Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hello friends!

Happy Thursday!

I hope life is treating you kindly.

I would like to share a milestone in my weight loss adventures...

I have lost 20 pounds!


I am pretty proud of myself.

It sure has taken me long enough...but I think that losing it slower....makes it even that much sweeter.

Does that make any sense friends?


I still have a few "miles" to go before I reach my goal. 

And if I were to be honest, I am probably not going to get there before I go to the beach. 

But, I am going to keep trying!

Yesterday, I tried out a new workout that I already had on hand. 

I bought this Slim in 6 series years ago.

I always made it through the first two dvds but never made it to the final one.

Well yesterday, I bit the bullet and just tried the third one out.

Oh lawd!

I worked muscles I haven't worked

It was an hour long, and boy am I feeling it today!

I remembered yesterday how much I liked this series.

I would def recommend it!

Yesterday was the hubs last day of class, and since Tuesday was my last day of class, we took last night to celebrate the ending of a very long semester for us both.

(On a side note: my husband worked harder this semester than I have ever seen him for school. Way to go kicked butt this semester. You dealt with some pretty difficult challenges along the way, and you met them head on. You should be so very proud of yourself!!!)

Sorry, I needed a brag moment. ;)

We decided to head to Cortona for dinner in Cooper Young.

We had visited the bar once, but this time around we wanted to eat in the dining room.

We were the only couple in there!

It turned out to be pretty romantic. :)

I really love the atmosphere in Cortona.

It's cozy but contemporary. 

And the food was DELISH!!!

After dinner, we decided to put to good use a gift cert we had received to go to Alchemy

I was expecting it to be packed...every other time we've been in there that has been the case.

However, we sat right at the bar with about 15 others in the restaurant. 

It was a nice treat!

I think most of Memphis was at the Grizz game...haha. Way to Grizz!

So, we watched the game and then headed home.

It was a low-key, nice ending to the semester. 

I decided to wear a dress I picked up in Chicago and hadn't worn yet:

Dress: Forever 21
Earrings: Target
Sandals: New York & Co.

(Once again, ignore the wire mess on the floor. I am going today to remedy that. Can't you get wire ties at Bed Bath and Beyond??? I hope so.)

And yes, I am back to brown (aka "natural" hair color). Red was becoming too much to take care of. But I will miss it :(

Anywho, in horse racing news...haha...

Guess what horse the hubs and I are pulling for and have put a little change on in the Kentucky Derby race?

Of course, I have tried to download pics of this beautiful horse. However, I can't seem to find any to copy.

So just follow the above link to check him out.

"Hansen" of course, was my maiden name.

I mean, c'mon! That's fate!!!

Oh how I wish I could watch the Derby this year!

I will be at a work event and will have to miss it. 

Thank goodness for smart phones, huh?

I would love to be in a big hat and cocktail dress on Saturday!!

I just love the Derby.

And I figured if I were to bet on any horse, the horse with my maiden name was the one to take a chance on.

He's got some pretty good odds, too!

So, we'll see. 

Speaking of pretty good odds.....I would bet on this lady in this dress any day!

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors. 

I love love this dress. And that skinny gold belt?


Hey Emily, I'll be calling you soon to borrow, mmkay?


And not that it matters a hill of beans, but do you guys think that Kim K has had some more work done to her already gorgeous face?

Look, I am pretty neutral in regards to the whole plastic surgery debate.

I am all for feeling and looking your best.

But, I am also for letting nature run its course.

And Kim K is, in my opinion, already gorgeous.

I just don't want her to start looking like a hot mess. 

So, Kim, if you are out there reading this incredibly popular blog (sarcasm folks...)....


Kind of reminds me of my new favorite video a professor showed us in class last week:

Classic. Watch it.

Well, I don't know about y'all...but I have a ridiculously busy weekend ahead. 

Graduation parties.


Music fest.

Oh lawd.

I am sure there will be lots of stories to be told.

 Enjoy your weekend friends.

And stay safe.

There will be lots of crazy folks in and around Memphis this weekend. 

Much love, ;)

P.S. -  Thank you for the prayers for my high school classmate Brandon. He still has a long recovery ahead. So, please say a prayer today again if you can friends. I know he, his family, and his friends can feel them! 

P.P.S - Since we're on the topic of prayers needed, I would like to add my mom and dad to that list, too. There is just way too much going on right now to get into, but my mom is facing many surgeries in the future. I know she is tired of having to deal with the pain she is in...and dad is staying strong for her...but he is also tired. Thanks friends. I will explain details later, but just ask that you send love their way. 

You guys are awesome. ;)

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  1. Awesome job! Your right I dont want Kim to turn into a hot mess eite and in that photo her lips look like they have had a little work. I hope she stays away from that direction because so many young girls keep an eye on her! Keep up the great work on your weightloss track! Erica