Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Curling Iron Hatred..........And Attempting To Be Chambray Cool....

Hi friends.

How ya doing?

Happy Tuesday.

I woke up with a wretched sore throat. 

For the sake of honesty, I am just going to throw something out there.

Gentlemen, you might want to skip ahead a few lines....

Ladies, is it just me, or do any of you seem to get sick (whether sinus stuff or cold...) right around that time of the month?

I would say about 1/4 of the time during the year, I get the sniffles or just full blown sick a few days before I start. 

Ugh, why?!

What about y'all?

As I type, I am sipping on a warm cup of coffee...and I've already gargled with salt water this morning...and taken some Claritin...and other sinus medication....

So maybe this will get nipped in the bud.


I hate to admit it...okay, maybe not hate...because honestly...I am a fan of....

The Kardashians.

Yes. I know.

Don't judge.

Other than their obvious beauty, I am most obsessed with jealous of their hair.

I love it. 

Right now I am trying desperately to grow my hair to reach that long length they are famous for....

But, the other night, I happened upon a pinterest hair video showing how to get "their look."

So, I thought, "Why not?...I can do that. Seems easy enough."

Um, yea.

I am completely curling iron stupid. I honestly can't work it. It's as if all hand-eye coordination goes out the window. It's why I choose to go have my hair done if we have to go to a wedding or other special occasions because I just can't do it.

Well, this experience wasn't really any different. What should have taken, maybe 20 minutes, took over an hour. And I got burned. Like 4 times.

Okay, I know that those of you curling iron blessed ladies out there are thinking, "It just takes practice!" 

You are correct. I just hate practicing.

You might also be thinking, "Just use hot rollers!"

Yes, that is a good idea also. However, my hair is so thick I would have to buy 2 sets of those $90 hot rollers just to cover my head. Hey, I'm not complaining about my thick hair...I feel lucky, but dang, I'm not shelling out that kinda moola for some dang hot rollers. 

And now that I've typed all this, this is quickly turning into a ridiculously long post about nothing. 

So, onto pics of my first attempt at doing my hair in a while...


The hubs really liked it. And I liked it...but good grief was it a hot mess process.

Guess I just need more practice. And to wear pot holders....


Since the beginning of summer, I've been wanting to get on the chambray shirt train.

I saw one at the J.Crew outlet when we were at the beach, but just couldn't justify forking over the $68 for it. 

So, a few weeks ago, I was at Old Navy and found one for over less than half that price.

So, I scooped it up.

Some people might not, but I really like the denim on demin look. 

I think I'm going to get a lot of different looks out of this shirt. I bought mine at the Old Navy at Poplar and Highland...so go and get ya one if you like!

Onto the next...

Have any of you heard about GroopDealz?

It's sort of like Groupon, but with cutesty fun stuff.

I signed up for it, and I gotta say, I would order almost everything on here if I could...definitely some cute gift  ideas...or just gifts for yourself!

I am also toying around with the idea of heading over to The Blowout in Germantown.

Such an awesome idea.

And definitely seems like a fun girls day/afternoon excursion.

Especially for curling iron-styling your hair-stupid girls like me. 

Let me know if you've tried it!

Much love, :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Office Transformation.....&......A Couple Of Products I Am Digging....

Hiya friends!

Happy Thursday. 

How are ya?

You're almost to Friday!


Yesterday, the hubs and I tackled a project that we had been putting off for over a year  a while now. 

Organizing and cleaning our home office.


Here's the thing. 

I love organization.

I like to think that with most areas of my life I am super organized.

People tease me all the time about the amount of calendars I own and the color coded system I use to write in them.

Hey, it works for me.

Sidetrack note: I am dying to jump on the Erin Condren train. I need one of these planners asap. Dear Santa and or the graduate school fairy, I am starting my internship in a little over a month. I need this planner in my life. Love, Jennifer.

Okay, sorry for the sidetrack.

Anywho, I thought about taking "before" pics of our office...but I was so embarrassed by it's state that I couldn't.

So, here are the "after" pics. 

I am working on putting away my work stuff on the floor there...whoops.

I can't even begin to tell you the burden that was lifted from the hubs' and my shoulders. 

Next project?

Painting (and putting new knobs on) a hideous green dresser that is currently in our dining room...so that my eyes don't burn every time I look at it....


Completing our third bedroom...and actually using it as a bedroom. Finally. Not a claustrophobic storage room that the hubs just so happens to get ready in everyday. 

