Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Still Here...

Hi friends!

Sorry, I've been MIA.

The beach and all its festivities were busy, and I didn't really have time to blog.

We got home late Saturday night.

And then on Sunday, I helped host a baby shower.

Trying to catch up on house work, laundry, work, etc....

Has left me a little behind on the blogging.

And I just found out today that my mom is scheduled to have surgery to repair her broken kneecap (I found out she broke her kneecap while we were at the beach) tomorrow.

That surgery was bumped up from the scheduled date (Friday) I heard about YESTERDAY.

So, honestly, my mind is kind of in 192893830 different directions.

So, I promise to squeeze in some time to play a little catch up...but it may just take a day or so.

Plus, I am leaving this weekend to go and visit my parents...so the blogging will probably be sporadic then, too.

And let's be real...it's not like you guys are sitting at home waiting on my blog. 

I don't live in lala land.


I do ask, if you happen upon this blog, that you please say a prayer for both my mom and dad tomorrow. 

Surgery is never fun. But with my mom's health, any surgery is serious. 

So, I ask for good thoughts....

Thanks friends. 

Much love, ;)

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