Sunday, May 27, 2012

Waxing........And In Need Of Some Dress Help!

I know from the title of this post you are just DYING to know what the who ha I am talking about.


Well let me tell you ladies (and men I suppose).

Right before I headed to Arkansas, I thought to myself, "Well, it's swimming season. And that means it's also bikini wax season."


I had seen billboards advertising European Wax Center that had just opened in East Memphis.

So, the other day I bit the bullet.

And decided to just get it over with.

I walked into the Center, and they were able to get me in on the spot (okay, welllllll, I had to wait 30 minutes...)!

I was a little nervous...

But, let me tell ya.

This place is the bees knees!

First of all, my waxing technician (yes, that's what they are called. I mean, I'm pretty sure that's what she called herself. If not, I just made up a "cool" term for those working at the wax center...) Ashley was amazing. She was very sweet. And understanding.

Second, any person who's ever had any sort of waxing knows that it is painful. However, this truly was not that bad. If waxing could be comfortable...then this is the place for it.

Third, I got my bikini wax for free.


Yes, free.

Because it was my first time at the Center, their special is your choice of getting a free bikini, eyebrows, or underarms wax.


Okay, I did spend a little money on a serum that helps with pain and bumps and what not. It was $25. (Plus my tip to Ashley.) But it was worth every penny! And the bottle is huge...and will last me a long time. She applied it to me after she was done, and it truly had an immediate cooling/relief effect. So, as soon as she offered it to me, I jumped on it.

After such a pleasant experience, I booked my next appointment for a few days before we head to the beach in a few weeks.

European Wax Center gets two thumbs up from me!

Go. See. Them.

(However, I would definitely recommend making an appointment. They are super busy. I just happened to get lucky!)

Speaking of the beach....

I am in the market for a rehearsal dinner dress...

And I've picked out a few choices....

And I need help!

Which is your favorite?

I love the flowy-ness of this dress. 

I think this dress is adorable. Especially because we will be at the beach.

I love this dress because I think the colors are beautiful...and is maybe a little more dressy than the others.

So....which one do you guys like the best??

Thanks for your help friends.

Hope you are having a great day!

Much love, ;)

Friday, May 25, 2012

1st Anniversary Recap....

Hi friends!

How are you this Friday?

I hope well.

It's the unofficial start to summer...and boy is it going to feel like it here in Memphis, Tennessee!

Well, the hubs and I decided to get out of town for a few days for our 1st anniversary to Hardy, Arkansas.

It sounds glamorous, huh?


We had actually traveled to Hardy about 4 years ago to celebrate our 4 year anniversary of being a couple.

Brad surprised me with a trip to a fabulous bed and breakfast there at that time. 

We had traveled through there many times on the way to visit my parents, and I had mentioned how fun it would be to go and get away there. 

At the time, there were a ton of antique shops (which we loveee) and of course, tons of activities involving the Spring River.

This time around, we were sadden to see that many shops had closed. Apparently, the recession hit the town hard. But, there were still 5 or 6 shops to spend hours in. Yes, hourrrs.

This time around, we chose to stay again at the b&b we stayed at the first go around because we were so smitten with it. 

Let start out by saying that if you are looking for something contemporary, this is probably not the place for you.

However, if you are looking for coziness and quiet...this is definitely the place for you.

We stayed in the Hideaway room this time. It was the smallest (and cheapest) room. However, it had it's own private entrance and a screened in porch. It was super neat!

Here's a little video I took right before we left to show you guys around:

I am sorry part of the video is muffled. I guess I put my finger over the microphone. But, that part is just me talking about the garden...and how the roof over our screened in porch was being worked on as we left (so I couldn't show you the room).


Isn't that view just amazing??!!

Oh it's just so lovely. 

We can't wait to plan our next trip to Biggers.

The next time around we'll plan on coming up on a weekend. The main reason is that the steakhouse at the b&b is open Thurs-Sat nights. We had forgotten that we had come up on a weekend last when we got there, we quickly realized that we had to figure out other dinner plans. 

