Monday, July 23, 2012

A Walk On The Wild Side......And A Weekend Full Of Fun!

Hiya friends.

Hope you are having a good Monday.

Is that even possible?

C'mon...sure it is.

So, I wrote in my last post about the excitement I was feeling in regards to my nieces coming to Memphis to head to the Zoo....

And boy did we all have a good time!

I love this picture of Heather. She is too cool for pandas.

I love this pic of my beautiful sister in law and her sweet girl.

Brad with his favorite girls....Heather really wasn't into taking a pic. haha.

The hubs and Hannah watching the sea lion this.

We had such a fun time!

Every time I go the Memphis Zoo, I am reminded how awesome it is! I feel so lucky to live in a city with one of the top zoos in the nation!

If you haven't yet, go check it out.

However, it is hot. 

I mean we spent 5.5 hours out in the almost unbearable heat. I don't recommend that. But, I do recommend checking it out on a cooler day. :)

This past Saturday evening, the hubs and I went out with some of his co-workers to go check out Hog & Hominy over on Brookhaven Circle.

Pretty chandelier in the woman's bathroom. I am obsessed with it. :)


Sorry for the not so great quality pics. My bad.

I was really excited to go to Hog & Hominy as it was getting good initial reviews from people...and because of the stellar reputation that Andrew Michael's has.

But I gotta be honest.

I was underwhelmed.

The hubs and I shared a 'Shrooms pizza. 

And it was...okay.

Not bad.

But not amazing.

And if I am paying $16 for a pizza....I sort of want to pleased. 

His coworker had the Quattro Formagio...she, too, was underwhelmed.

They also don't have a full bar. 

Which is totally their choice...

But it was a tad disappointing.

We are going to go back to try something else...because we really want to like it there.

I will say the atmosphere is very cottage-y...almost girly. 

I did like that!

And the bocce court is pretty cool, too!

So go and check out Hog & Hominy for yourself...let me know what you guys think!

Well, yesterday was a special day for the hubs and me....

It was our old anniversary date...the day we celebrate him asking me to be his girrrlfriend.


Yesterday marked 8 years of us together as a couple...


I can't believe how fast time has gone by.

The very first picture of us....taken at a Tiger basketball game..before we were dating...just friends.  ;) 
Right before we started So young. Can we talk about the hubs hair here?! And my makeup?! There's so much wrong with this pic...but right.
(I can't believe 8 years ago I was 20..sheesh. haha.)

Well, we've decided to keep celebrating this special date...people might think it's cheesy & what not...but I think it's sweet and a good way for us to keep the romance alive! 

Since we are foodies...we decided to hit up the Memphis Food Truck Rodeo out at Shelby Farms!

I got steak fajitas (2 corn tortillas)...a tamale...annnnnd a drink from Tamale Trolley for $8.

So good.

The hubs got a philly cheese steak and fries from Marks Grill.

His was also good.

However, he did have to wait close to 25 minutes to get his food.

We were understanding...hey, they were slammed. However, I do think they were not prepared for the crowd. So, yea, that was the only downside.

Still...good food. 

And the hubs got a fresh squeezed lemonade for $2...that was also very tasty.

There was a band playing, too! 

It was so much fun.

But OMG was it so hot. 

So, I think we've decided to forgo the Rodeo again until it cools down a tad.

It was just so ridiculously hot.


The evening's festivities involved us heading to Interim (a personal fav of ours) for cocktails with a few of Brad's regulars. 

Okay, that might not seem all that romantic...but it was so nice of them to invite us to hang, we didn't want to turn them down. Plus, Interim is great...great wines...great atmosphere...great bartender.

For dinner, we decided to try a place that we've never been...Amerigo!

Man o' was so flipping good.

We started with the (small) cheese fritters....


The hubs had the Veal Picatta and I had the Chicken Margarite.

We both LOVED our dishes. 

We definitely plan on going back. 

To the hubs...

Thank you for 8 years babe.

You were, and still are, the answer to my prayer.

7/22/12. 8 years together :)

Us. If we were dinosaurs. 

I decided to wear the dress I wore to the rehearsal dinner in Florida again because..well..I just plain like it...and I need to recycle outfits more.

Dress: Jones New York
Belt: borrowed from another dress!
Shoes: INC for Macy's
 This isn't the greatest pic, but I really like the makeup look for the evening. I think my all time favorite makeup look is...and probably always will be...the smokey eye.

I've also gone back to using the Revlon Photoready foundation.

It really is the one foundation that seems to keep my shine under control.

Lord knows I need all the shine control I can get. 

Especially in this Memphis heat.


Much love, :)

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