Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Judgement Day....Round 4

Hi friends :)

It's Wednesday.

You know what that means?

Yes you guessed it!

It's Wednesday!!!

Okay Okay.

It's weigh in day.

So what was the verdict this morning?

Down 0.4 pounds.


You read that correctly.

Down only 0.4 pounds.

Okay, I understand a loss is a loss.

And yes, it's better than a gain. (See this post.)

Doesn't matter.

I am still not a happy camper.

I don't understand.

I cut out a lot of alcohol this week.

I kept within my point range (I had weekly points to spare for crying out loud!!)

I worked out. 

And nothing really to show for it. 

So, yea. I am a little down today. 

I feel like I am working hard and making these changes....all for...well not a whole lot. 

I know I know.

Things add up over time.

Tell that to the girl who doesn't have to fit into a matron of honor dress by June.

(Did I mention the wedding is on a beach? Add "fitting into a bathing suit" to the list as well.)

I know that part of the problem is that I am used to diets like Atkins where weight just falls off ridiculously fast. (Which is not the most healthy way, I know.)

And I know I lost a LOT of weight the first couple of weeks...which isn't the norm.

However, for the sake of being honest, I just am telling you...I. AM. FRUSTRATED.

All you naturally thin ladies out there listen up: 

You better be thanking the good Lord now and then for your high metabolism. 

Because this lady right here is jealous. 

Any advice you guys want to send my way in regards to WW?

I'd appreciate it. 

Total monthly weight loss: 8.4 pounds

Much love, ;)


  1. Girl you are doing great! I have done weight watchers myself and do it now on my own. The one thing I learned is to use ALL your points! Never leave any other than the extra you have in case you go over. But there are periods where you won't see much it could be that you gained some muscle! Do not fret! You are inspiring so don't give up!!!

  2. Thank you so much Candace! You are so sweet...I'm not giving up!!!

  3. Your doing great. I will share with you I have loss 30 pounds since this past summer. I eat 5 meals a day with a protein and small carb. It ha really worked on top of working out. Hope that helps, Erica

  4. Wow! That is so wonderful! Way to go! I see that you are running, also. Keep up the great work!!

  5. Congrats, keep going. I am in the same boat on Weight Watchers. Remember there are also non sale losses, such as inches!

  6. Thank you Jess! You are totally right!!