Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Mom....

Dear Mom....

Happy Mother's Day!

I hate that we don't get to be together on this Mother's Day, but July will be here sooner that we think!

You are one unique individual.

Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of knowing you...knows that there is only ONE Ruth Ann.

I remember I used to say, "I will NEVER act like mom when it comes to...."

And how funny...every day I find myself acting more and more like you. 

(Brad has been warned.)

I have never met a more giving individual in my life.

You are constantly putting others' needs before your own.

You always have.

That includes all the responsibilities of being my mom.

I know I said growing up that I loved you and thank you, but I never really got how much you sacrificed for my happiness....until I got out into the real world.

And I know that I am not a mom myself...yet.

But I hope one day to be the kind of mom to my kid(s) that you are proud of.

And I know that you aren't perfect (who is???)

But you are (and always have been) perfectly you. And still are.

I see God's love work through you.

And I will forever be grateful to him for allowing me the honor of being your daughter. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For everything.

You hold onto all the strength and courage you shown over this past year. 

Because you have most definitely shown it.

I love the moon and back. 

Love, Jennifer (photo by amydale photography)  

P.S. As I celebrate the wonderfulness that is my  mom today, I ask for prayers for her. She is facing several surgeries, that are going to require a lot of strength...from her...from God...from Dad. She is essentially going to have to have plates and needles in both of her feet in order to rebuild both of her feet. She has a condition known as "Charcot foot" in both of her feet. She really can't stand on her own at all right now. She is also going to have to have both of her knees replaced. And finally she is looking at having to have both of her shoulders replaced. She is seeing a specialist for a second time at the end of this month in order to see if she has a diagnosis of "Syrinx." It could be an explanation as to why all of her joints are basically disintegrating. She will also find out if her right shoulder can even be replaced at all because the joints have disintegrated so badly in that particular shoulder. She is in a lot of pain friends. And I know things could be worse....but she has a lot ahead on her plate. Her body has been through a lot of trauma in the past 5 years...I can't even begin to understand how she does what she does every day. 
But God is good. And he has never let my family down. And he is in control. And I know that he is going to take care of my mom...and my dad...through all of this. And this is comforting to me on some level...but I am also human. And I am worried about her. Because she is my mom. And I am her daughter. And we are best friends. And I love her so. 
Thank you friends for your prayers. From my family to yours, we are most appreciative. 

Much love, ;)

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