Monday, May 21, 2012

1st Anniversary.....

(all photos by amydale photography ...please don't steal them...thank you kindly)
Dear Brad,

One year ago today, we were freaking out.

Freaking out about flowers.

Freaking out about forgetting the grape juice for communion....

Oh yea...annnnnd forgetting bottled water, soda, and solo cups for the reception....

Freaking out about melting cupcakes .

Freaking out about air conditioning that wasn't turned on in our reception hall.

Freaking out about a leaking keg and dripping water onto the floor below.

(Thank you again to all who aided in aforementioned...)

Oh yea. Annndddd...

Freaking out with happiness.

Freaking out that we were finally "Mr. and Mrs."

Freaking out that we were marrying our best friend.

Because after almost 7 years of dating....and almost 2 years of being engaged and wedding planning....

We finally were saying "I do."

What a year it's been.

I am more in love with you than ever.

Thank you for everything Brad. 

And thank God for all the mistakes that were made before we met....they led us to one another.

He knew the plan. 

Freaking out and all.

Happy 1st Anniversary! 

Oh Happy Day! Then and now.

Here's to the next 100! 

Much love, ;)

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  1. Such a sweet post! THanks for sharing. Happy 1st Anniversary!