(Poor thing.)

We didn't kill each other yesterday, so I have faith that we can accomplish both of these projects without blood being shed. 

Anywho, besides the Erin Condren planner, I am also digging a few other things....

I am loving the Nice & Easy Root Touch Up system!

I have used it 3 times now...and I am happy with the results so far.

Coloring my whole head a.) was becoming expensive (doing it at the salon)  & b.) was a chore (when I was doing it at home).

I love my hair color, I just don't love my gray hairs. Which are most prominent around my forehead hairline. 

So, I gave this product a whirl and I love it! 

It's so easy to use...and it really takes care of the little gray hairs that I loathe.

Have any of you used it with success (or fail)?

The next product I am digging is the Lancome Genifique Eye Cream:

I ordered a trial size off Ebay a week or so ago...

Okay look....I am only 28...but I am starting to notice lines under my eyes....and crows feet starting to set in.

Yes yes I know.

It's natural...and I like to think that it means that I smile a lot.


Still doesn't change the fact that I want to combat these things as early as possible.

So, after doing some research....I settled on trying the Genifique. 

And I got on Ebay (because I didn't want to pay full price at Macy's) & ordered from a top-rated seller.

While it hasn't completely erased my lines, (I am realistic in my expectations here people) I think the hydration has really helped decrease the look of some of the lines.

Speaking of skin care:

The next product(s) I am currently digging is the Avon Rejuvenate Skin Line.

This product line is targeted for women in their 30s. Okay, yes, I am 28...and I still hold onto that. But, c'mon. I am a hop skip and a jump away from being 30. And I am trying desperately to get a jump on taking care of my skin while I am young.

(I will admit. This summer, I have probably loved the sun a little too much. I am in the process of currently slapping myself on the wrists as we speak.)

So, anywho.

A co-worker of mine passed out Avon books a few weeks ago, and I thought, "Why not?"

I ordered the two week supply of the Anew Rejuvenate line so that I could try it out and not feel bad about spending $ on the full supply....and then hating it.

In reality, this will actually last a person a lot longer than 2 weeks....well, it should. Someone is really glopping it on if it doesn't.


I really like it so far.

I was having this ridiculous breakout spree on my chin right before we left the beach which lasted up until about a week and half ago....

And I credit this line for helping it clear up.

It's not an acne treatment line (they actually have a line for that)...but I really think it helped in the clearing up of the hot mess that was going on around my chin.

And I love that it comes with 2 different moisturizers and eye creams (one for AM and one for PM).

I switch out days using their eye cream and the Genifique.

But the moisturizers are so light...but yet I still feel the hydration.

So, there ya go!

Try them all out for yourselves friends!

Speaking of Avon...

I am toying around the idea of becoming a representative.

Because of my full-time internship this fall (which leads to graduation in December...aghhh!!!)...

I can't work.

Ugh Ugh Ugh.

So, I was thinking that maybe I could do this on the weekend or at night to help out a little with bills and what not.

I love beauty products...and I love seeing people look their best...and trying new products....

So, we'll see.

What do you guys think?

Any of you had experience with this (good or bad)?

Bills and life experiences aside, the hubs and I have set a goal to try to go to Napa in May...

We are considering it his birthday (November), my graduation (December), Christmas (December), my birthday (January), his possible graduation (May), and our anniversary (May) gifts to each other. 

We've found a steal of a place...but plane tickets are expensive people...not to mention you have to take off work...and have spending money. 

So, other than becoming a lady of the night...which obviously wouldn't set well with neither the hubs nor the rest of my family....

I need to find another source of income while I can't work.

And pray that as soon as I graduate, I will land a job. 

What do you think friends? Yea or nea on the Avon representative?

Much love, ;)

P.S.- I don't want to get into things on this post...but I would ask that you continue to keep my family in your prayers. My mom is still recovering from her surgery..and my dad is fighting her insurance company tooth and nail to continue rehab coverage on her. It's ridiculous. Any of you that are friends of mine on facebook know the craziness that has been the past month or so. My heart breaks for both of my parents right now that they even have to deal with this mess. As I spoke with my dad last night, I could sense some defeat in his voice...which made me very sad. But the hubs and I tried our best to assure him that all resources haven't been exhausted yet. And we're going to fight this to the very end! Thanks friends...and prayer warriors. You guys are awesome. God is good. And is in control. I pray for his patience and for his peace to come upon both my parents at this time. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Walk On The Wild Side......And A Weekend Full Of Fun!

