Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mindless Fluff....

Please excuse the following...

It's what I like to call "mindless fluff."

Honestly friends, I think I may have had one of the most stressful weeks of my life thus far.

So, I decided to blog about celebs...and fashion....and some things I am digging right now.

First, I am super jealous of this woman right now:

Jennifer Lopez in Michael Kors. And awesome hot pink heels.

Good Jennifer Lopez looking hotter than ever or whaaaat?

I would kill for this dress. I am digging that neon/electric yellow color. Plus those heels? 

Yes please!

Honestly, I am not crazy about her.

So, maybe her music gets me in the mood to party...or dance in the mirror when I am alone.

Annnnnd her ridiculous.

However, there is something about her personality...I just don't care for.

Maybe it's the whole "diva" thing. 

If I figure it out (which I know will keep you up at night waiting on me to figure out) I will most def share it with you friends.

Next up, is this lady:

I think Kristin Cavallari looks adorable here.

Okay, don't get me wrong. 

I've always been Team L.C. all the way!!

But, I think this dress...and her...look adorable. 

Did you know she is planning on splitting her time now between Chicago and Nashville (being engaged to Jay Cutler and what not)?

I can respect that!

And finally on my celeb watch:

Jessica Simpson!

I really think she has looked just GORGEOUS pregnant!

I can't wait to see what her little bundle of joy will look like...or wear....

You know momma is going to dress that little girl in some cuttttte outfits.

(And noooooooo. Just because I am honing in on two pregnant ladies does not mean that I have babies on the brain...silly billies.)

Okay, onto some more fluffiness!

Thanks to The Life of Delta Daises, I ordered this shirt!

Old Navy

I love this color combo...and the sailboats are just too cute!

And because I was piddling around on the Old Navy website, I ordered this dress (as a possible Easter dress candidate):

I reallllyyy love the yellow color. 

And then I ran across this dress...and because I was on a shopping binge..thinking ahead for future social engagements....thought it would be a lovely Spring/Summer addition:

It seems pretty classic.

So we'll see. I have buyer's remorse like no one you've ever met.

One of those will probably go back as soon as I get them in the mail.

But we'll see.

Mayyyyyybbbbe not.


Here's what I am loving right now:

Via Etsy

Tory Burch Miller Sandal

The fact that Adonis Thomas is coming back next year to play for the that means our starting lineup is going to AMAZING! GO TIGERS GO!

I am digging our new kitchen chalkboard flair:

Original artwork by Mrs. in Memphis...haha

And our new awesome flag for the front yard:

Yes, that is hay. We are trying to grow grass in our poor front yard!!

Can't wait for opening day!!

And finally the last thing I am loving right now....the hubs and I have a friend named "Trip the Tiger." He came with us on our first trip to Chicago...and made this most recent trip, too. He had whole Facebook albums dedicated to his travels...but I'll just leave you with a few of his personal favorites from this time around in the Windy City:

Dorkiness. I haz it.

Much love, ;)


  1. i'm so happy Adonis is returning too! :) yayyyy

  2. I want a pair of Miller sandals so badly! Jessica looks so pregnant, and I can't believe she's still rocking the heels! I can't wait to see her little girl!

    I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend after your stressful week!

  3. I just found your sweet blog, and I love it - new follower! I love that sailboat shirt - I've seen several people blogging about it.


  4. I just LOVE that you are being supportive of J. Simpson... everyone is ripping her a new one. LIKE THE GIRL IS PREGNANT.. BACK OFF!!!! great blog.

  5. just came across your blog, and it is TOO cute!!

    i completely agree with your celeb talk... i do not like jennifer lopez. yes, she's beautiful. great style. great body. i just don't like her personality/attitude, i guess.

    kristin and jessica simpson look gorgeous. i wish everyone will chill out with talking about celebrities gaining weight when they're preggo, i mean they look healthy!!