Anddd....many places are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Because it's a small town. 

So, we ate at the same restaurant all 3 days we were there.


But it was good! And they had an abundance of gravy-covered items.


So, go and visit Hardy. And the good folks at Biggers. The manager Shannon is so sweet. She truly makes you feel right at home. 

Here a few highlights of our trip.....

Giving gifts before we left...(1st anniversary traditional gifts are "paper")

I got the hubs our first dance song "Let's Stay Together" custom framed. 

And he got me wedding mementos custom framed...rehearsal dinner menu...rehearsal dinner place the program...and the lyric sheet our friend Bob used to sing a song during our ceremony....

We totally didn't plan on getting each other framed just was a pleasant surprise to us least we were on the same page about things with the whole "paper" gift idea.... We both loved our gifts to one another! :)

Shopping in downtown Hardy

Our anniversary evening 5/21/12....

Beautiful scenery....

Seeing bunnies made me very excited....

"Senior Picture" photo op. Haha. I took this photo because I thought the scenery looked like something you'd pose with  during your Senior portrait. : ) Anywho, I decided to wear the shoes and earrings I wore on our wedding day just to add some nostalgia to the evening. :)

Fishing on the Spring River!

It was hot...but fun!!

Inside of main house...

Another view of the main house....

Breakfast at the B&B...yum.....


We didn't have any cupcakes or cake saved from our wedding...but I saved and froze cookies from my wedding shower that was held the day before our wedding...this is about as far we got with them before we had to through them out...haha. 

Such a fun time! And a truly memorable anniversary. 

Thank you to all who sent us well guys are so sweet. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

Much love, ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

1st Anniversary.....

(all photos by amydale photography ...please don't steal them...thank you kindly)
Dear Brad,

One year ago today, we were freaking out.

Freaking out about flowers.

Freaking out about forgetting the grape juice for communion....

Oh yea...annnnnd forgetting bottled water, soda, and solo cups for the reception....

Freaking out about melting cupcakes .

Freaking out about air conditioning that wasn't turned on in our reception hall.

Freaking out about a leaking keg and dripping water onto the floor below.

(Thank you again to all who aided in aforementioned...)

Oh yea. Annndddd...

Freaking out with happiness.

Freaking out that we were finally "Mr. and Mrs."

Freaking out that we were marrying our best friend.

Because after almost 7 years of dating....and almost 2 years of being engaged and wedding planning....

We finally were saying "I do."

What a year it's been.

I am more in love with you than ever.

Thank you for everything Brad. 

And thank God for all the mistakes that were made before we met....they led us to one another.

He knew the plan. 

Freaking out and all.

Happy 1st Anniversary! 

Oh Happy Day! Then and now.

Here's to the next 100! 

Much love, ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Current Obsessions....and A Very "Embarrassing" Story...

I can't believe that our wedding anniversary is 5 days away.

Holy cow. 

Where does the time go??

Out the window I tell ya!

Look who we had dinner with last night:

The Weavers...and The Dales :)

Why that's just our fantastically amazing wedding photographer Amy Dale...and her super duper husband Andrew. :)

They are so ridiculously cute. I hope we can do it again soon!!

Check out her work here. Use her to create memories to last a lifetime. Seriously. You can thank me later. :)

The hubs and I still have not made a final decision about whether or not we are going to go out of town for our anniversary....


If we were to stay here....

I would absolutely love to wear this dress:

Badgley Mischka Fifth Avenue Showstopper Dress

I love sparkles.

Alas, I have waited too long and can't rent it now.

Heck. I might just make up some ridiculous reason to wear it.


I am loving this necklace:

The Gilles Necklace

And of course...the blogger world has been abuzz with this necklace:

"J.Crew" Necklace

Of course, it's not really a J.Crew necklace.

It's the imitation necklace.

Follow this link to see that necklace...along with many many others I am lusting after!

