Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chicago Recap #3.....

I can only assume that by now you are tired of Chicago recaps...

I am sorry kiddos.

That's probably THE MOST exciting thing going on in my life right now.

Reminiscing about my Spring Break trip.

Can we say winner loser?


Okay, so back to the Windy City.

Chicago hot dogs are about as famous as Chicago deep dish pizza. 

Last time the hubs and I were in Chicago, we got lost trying to find the ONE place we wanted to go and get hot dogs.

In fact, 3 hours kind of lost.

Which thus led us to get home 3 1/2 hours late.

Which led us to miss the surprise engagement party our dear friends had planned for us.


So, we were not going to make that mistake this time around!

We took a taxi.

What a genius idea. 

Off to Hot Doug's we went! 

Yes, we ordered two hot dogs a piece. No, we didn't finish them. Especially with all those french fries.
Man o man! 

They were soooooo good!

It's definitely a place to go when you visit the Windy City.

A little off the beaten path. But don't let that scare you away.

Oh and be prepared to wait in line!

Because there is ALWAYS a line.

After a yummy lunch, this particular day was spent shopping on the Magnificent Mile!!

It's a shopper's dream!

But first, I had to stop and get a pic with Marilyn.

Especially because I am obsessed with Smash!

She is quite the sight!

You can't help but take in the beautiful Chicago River, too!

The only pic I have from us shopping on this day. @Bloomingdales. And, no. I didn't buy the hat. :(

I didn't take any pics from our shopping experience on this particular day. :(

However, we did score some really great buys.

We picked up stuff from Guess, Gap, H&M, Forever 21, and Banana Republic!

It sounds really stupid, but shopping can really wear you out!!

So, we cut the day short, and vowed to shop some more the next day.

We went back to the hotel, and chilled out before we headed out for the evening's festivities.

First, we headed over to Catina Laredo for some yummy Mexican!!

(But first an all "important" outfit recap.)

Rocking a new outfit :)

Me. Rocking an old outfit....haha!

Our meals were delicious. 

Honestly, I didn't realize it was a chain. (And I hate going to chains on vacation!!)

I think there is one in Nashville, so a shout out to my Tennessee readers in that area...we really loved it!

After dinner, it was off to The Second City for some fun comedy action!

SOOOO many great comedians have come out of this historic comedy club....Dan Akroyd...Gilda Radner.

And the show did not disappoint!!

We saw, "Love, Sex, & The Second City: A Romantic Dot Com Comedy."

Omg. It was hilarious!!!

It was so very relevant to our generation.

Right before the show began. And yes, that's a giant looking IPhone!

The Second City is a definite fun date night guarantee!

And now...a little perspective to wrap up this recap...

Don't ever complain about the parking prices...especially in Memphis people!!

Just take a look at these prices in Chicago:

Don't you just LOVE Parking Can Be Fun, now???

I hope you all are out enjoying this amazing weather...well if you are here in Memphis, we are having some beautiful Spring weather right now.

You can't beat it.

Don't you just love Spring????

I do.

Much love, ;)