Friday, April 20, 2012

10,000 Maniacs....some good news...and a blog giveaway!!!

Hello friends!

It's Friday!

Holy moly. Where did the week go?

Mine has been quite the whirlwind.

First, of all, this was my last week at my practicum site for this semester.

What a learning experience it has been.

Honestly, I had been looking very forward to this day because as I have mentioned before, I was starting to feel a little depleted...mentally and physically.

So, yesterday, as I was making my 30 minute drive to my site, I just asked God to take and use me in the best way he saw how. Whatever he wanted me to say, I was just going to let him come through me and (hopefully) share the right things that individuals needed to hear.

When I got to my site, it so happened that a supervisor from another site was going to shadow the groups because her site is trying to start them up.

In my mind, I was like, "Oh lawd. It's my last day. And I have someone looking in on me. It's like it's day 1 all over again!!" 

So, I thought to myself, what can I do? I am tired. I have run out of group ideas right now, because most of these members have been with me for a while now. And they've done most of the activities or discussed most of the topics that either I or the other therapist have talked about. 


(Wait, did Lionel Richie just pop in your mind???!)

Stuck...wait a minute. So, then I thought, "Why not have them write down on a big sticky note one word that describes how they perceive themselves and then we'll have the other group members give them feedback on whether this is truly accurate?"

And that's what we did.

For 3 hours. 

And when it was all over, and I was done running my last group of the semester, I thought, "Hey, that didn't go so bad. Thanks God for coming through for me. (As you always do.)."

And the nice lady who observed the whole time came over to me and said, "Wow, you did a great job in there today. That was a wonderful activity. It REALLY got them to open up."

And I thanked her. And it meant a lot. Because for me, all semester I have been focusing on all the mistakes I make or how I can improve as a counselor in training. I have a hard time focusing on the positives. 

Which is bizarre because that is exactly what I preach to clients everyday. 

I guess I have a hard time swallowing my own medicine, huh?

I don't believe any lives were changed yesterday during that group (well, maybe they were). But my life has been altered in a major way from my whole practicum experience. I have learned so much about myself...and other people. There is a lot of hurt in the world. A WHOLE HECK OF A LOT. But there are also small victories every day...mixed in with all that hurt. And that's what I think keeps those of us in this Counseling field (and any helping field) going. For someone to tell you that yesterday he/she was in the depths of hell, and then to come to you the next day and say, "You know what. I got out of bed today. And one of my kids called me. And it made me smile.And I am glad to be here." That's what I think keeps us going in this profession.

So, I met with my supervisor, turned in my keys, and got in my car, and cried.

I cried for many reasons. I was relieved. I was sad to be leaving my more than helpful co-workers. And I was overwhelmed that it's all over. 

Well, until the fall. When internship starts. 

But, for now, I will take my summer break (as soon as classes end) and revel.

As if yesterday wasn't emotional enough for me....

I left my site and headed to the gym to work on "Operation Jennifer must shed some inches and poundage before Wedding on the beach 2012." 

(Catchy mission title, huh?)

Anywho, I am in the groooove on the elliptical...reading "Mockingjay"....when "BEEP!"

My phone lets me know I have an email.

So, I open up my Hotmail...when there it was.

My results from my comps exam. 

I had 15 minutes left, but I stopped dead in my tracks. I didn't even stretch back out. And I almost forgot to clean off the machine because I was too busy shaking.

Like a kid in her first spelling bee.

I could have read it there on the spot. Or in my car. But I didn't want to be left to cry in the U of M parking lot for 30 minutes. 

So, as I am walking out to my car, I literally have to remind myself to breath deep...because I feel a legitimate panic attack coming on (yes, I suffer from those nasty things every now and again). I can 98% of the time talk myself down from one of them on my I just sat in my car and utilized deep breathing. 

Thank GOD we only live a mile from campus. 

So, I drove home, pulled into the driveway and sat. 

"Well, if I go inside I'm going to have to let Baxter out and then he'll just walk around for 15 minutes...and that will just prolong the pain..."

So, I opted to open the attachment on my phone containing this letter:

(Yes this letter contains my last name. Please don't crazy stalk me and my husband. We are NOT interesting people. Or  rich for that matter. Thanks friends.)

I passed

So, I sat there and cried and cried and cried.

And shook a whole lot. 

Probably more than on my wedding day to be honest friends.

This was a black cloud that had been looming over me all semester. Even more so this past week. And it was immediately lifted.

Yes, there is a typo in this most important letter (can you catch it?). Ridiculousness. C'MON! 

But, before I did anything stupid and email my professor, about said typo, I just let it go. His secretary typed it. And we are all human. And I, myself, just want to graduate. 

So, yea, I let the typo pass. 

I might frame the letter. Next to my acceptance letter from the program. And then frame my diploma next to those. 

Can't you tell I am just a tad excited? 

And I don't mean to brag or sound condescending. It's just when you have devoted 2 and 1/2 years (3 when I graduate) to something with blood, sweat, and a whole lot of tears, it's nice to do something right. And know that you really do have some knowledge about this stuff. Haha.


Thank you friends for all the kind thoughts and words you sent my way. This was a rough semester. And I couldn't have made it with out all my friends near and far. And my amazing husband, who has been my cheerleader...and counselor (seriously!) throughout this process. 

I am so blessed. 

Speaking of blessed....

I just noticed that I have had over 10,000 views of this little blog.


You are all maniacs. 

Like the band, remember them? (Love Natalie Merchant!..and this song...listen to it for a little pick me up!)

So, in honor of reaching 10,000 hits on this humble little Memphis's lady's blog...


Yes, a giveaway.

Did you just pee your pants??!!

I am sorry about that.

Okay, cutting to the chase, I am giving away a $15 Amazon gift card I will mail to you:

To Enter, all you have to do is leave me a comment about a blessing that you have had in your life recently at the end of this blog entry in the comments section. 

Big. Small. Doesn't matter. Any blessing at all. 

If you have one blessing one day...and have another one two days from then, add another entry. 

All comments must be in by Wednesday (4/25/12) at 11:59 p.m. 

Winner will be chosen at random, and I will announce the winner on the blog this coming Thursday (4/26/12). 

Gift card will be mailed to winner's home.

Let me hear your blessings friends!

Much love, :)


  1. Oh, what a fun giveaway!

    Having lunch today with my mother, sister, & grandmother was definitely a little blessing that made my day today! My great-grandmother passed away recently, so I realize how important it is to enjoy quality time with the ones you love :)

  2. Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment! My family has been immensely blessed with the health of our grandparents recently. I've had two family members who were told they had weeks to live, who are now alive and fairly well almost a year later!

  3. Congratulations Jennifer!!! What a sense of relief you must be feeling!!!!!

  4. Congratulations! My boyfriend has been my blessing this past week. He has blessed me with encouragement all week long while I was studying for my exam this passed week. He has helped me not stress and he is a blessing in my life.

  5. your new is soo exciting! my blessing is we are adding an addition to our family! and visiting memphis in May!

  6. I am a new follower so I am catching up, but CONGRATULATIONS on passing your comps! My sister had to take and pass those as well and I remember what a stressful time that was!I was blessed this weekend to have my family in town! We saw Toy Story on Ice and Deacon (my nephew) wore his Buzz costume (which was blessing enough)!I can't decide if the sweetest part of the show was watching his face or my parent's faces watching him :) They are such a blessing and so was the weekend!

  7. Great song 10,000 Maniacs I actually just wrote a review for them at MPM radio.

    Great positive goodness!