Friday, February 17, 2012

A Hodgepodge....

Hi friends!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.

My life is a little crazy right now.

Practicum, classes, work, life...


Throughout my practicum experience one thing has become very clear:

I am NOT a morning person.

I only have to get up at 7:30 a.m....but I am OVER it.

I've always admired those people who get up at like 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning.

I think they probably get so much more done during the day.

However, every time I think about getting out of my bed...even 10 minutes earlier than I have to...I laugh.

No way Jose.

I am sure once little baby weaver(s) come(s) into the picture all that will go out the window. 

So, for now, I'll just enjoy that extra sleep and not feel guilty.

However, here's the part of the post where I do feel guilty.

I haven't been running friends.

And I don't mean not running this week.

I mean not running in I dunno...2 weeks.


Remember how I said that I was going to join the running group with my friend Ellen?

Well, the week I was going to start it got rained out (and moved days and I couldn't go.)

And I realized last week that I was going to be paying $125 to run with a group that I won't even be able to utilize for the next 4 weeks because I am going to be out of town (yes, for the next month).

So, I just don't think it's worth the money I'd be spending to be quite honest.

And some of you may think that's a cop-out, but I all I can say to that is's just simply untrue.

So, we'll see. 

I just have lost that love of running that I had to begin with.

I'd like to blame it on time, stress, etc.

But I can't because my dear friend Ellen who I started my running journey with is WAY busier than I am. 

And she is training.

So, it's all on me.

I've said a prayer that God put back that fire I had to run.

Because if I start Monday, I still have time to complete this training program in time to run the half-marathon in April.

So, we'll see.

I have worn holes in the tops of both of my maybe it's time for a new pair?

Maybe a new pair of shoes will be the just the encouragement I need to get out there. 

I mean I'd hate to see that money go to waste.

What about it friends? Do you guys ever get in a running lull?

I just thought I owed it to myself and you guys to be honest.

Speaking of honesty, I lost 0.6 pounds this week. 

Not a huge amount.

But a little nonetheless.

Right now, I am learning to be okay with the small victories.

Total pounds lost: 9

As the title suggests, this blog post is sort of a hodgepodge of catching up, so here's a Valentine's Day recap:

I got home from class to a wonderful meal prepared by the hubs.

And it was fab.

To be honest, we had actually opened up gifts at 12:00 a.m. because we were both awake (as I was working on a paper and a presentation I had to give on Tuesday). 

So, we just did it (open presents people! get your head out of the gutter!). 

Here's what I got the hubs:

No, those aren't University of Memphis earrings.

They are cuff links.

And he looovvvedd them.

In return, I received this definitely-better-than-a-dozen-roses-that-die-in-a-week:

Whole rose bush.


That will hopefully live a lot longer than a week. 

(Well, with our track record of plants...who knows.)

I also got these lovely gems:

Awesome right???

There's another box behind the one pictured.

So, what's in the boxes?

Well here ya go:


Total surprise.

Totally outside the box.

And I love them!

He had remembered in passing around 3 or 4 months ago that I said I wanted a fire that was a sure thing. He took a chance on the patio furniture.

Two big gold stars on the chart for the hubs.

I can't wait to utilize them!

Speaking of love-related things...

I picked up this ditty at the bookstore (gasp! Yes, people still shop at those stores.):

Someone brought this book up in the Couple Counseling course I am currently taking, so I thought I'd pick it up. I think it's will be a good read for the hubs and me. Any friends out there have an opinion on this book?

I also picked up this little ditty:

That's right.

This lady right here and the hubs are going to Chicago on our Spring Break.

So. Ridiculously. Excited. 

I can't wait to head back to the city where I started my journey to become a "Mrs."

Chicago trip '09. 

Any recommendations friends for Chi-town adventures?

Sadly, no Cubs game this time around because...well's not baseball season just yet.

But this time around, the hubs and I are hoping to take in more of the city.

15 days and counting.

Did I mention how excited I am?

Oh I didn't?

Maybe this will convey the feeling:

A shout out to the new followers of this little blog.

Mrs. in Memphis is excited to have you!

And a big thank you for following. 

I'm a-blushing!

Much love, ;)


  1. I love the fire pit & chairs! What a great present!!

  2. Great gifts! & I've read the love language book! Its really interesting!

    also---we are doing the same half training!

    1. Awesome! I just have to get back in the game!