Friday, March 16, 2012

Chicago Recap #1.......

Man o' man.

I can't believe it's already been a week since the hubs and I were on a bus on our way BACK from the Windy City.

I miss it so much!

As's a recap of Windy City fun. (More recaps to follow!)

When we stepped off the bus from Memphis, it was actually snowing in Chicago!!!

It was pretty neat. 

I know I know. When you think of "Spring Break" you think sun and sand. Obviously, we didn't take that route!

So when we got settled into our hotel (see this post for info on hotel!), we immediately decided to go and get some deep dish pizza. We chose Lou Malnati's because we had been to Pizzeria Uno the last time we were in town.

One of my favorite outfits ever to wear. So comfy and cozy!!! Everything besides shoes and bag are from JcPenney! Bag: Kate Spade, Boots: Kohl's.

Okay, I look a little psycho. However, I got a cool pic of it snowing!!

Paying respect to one of my favorite baseball players EVER. It was framed at Lou Malnati's. 

The hubs enjoying this delicious concoction.


It had snowed quite a bit since we had been there!

So after leaving Lou Malnati's, we decided to grab a drink at the bar we had discovered the last time we were in town. It is literally 30 seconds from our hotel. 

It's called the Grape Street Piano Bar.

Well, on this particular evening, there was no one playing the piano. But we didn't care! 

This place has THE BEST martinis/bartender in the city. 

I mean, even the bartender hubs was smitten with her. 

If any of you have ever been to Sidestreet Bar here in Memphis then you think you know what a good martini is supposed to be. (Well, you pay $11 for a too strong martini that you barely can drink.)

This place is 100 times better. The martinis are strong, but without tasting like it. Annnddd...they were $8...for the size that you pay $11 for at Sidestreet.

And the list of martini's goes on for days. I mean their martini list is 4 pages front and back.

You'll always find something you love. They serve vodka, gin, tequila, bourbon, and whiskey martinis. 

We didn't stray away from our regular vodka martinis. But, when we go back, I'll venture out!

We had a blast. There weren't that many people in there, which is another reason to love this little bar. You always get amazing service!

After that, we had the good sense to head the 30 seconds back to our hotel!

The next morning, the hubs had decided he'd really like to try out breakfast at the Trump Hotel's Sixteen.

We got there around 10:15 a.m.

Breakfast stops being served at 11:00 a.m.

So, we were there in plenty of time...and guess what?

Donald was there!!!!!

Just kidding.

But we were the ONLY customers in there!

It was like we rented out the place for the morning. 

Haha. Only in my dreams.....

But, it was amazing.

When you are the only people in a "fine dining" get impeccable service.

It was a wonderful experience.

I was a little nervous going somewhere so nice for breakfast, but it was worth it. 

I had some of the best eggs I've ever had, and the hubs had a lump crab omelet which he said was also very delicious. 

I asked the hubs, "Does the food automatically seem better the more you pay for it?"


But, I still think it was divine.

And the views!!!! Oh my goodness the views.

As the name implies, it is on the sixteenth floor. 

And the views were probably the best in the city. 

Check out the evidence:

Cardigan: Old Navy
Skinny Jeans: JcPenney
Bag: Kate Spade
Ballet flats: Tory Burch
As we were paying for the check:

Brad: "Man, I really want this pen (server's pen.)"
Me: "No, absolutely not. C'mon that's poor form."
Brad: "You think charging $6 for a glass of orange juice, I could at least get a pen."
Me: "Well, that's true."
Brad: "For that price, they should offer me a whole box of pens."

Loved it. We'll be back one day.

After that, it was off to see a landmark we didn't get to take in the last time we were there.

We didn't have time to visit the last time we were there, so we made it a priority this time around.

We toured the exhibits before we headed up 103, yes 103, floors.

Look, I hate heights.

Loathe them.

But, I took one for the team, and experienced the whole...well...experience.

Here's a photo recap:

Gorgeous views from 103 floors up!!!


Out on the sky deck. Barf. 

Save me now.

Brad is a trooper.

Me to the hubs: "We don't have life insurance yet!!!"

I am glad we did it. It was actually pretty fun...albeit nauseating at some points.

If you have stuck with the recap so far, you get brownie points!!

Well, on the evening of our first full day, the hubs really wanted to go and get Greek food since he works at a Greek/Mediterranean-inspired restaurant here in Memphis.

So, off to Athena we went!

The atmosphere, was in my opinion, a little cheese-fest.

But the food. Oh my goodness...the food was incredible.

And look at all the food you get....ridiculous.

C'mon. Good grief. 

Bottle of wine later... :)

We give it two-big thumbs up!!

To wrap up the day, we decided to hit the lanes.

Bowling is one of our favorite things to why not try it out in our favorite city?

So, off to 10pin we went!

We had SUCH a fun time at this bowling alley!

The lighting isn't the best to take pics...but check out all those big screens!!

Even our drinks glowed!

The hubs is very happy to be beating me.

Pretty cool bar!

The jukebox at this bowling alley was THE BEST ever.

How many times do you get to hear this or this at the bowling alley??? 


I definitely had my white-girl-dancing-at-a-bowling-alley out in full force. The hubs was probably mortified.

Here a few randoms from the evening:

Can you spot the hubs?

Whoops. We cut off the top.

LOVE this one of the hubs. Beautiful skyline!

So there ya go. The first day and half we were in Chicago.

Are you tired yet??

I know we were.

But, it was SO worth it. 

Are you falling in love with this city yet?

I hope so. 

More recaps to come!

Much love, ;)