Sunday, May 27, 2012

Waxing........And In Need Of Some Dress Help!

I know from the title of this post you are just DYING to know what the who ha I am talking about.


Well let me tell you ladies (and men I suppose).

Right before I headed to Arkansas, I thought to myself, "Well, it's swimming season. And that means it's also bikini wax season."


I had seen billboards advertising European Wax Center that had just opened in East Memphis.

So, the other day I bit the bullet.

And decided to just get it over with.

I walked into the Center, and they were able to get me in on the spot (okay, welllllll, I had to wait 30 minutes...)!

I was a little nervous...

But, let me tell ya.

This place is the bees knees!

First of all, my waxing technician (yes, that's what they are called. I mean, I'm pretty sure that's what she called herself. If not, I just made up a "cool" term for those working at the wax center...) Ashley was amazing. She was very sweet. And understanding.

Second, any person who's ever had any sort of waxing knows that it is painful. However, this truly was not that bad. If waxing could be comfortable...then this is the place for it.

Third, I got my bikini wax for free.


Yes, free.

Because it was my first time at the Center, their special is your choice of getting a free bikini, eyebrows, or underarms wax.


Okay, I did spend a little money on a serum that helps with pain and bumps and what not. It was $25. (Plus my tip to Ashley.) But it was worth every penny! And the bottle is huge...and will last me a long time. She applied it to me after she was done, and it truly had an immediate cooling/relief effect. So, as soon as she offered it to me, I jumped on it.

After such a pleasant experience, I booked my next appointment for a few days before we head to the beach in a few weeks.

European Wax Center gets two thumbs up from me!

Go. See. Them.

(However, I would definitely recommend making an appointment. They are super busy. I just happened to get lucky!)

Speaking of the beach....

I am in the market for a rehearsal dinner dress...

And I've picked out a few choices....

And I need help!

Which is your favorite?

I love the flowy-ness of this dress. 

I think this dress is adorable. Especially because we will be at the beach.

I love this dress because I think the colors are beautiful...and is maybe a little more dressy than the others.

So....which one do you guys like the best??

Thanks for your help friends.

Hope you are having a great day!

Much love, ;)