So those are my current obsessions.

Do you have any friends?

Okaaaayyy....onto the embarrassing story.

Okay, this is the part of the blog where if you get squeamish about the thought of me engaging in adult acts with husband (that would be you family members)...then it's time you stop reading and go about your normal day.


The other day I decided to be a responsible adult and go to Walgreens and buy...

Wait for it.



(For the record, yes, I am on birth control. But the hubs and I in no way desire to have a little one right now. So, we take super extra precautions. That may seem a little extreme...but hey....when you are content with the pitter patter of little doggie take all the extra precautions you can.)

Okay. Yes, I went to buy condoms.

Let me also's still a little weird for me to buy them. 

I know.

I am 28 years old.

I have taken a Human Sexuality course (undergrad and grad!).

And I applaud all women for being responsible and taking control of their sex lives.

But it's still a tad uncomfortable for me to buy them.

I never had to buy them until the hubs and I got married. 

So, yea, I am learning.

Okay, anywho....

I headed into Walgreens where I saw a nice police officer standing guard by the door. 

(Thank you Walgreens for being proactive.)

 Andddd...I made my way to the "family planning" aisle...

And as I am standing there....

Trying to make a decision....

The police officer just happens to walk by me. Slowly.


Okay, fine. He's making sure I don't steal something.

But still. Ugh.

I don't know about your Walgreens, but most of them here in Memphis require that you lift up this handle thingy to get your no baby making materials. Because they are behind a plastic case thingy.

I understand.

People steal.

I finally make a decision....

So, I lift up the handle to obtain my no baby making materials when...


Blares out at 393838494 decibels for the whole store to hear.

"On snap! Someone is buying condoms!!"


As I scurry away to the register...I thought I was out of the danger zone.

(Yes, insert Kenny Loggins and Top Gun music here.)

I had two greeting cards and a package of condoms. 


Beep...Beep...Beep...into the bag...


The cashier drops my package.

As the two people behind me look on.


And then said cashier had to desensitize (no pun intended) the package as for it not to beep as I walked out the door.

It seemed to take 20 minutes to freaking check out. 

I know.

Sounds devastating.

Not really.

A little traumatic?


Maybe this time next year, I'll be a little more....


With my purchases.

Much love, ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Mom....

Dear Mom....

Happy Mother's Day!

I hate that we don't get to be together on this Mother's Day, but July will be here sooner that we think!

You are one unique individual.

Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of knowing you...knows that there is only ONE Ruth Ann.

I remember I used to say, "I will NEVER act like mom when it comes to...."

And how funny...every day I find myself acting more and more like you. 

(Brad has been warned.)

I have never met a more giving individual in my life.

You are constantly putting others' needs before your own.

You always have.

That includes all the responsibilities of being my mom.

I know I said growing up that I loved you and thank you, but I never really got how much you sacrificed for my happiness....until I got out into the real world.

And I know that I am not a mom myself...yet.

But I hope one day to be the kind of mom to my kid(s) that you are proud of.

And I know that you aren't perfect (who is???)

But you are (and always have been) perfectly you. And still are.

I see God's love work through you.

And I will forever be grateful to him for allowing me the honor of being your daughter. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For everything.

You hold onto all the strength and courage you shown over this past year. 

Because you have most definitely shown it.

I love the moon and back. 

Love, Jennifer (photo by amydale photography)  

