Monday, July 9, 2012

Whew...What A Hiatus...Updates...

Hello friends.

Long time no hear from, huh?

I am terribly sorry about that.

It's not that I don't love blogging.

And love all my blog readers/friends.

Life has sort of intervened over the past month.

Especially family matters of the health sort.

So, to make a long story short, here's the update on my mom and where she stands:

 She is recovering from surgery that repaired her broken right kneecap. After that she has to have surgery to replace her whole left knee. Then she will have surgery to replace her whole right knee. Both of her shoulders are currently dislocated & have to be replaced, also. She also has to have surgery to put plates, pins, & screws in both her feet. Her doctors are trying to figure out why her bones & joints are deteriorating at the rate they are and the reason behind it. 

So, there ya have it. 

It's going to be a long road.

But, God has taken care of my mom for the past 57 years of her life...and I have no doubt that he is going to stop any time soon. 

However, her spirit is a tad broken right now. She has been in such poor health, especially the past 5 years...

If truth be told...her health has been on the decline since I was in Junior High.

So, it's understandable that after a while, some one's spirit has a tendency to take a beating.

However, she has always been the person looking out for anyone other than herself...even in a hospital bed. 

I can't tell you that number of times (while I was visiting her this past week) she asked how I was doing or feeling...or if dad was okay.

And while her spirit is a little broken, she remains the constant fighter and optimist. 

Through all the pain.

And that my friends is one of the many reasons why I love and admire my mother.

Her constant selflessness...

Her love of family...

Her love of God...

I am trying desperately to research what could be the cause of all this.

I have come up with a few ideas...and passed them along to both my mom and dad...and they are going to pass them along to her doctors. 

But for now, all we can do is pray for recovery...for peace...for healing...for patience...

For both my mom and dad.

Bless my father's heart...

He not only cares for my mother, but also for the cares of his entire congregation.

With a Christian spirit.

Not to say that some days he doesn't get frustrated...or upset.

Because he does.

He's a human being.

But the patience he shows throughout all this is amazing.

I pray for patience like that.

I am so thankful that he has a congregation that care for one another, so that when he is caring for mom...they can come together and handle the needs of the church so that he can be with her. And be accepting of the fact that he can't be 19183730 places at once like he normally is because he has to handle other things (like caring for mom). And also to see the love that they have for her...what a blessing it is to her to have so many visitors while she is stuck in the most uncomfortable of situations!

So, yea. Things aren't the best they can be. But Lord knows they could always be SO much worse. 

And that my friends is what I want you to take away from this blog post. 

Not to have pity on my mom, or my my family.

It is to remember that (just as my mom does everyday) when you think that things are bad...they could ALWAYS be so much worse. 

When I think of how my mom has been sick for so many years...and what all she's been through...blah blah blah...

I remember how THANKFUL and GRATEFUL I am to to my Heavenly Father to have her and my dad here with me. 

Because they are the greatest friends anyone could ask for...and anyone who has come into their presence...even for a short moment in time...knows that.

So, I ask for continued prayer. 

photo by: amydale photography

I also ask for prayer for the hub's grandfather and grandmother. His grandfather had a full hip replacement a week ago and is recovering. His recovery is having some speed bumps...but I am confidant that God is holding him in his hands. Along with his grandmother who is caregiver.

Thank you friends. 

I appreciate all the messages of has meant the world to me and my family. 

Tomorrow will be more of...what I like to call...a "fluffy post."

Much love, ;)

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