Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fashion fun....

Hiya friends!

I hope that life if treating you kindly!

So, I wanted to address a few fashion issues I've been having...

Remember the post about the rehearsal dinner dress?


The clear winner was dress #3.

And I had full plans of ordering dress #3....and dress #2 because I thought it was so cutie patootie.

However, when I went to go order said dresses, I realized through the checkout process that delivery was up to 11 days. For a price of $10.

For a price of $30, the time frame could be up to 4 days. Yikes.

The company, (Dorothy Perkins) is an international company. Therefore, shipping is a little squirrelier. 

For me, the shipping would be cutting it close to when we leave for the beach. And therefore, I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket with these dresses.

(But I am def going to order something with them soon...love that site!)


I've decided just to go with something in my closet.


(Unless something just catches my eye while out...haha)

But I have many dresses in my closet that frankly....need some more wear. 

For example my rehearsal dinner dress:

Ugh. Please ignore my hotmessness looking hair and face in this pic.

Hold up. Here's a better pic:

At our rehearsal dinner :)

I am pretty sure this is the one and only time I've worn this dress. So, I'm thinking to wear it to another rehearsal dinner...just someone else's!

I love it because it makes me feel a little Joan-esque:

Joan from Mad Men
What do you guys think? Is it too....structured looking for a beach rehearsal/dinner?

Be honest!


 Remember how I was obsessed with this J.Crew knock off necklace?

Well I still love it.

And it is still cheap.

However, I popped in Charlotte Russe the other day to look at accessories...when I happened upon another turquoise necklace.

Total price?



Love it.

I paired it with some black linen pants I scored from New York and Company for 40% off:

The pants are super comfy...and cute. But the waist stretches out...and now they are basically falling off of me. 

(Hey, I'm not complaining...I'm still on the "Getting Body Ready For Beach 2012" plan...so things falling off of me are a good sign in my book. Total pounds lost....24.) 

And I also love my OPI gel color right now: Are We There Yet? (See above pics.)

I have gotten a lot of compliments on my nails over the past year.

Mostly because I've been using Shellac.

And getting them done at the same nail salon here in Memphis.

I won't go anywhere else now!

So what little nail salon am I talking about?

Splendid Nails at Park and Mendenhall (right beside the Firestone and Sports Pub).

They are awesome!!

It's a little small.

And there is hardly a time when I don't have to wait...because they are so busy. 

But they have done a phenomenal job with my nails.

And are so nice. (And funny!!)

They are my go-to nail place.

I love Elite Nails (over at Poplar and Massey), too, because it is really super nice inside...and because of the free adult beverages they serve.

But I know that Splendid also serves adult beverages. (Not sure if there is a charge because I've never gotten one...but I don't think so.)

So there ya go!

Many of you were grateful for the waxing post because you were thinking about trying out European Wax Center...

Well, I went last week for an eyebrow wax because I was starting to look like Chewbacca.

And I can report that it was again a pleasant experience! 

Go see them and ask for Ashley! 

She's the bomb.com.

So, there ya have it folks....a little catch up on fashion....more posts to come on my new Instagram obsession...bachlorette party throwing fun...new foundation makeup....and other odds and ends....

In the mean time, let me know what you think about this rehearsal dinner debacle...yea or nea?

Much love, ;)

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