P.S. As I celebrate the wonderfulness that is my  mom today, I ask for prayers for her. She is facing several surgeries, that are going to require a lot of strength...from her...from God...from Dad. She is essentially going to have to have plates and needles in both of her feet in order to rebuild both of her feet. She has a condition known as "Charcot foot" in both of her feet. She really can't stand on her own at all right now. She is also going to have to have both of her knees replaced. And finally she is looking at having to have both of her shoulders replaced. She is seeing a specialist for a second time at the end of this month in order to see if she has a diagnosis of "Syrinx." It could be an explanation as to why all of her joints are basically disintegrating. She will also find out if her right shoulder can even be replaced at all because the joints have disintegrated so badly in that particular shoulder. She is in a lot of pain friends. And I know things could be worse....but she has a lot ahead on her plate. Her body has been through a lot of trauma in the past 5 years...I can't even begin to understand how she does what she does every day. 
But God is good. And he has never let my family down. And he is in control. And I know that he is going to take care of my mom...and my dad...through all of this. And this is comforting to me on some level...but I am also human. And I am worried about her. Because she is my mom. And I am her daughter. And we are best friends. And I love her so. 
Thank you friends for your prayers. From my family to yours, we are most appreciative. 

Much love, ;)

Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Days Of Sex....

Okay, don't get all your panties in a wad over the title of this post!!


I was really speaking to my family and/or in-laws that read my blog.

Back to the topic at hand.

Have you guys seen the show 7 Days of Sex on Lifetime?

I caught the first episode and then the third episode last night.

It's a really interesting show.

The basic premise is that 2 separate sets of couples agree to attempt to have sex for 7 days in a row in order to reconnect emotionally...and well...physically.

I took a Human Sexuality course last fall and then a Couples Counseling course this past semester. 

It's just so interesting how a lot of things that I learned in both of those courses are played out during this show.

One main connection?

Women really want help around the house. 

It's probably the sexiest thing a man can do.

Especially if you have children.

And hear a thank you now and then for all the hard work done in and out of the home (especially when it comes to taking care of the kids...)

And men?

They really like lingerie.


Men are visual beings.

It's just part of the deal.

So, a thought came to me.

If men love to see women in lingerie so much...especially when it comes to bedroom antics....

Then I think that men should have to wear a tux into the bedroom every now and then.

Or a well tailored suit.

I think it's only fair. 

Ladies, you with me??

I think we need to start a revolution.

the hubs. looking gorgeous. in a tux. rawrrrrrrrrrrrr.
photo: amydale photography

Hey, it's just an idea.

Much love, ;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Taking A Chance....

Well, I did it.

I bit the bullet.

And registered for the St. Jude Memphis Half-Marathon!

After reading Christin's blog post today, I just decided to just go ahead and do it!

December 1, 2012 is the big day....

So, I guess I need to get my butt back out on the pavement (and/or back on the treadmill...haha...Memphis summer heat and humidity is ridiculous!)....

I am going to join a running group in September to help with the training of the long runs.

My friend Ellen had great success with this training, so I think that I am going to give it a go, also.

It means giving up a lot of Saturday mornings...but the rewards will be so worth it.

(Please remind me of that when I am whining and moaning about half way through training, okay?)

I can't think of a better way to end the year.


Master's graduation.


New Year's Eve.

Well, at least I'll get those things out of the way before the world ends on December 21, 2012.

However, maybe I can dodge another bullet.

Judgement Day was also supposed to take place on my wedding day last year.

(Do you remember seeing those billboards around town??!)

That didn't really pan out, either.

Well, it might have felt like Judgement Day to the hubs....

I kid.

Well, now that I've paid for this....

 I've got to run this!

Let's go!

Much love, ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Crazy....Busy.....Weekend Fun!

Goodness gracious friends!

What a busy weekend!

How was your weekend friends?

I hope it was pleasant.

Mine started out heading to a graduation party for my dear friend Sarah Lawrence.

Another dear friend of mine Ellen, who also graduated Saturday, came to the party, as well. It was a lovely evening celebrating with these two wonderful people in my life who I am so proud of! I will miss seeing your beautiful faces in class!

Outfit for the evening:

Blouse: Old Navy
Skinny Jeans: Michael Kors
Wedges: Payless
Earrings: Premier Jewelry
The jury is still out on this blouse. I love the color blocking looks going on...I am just not sure this top looks the best on me. But I love the cobalt blue!

