Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Days Of Sex....

Okay, don't get all your panties in a wad over the title of this post!!


I was really speaking to my family and/or in-laws that read my blog.

Back to the topic at hand.

Have you guys seen the show 7 Days of Sex on Lifetime?

I caught the first episode and then the third episode last night.

It's a really interesting show.

The basic premise is that 2 separate sets of couples agree to attempt to have sex for 7 days in a row in order to reconnect emotionally...and well...physically.

I took a Human Sexuality course last fall and then a Couples Counseling course this past semester. 

It's just so interesting how a lot of things that I learned in both of those courses are played out during this show.

One main connection?

Women really want help around the house. 

It's probably the sexiest thing a man can do.

Especially if you have children.

And hear a thank you now and then for all the hard work done in and out of the home (especially when it comes to taking care of the kids...)

And men?

They really like lingerie.


Men are visual beings.

It's just part of the deal.

So, a thought came to me.

If men love to see women in lingerie so much...especially when it comes to bedroom antics....

Then I think that men should have to wear a tux into the bedroom every now and then.

Or a well tailored suit.

I think it's only fair. 

Ladies, you with me??

I think we need to start a revolution.

the hubs. looking gorgeous. in a tux. rawrrrrrrrrrrrr.
photo: amydale photography

Hey, it's just an idea.

Much love, ;)

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