Monday, March 12, 2012

Advice.........About the Windy City.........

Oh lawd have mercy!

How are you friends?


Please don't take the following as complaining...

Because it's not.

Have you ever been on vacation...gotten home...and then needed a few days to recover from...vacation?

Ah yes.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. 


So, I had a friend ask me about recommendations for that the hubs and I have been there twice.

So here are the answers to your questions Merle!

Where should we stay?

Well, I can only speak for one place. 

Because it's the only place the hubs and I have stayed at.

Haha. Yes that is a giant inflatable rat. There were Union members protesting  construction going on inside.

Okay. It's not a glamorous hotel by any means.

However, the rates are RIDICULOUS!!

We had reservations to stay in a king size room (we actually got no a suite due to some construction issues) for $86.99 a night. Okay, well, it went up to $98.99 the last night we were there. 

And I know that it's not...really...a great time to go to Chicago. (In regards to the temperature.)

But even when we stayed there in August 2 1/2 years ago, the price was around $102.00 a night.

It's a minute walk from Michigan Avenue. The location is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!

I'm pretty sure that every other hotel within a mile of this hotel is at least $200 a night.

The staff took great care of us in regards to the aforementioned construction woes.

So, we got upgraded to a suite. And guess turns out we got put in the suite that we stayed in the first time we went to Chicago. It was so cool! 

It brought back many awesome memories from our engagement trip. :)

Maybe I should just asked to stay in room 1407 from here on out!

They upgraded us annnnddd gave us a whole (yes WHOLE) cheesecake annnnnddd a bottle of champagne.

So yea. 

Until we win the lottery, we'll always be at Red Roof Inn Chicago Downtown.

Where do we eat?

Okay, I am pretty sure I could devote an ENTIRE blog to eating in Chicago.

It's a foodie's dream.

So, I'll just offer up a few suggestions...I may actually write an entire blog on where we ate.

But here are a few favorites.

Okay, you HAVE to go and get deep dish pizza.

It's Chicago for crying out loud!

We've been to Pizzera Uno...and Lou Malnati's.

We prefer Lou Malnati's.

The hubs at Lou Malnati's.

But, they are both amazingly tasty. have to go eat breakfast (or brunch) at Orange.

Orange is the BOMB!

Best omelets...ever.

Then go to Keefer's.

(I will warn's pricey.)

But it was THE BEST steak I've ever had.

And THE BEST steak the hubs has ever had.

It was decadent

Finally, you have to go eat a Chicago hot dog.

Hot Doug's is the place to go.

They are the best!

Yummy hot dogs!
Did you guys drive or fly?

Well we drove the first time around.

Big mistake.

1. You are putting an ungodly amount of miles on your vehicle. (Well, if you are coming from Memphis.)

2. The price to park your car in Chicago is astronomical. For example, we kept our car in the garage that the Red Roof parks their cars. 

$40 a day.

You do the math.

3. Two words: gas prices. They were high 2 1/2 years ago. They were even higher this time around. 

So yea. We said no to driving this time.

So we flew, right?


Have you seen ticket prices out of Memphis?????

They are redonkulous.

So, no.

We didn't fly.

So how did we get there?

Cheap cheap cheap.

We got two round trip tickets....for two people (duh)...for....


So was it sketchy?


It took maybe an hour longer than if we would have driven ourselves.

But it was TOTALLY worth it. 

I definitely recommend them.

On the bus...kind of looking a hot mess. Oh well, what do you expect on a 10 hour bus ride???

Hopefully, if you ride with'll have a pleasurable experience like the hubs and I did.

$106.50! C''s a steal.

So there ya go Merle...and all of you friends!

A few of my recommendations for our favorite city.

More Chicago recaps to come!

But here's a fav...until I can recap some more...

Our reflection in Cloud Gate

Much love, ;)

P.S. A very special Happy Birthday to my daddy! Dad, I love you more than you'll ever know. You carry the burdens of many, but you still manage to flash that mischievous grin of yours on a daily basis. You are such an example of God's love. You've taken care of so many in your life, and everyone can see God's love through the work that you do. I am so proud to call you my dad, as I look up to you and all the things you've accomplished in this life. Thank you for always supporting and encouraging me. Oh and for talking to me about girl stuff...and for drying my tears...and celebrating my triumphs. I hope that one day that I can be HALF the parent to my child that you've been to me. I love you! Feel free to raise the roof profusely on this, your birthday (It's one of his favorite past times.) ;)

photo by: amydale photography


  1. Wow looks like lots of fun and great food! Erica

    1. It was a whole lotta fun Erica! Thanks for stopping by!