Hiya friends.

Hope you are having a good Monday.

Is that even possible?

C'mon...sure it is.

So, I wrote in my last post about the excitement I was feeling in regards to my nieces coming to Memphis to head to the Zoo....

And boy did we all have a good time!

I love this picture of Heather. She is too cool for pandas.

I love this pic of my beautiful sister in law and her sweet girl.

Brad with his favorite girls....Heather really wasn't into taking a pic. haha.

The hubs and Hannah watching the sea lion show...love this.

We had such a fun time!

Every time I go the Memphis Zoo, I am reminded how awesome it is! I feel so lucky to live in a city with one of the top zoos in the nation!

If you haven't yet, go check it out.

However, it is hot. 

I mean we spent 5.5 hours out in the almost unbearable heat. I don't recommend that. But, I do recommend checking it out on a cooler day. :)

This past Saturday evening, the hubs and I went out with some of his co-workers to go check out Hog & Hominy over on Brookhaven Circle.

Pretty chandelier in the woman's bathroom. I am obsessed with it. :)


Sorry for the not so great quality pics. My bad.

I was really excited to go to Hog & Hominy as it was getting good initial reviews from people...and because of the stellar reputation that Andrew Michael's has.

But I gotta be honest.

I was underwhelmed.

The hubs and I shared a 'Shrooms pizza. 

And it was...okay.

Not bad.

But not amazing.

And if I am paying $16 for a pizza....I sort of want to pleased. 

His coworker had the Quattro Formagio...she, too, was underwhelmed.

They also don't have a full bar. 

Which is totally their choice...

But it was a tad disappointing.

We are going to go back to try something else...because we really want to like it there.

I will say the atmosphere is very cottage-y...almost girly. 

I did like that!

And the bocce court is pretty cool, too!

So go and check out Hog & Hominy for yourself...let me know what you guys think!

Well, yesterday was a special day for the hubs and me....

It was our old anniversary date...the day we celebrate him asking me to be his girrrlfriend.


Yesterday marked 8 years of us together as a couple...


I can't believe how fast time has gone by.

The very first picture of us....taken at a Tiger basketball game..before we were dating...just friends.  ;) 
Right before we started dating..aw. So young. Can we talk about the hubs hair here?! And my makeup?! There's so much wrong with this pic...but yet...so right.
(I can't believe 8 years ago I was 20..sheesh. haha.)

Well, we've decided to keep celebrating this special date...people might think it's cheesy & what not...but I think it's sweet and a good way for us to keep the romance alive! 

Since we are foodies...we decided to hit up the Memphis Food Truck Rodeo out at Shelby Farms!

I got steak fajitas (2 corn tortillas)...a tamale...annnnnd a drink from Tamale Trolley for $8.

So good.

The hubs got a philly cheese steak and fries from Marks Grill.

His was also good.

However, he did have to wait close to 25 minutes to get his food.

We were understanding...hey, they were slammed. However, I do think they were not prepared for the crowd. So, yea, that was the only downside.

Still...good food. 

And the hubs got a fresh squeezed lemonade for $2...that was also very tasty.

There was a band playing, too! 

It was so much fun.

But OMG was it so hot. 

So, I think we've decided to forgo the Rodeo again until it cools down a tad.

It was just so ridiculously hot.


The evening's festivities involved us heading to Interim (a personal fav of ours) for cocktails with a few of Brad's regulars. 

Okay, that might not seem all that romantic...but it was so nice of them to invite us to hang, we didn't want to turn them down. Plus, Interim is great...great wines...great atmosphere...great bartender.

For dinner, we decided to try a place that we've never been...Amerigo!

Man o' man...it was so flipping good.

We started with the (small) cheese fritters....


The hubs had the Veal Picatta and I had the Chicken Margarite.

We both LOVED our dishes. 

We definitely plan on going back. 

To the hubs...

Thank you for 8 years babe.

You were, and still are, the answer to my prayer.

7/22/12. 8 years together :)

Us. If we were dinosaurs. 

I decided to wear the dress I wore to the rehearsal dinner in Florida again because..well..I just plain like it...and I need to recycle outfits more.

Dress: Jones New York
Belt: borrowed from another dress!
Shoes: INC for Macy's
 This isn't the greatest pic, but I really like the makeup look for the evening. I think my all time favorite makeup look is...and probably always will be...the smokey eye.

I've also gone back to using the Revlon Photoready foundation.

It really is the one foundation that seems to keep my shine under control.