Makeup look for the night:

I am still using the Revlon Photoready foundation. However, I am in the market for a new foundation. I want something light, but with a matte finish (especially for the summer heat!). But, I think that may be a tall order. Does anyone have any foundation recommendations?

Saturday morning was spent at the FedEx Forum for the hub's little sis's graduation from the University of Memphis!

Congrats Lindsay! She graduated with her undergraduate degree in Psychology (hey...just like me!) ;) Way to go! You should be SO proud of all your accomplishments!

I honestly found myself getting a little emotional as "Pomp and Circumstance" began to play. A rush of emotions came over me as the song started....I was transported back to my undergraduate graduation....and then I began to think about my own upcoming Master's graduation in December....and realizing that many of my friends are graduating and won't be on campus anymore next semester (which is a little sad)....and getting excited thinking about my husband's graduation from the U of M (hopefully next May!)....AND just how proud I am to be associated with such an amazing university.

It sounds a little silly, but the University of Memphis means a lot to me. It's almost as if I am in a relationship with the U of M. (Okay, I know that sounds crazy...but that's how I feel!) I have such a strong bond with the University and all things associated with it. 

I remember a high school teacher of mine telling me one time how underrated the University of Memphis is, and how great of an institution it is. 

And no, he wasn't an alumni. Haha.

And it's true. I am SO proud that I will soon be able to say that I am a twice alumni of the University of Memphis. 

Go Tigers Go!

Later that day, I had a work event, working with church members at Bethesda Word of Life Christian Center to commemorate the one year anniversary of the flooding last May in the Orchi Street Community. Hope Presbyterian also helped to put on the event. It was a great success! It was a wonderful afternoon of fellowship and reaching out to any survivors that still may need help. 

With my beautiful coworker Shaneika :)

Beginning of block party

By the end of day, I was a little pooped.

And disappointed that the horse I pulled for, Hansen, didn't win the Derby, 


So, I opted  not going out for Cinco de Mayo.

And stayed at home. And watched episodes of Louie.

Hillarious. Watch it.

Sunday, the hubs and I decided to relive our "glory days."

And go to the Beale Street Music Fest.

Oh lawd.

I haven't gone to Music Fest in a long long time.

Mostly because of the fact that I've been there. Done that.

And unless some one I really really want to go see comes, I'd rather not deal with the hot-mess-ness that is a whole lotta intoxicated folks.

But, the hubs really wanted to go see Bush. 
(Can we say old school???!)

So, I said what the heck. 

And even after years of going and learning the "rules" of what to do and what not to do, I still opted to wear a dress. But it actually was very cool and comfy...

Dress: Target

I look like I am doing a little winky wink in the above pic. What's up with that?

Anywho, I did wear sunscreen after many years of lessons learned. And I am happy to say that while I got a little pink, over all I escaped hating my life this morning. 

And, honestly, the hubs and I had one of the best times we've had together in a long time! I'm glad I decided to suck it up and go. Here a few highlights of our afternoon down on the river:

At the Flying Saucer!

Glistening with sunscreen..haha!

LOVE the river!

Michael Franti! He did an AWESOME job!

The Civil Wars were great!

Trying to snap a sunset pic

I am sad we didn't get a pic of Bush playing, but they rocked the house!

We took a taxi both to and from the festival because we were trying to be smart responsible adults. 

And one perk of taking that taxi, was the fact that as we we were dropped off back in front of our home...the rain began to pour. 

And we only had a few steps to walk in the door!


Thank you for hanging with me during this long post.

I am having issues in regards to not feeling like this blog is nothing but a huge "look at my life! look at me!" vain type of thing. 

Do any other of you fellow bloggers feel that way?

Is there anyway to combat that?

Should I start blogging about topics?

Do you guys have any questions you'd like for me to address and blog about?

I'd love to hear from you!

Leave me a comment, or feel free to email me at

Also, if you guys have any suggestions in regards to new foundation ideas for me, I'd appreciate it. 

Thanks friends. 

Much love, ;)