encouragement! I love reading all your definitely keep me motivated to try new healthy recipes!
    And I am not on Twitter...well not just yet ;)
    Thank you Christin!!!