Lord knows I need all the shine control I can get. 

Especially in this Memphis heat.


Much love, :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recipes.........A Whole Week's Worth........Or Even A Year!!!

Hiya friends!

Happy Tuesday.

Mine is especially happy.

Because not only are these sweet angels coming to visit us tomorrow:

Our nieces.

But also we are going to a gender reveal party for our friends The Dales tomorrow night!



A while ago, my friend Ellen mentioned to me that she had been cooking a whole lot more at home.

(Isn't that the goal for most of us?)

Anywho, she also mentioned that she had come across an awesome website on Pinterest... 

(what did we do before this website...oh yea...had more time to be productive...haha).

Okay okay. So what makes this website so special?



From what I can tell, the recipes aren't that bad for you. Especially if you modify things and use items such as fat free sour cream, skim milk, splenda, etc.

Pepper Patch Pasta With Grilled Chicken:

Vietnam Fried Rice:

Golden Enchilada Bake...obviously it was so good I ate it all before I took a pic of it:


Apple Brownies:

I also made the Mediterranean Chicken...but forgot to take a pic of it.

We chose not to eat the Ham Caribbean because the hubs wasn't sold on that.

Of course, I made some modifications to the recipes...

For example, I used turkey pepperoni in the Stromboli instead of regular...and instead of grilling the chicken when called for, I just cooked it on the stove top.

But I found the recipes to be easy peasy. 

I never thought I'd make homemade fried rice or stromboli...but I did!

And they were all yummy!

However, I will say that if you are a 2 person home like we are...you may want to scale down on the amount of recipes you use for the week or even cut the recipes in half. I think that the author on the website has a family of 4...so it makes sense why the recipes are so large. But, we ate the leftovers and it wasn't a big deal! But, I thought I'd pass along the heads up.

So there ya go!

I definitely plan on using this website as a go to for recipes.

It could have just been the wishful thinking I had, but I really think it saved us money, too...in regards to the fact that we weren't going out (duh!) and that the ingredients weren't expensive. 


Let me know if you have success with any of the recipes friends!


Much love, ;)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

She's About to "Pop" Baby Shower....And Babies Everywhere!

Hello friends!

How is your Saturday?

I hope you are having a good day!

The day after I got back from our Florida excursion, I helped throw a baby shower for our dear friend Lauren.

The hubs and her husband Trey have been best friends since high school....and we have all been friends for about a decade now!

He was a groomsman in our wedding :)
photo by: amydale photography

love this pic of them.
photo by: amydale photography

Lauren and Trey have been a part of our lives for many years...and we love them both!

They are expecting a little girl in early August...WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

Here are a few highlights from her "About to Pop" baby shower...

Isn't she beautiful?!


Cake "pops"..cupcakes with blow "pops"..."popovers"

Pretty diaper cake made by another hostess...

Blow pop favors for guests to take home :)

I think Baby Mackenzie is well stocked :)

She's already a lil' Tiger!

"My mom is hotter than your mom"

Lauren and her mom...and her mom's mother :)

Hostesses and friends :)
Dress: Jones New York

Lauren and Trey's beautiful mom :)

I have to admit...I really wasn't able to help out like the other hostesses because of being away at the wedding. 

You ladies rocked it!

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful occasion!

Speaking of babies...

No, I'm not pregnant.


However, our dear friend Amy (with amydale photography who did all of our wedding photography) and her sweet husband Andrew are expecting their first child, also!

photo by: amydale photography

Out to dinner with the Dales...the night we found out! :)

I am so happy to be able to share this amazing news....Brad and I have known for a little while, but were sworn to secrecy.


We are so happy for these two...they are such amazing people....and I know that they are going to make wonderful parents.

Did I mention that she's the most fantastic photographer ever?! 

That baby is going to have some pretty darn good head shots. 


My dear friend Ellen is also expecting...I am so excited for her and her husband Sean!

Babies everywhere!!!


Just not in this house. 


Speaking of young ones...

My nieces are coming to visit this week!

So. Flippin. Excited.

Look at how big they are getting...

at the Children's Museum here in Memphis

at Disney World on their recent vacation

with Stitch at Disney World


Love this.

Fun in Florida!

Good grief...Aunt Jenny would be just fine if they just stopped growing already...

Just kidding.

What a joy it has been to watch them grow and share their light in the world!

Being an aunt is so AWESOME!

Counting down the days to see them and my beautiful sister-in-law!

Much love, ;)