Friday, September 28, 2012

Good Grief I Love Fridays....

Hi friends.

How ya doing? 

I hope well.

I never knew how much I loved Fridays until this semester.


And not for the reasons you may think.

Mostly because I enjoy the peace and quiet that coming home for the week brings.

Working on a mental health unit in a hospital is nothing short of chaos at all times.

And there is someone wanting to talk to you at all times.

So, I enjoy coming home and just..well...being.

I am sure a lot of you can relate...teachers...nurses...etc. 

Or those of you with children....haha.

So, yea...I have become a recluse of sorts lately. 

This unit has also been a test of my patience.

Since I've moved floors I've had people ask me if I was pregnant, call me a smartass, and wait for it...ask again if I am pregnant.


Is it December yet?

Of course not.

But it is fall. 

And that makes me happy because I am burning all of my yummy-smelly, over-priced Bath and Body Works fall-inspired candles.

What's your fav?

Mine is Leaves.

So warm smelling.

(ugh. that sounded kinda gross. hopefully you get my point.)


My life has been pretty boring...internship...running....squeezing in time with my husband...repeat.

Running is going well.

We have a 6 mile run tomorrow through East Memphis. 

So, if you see a large group of people running...and the stragglers in the back (that would include me)....please be kind and wave. We need the encouragement.

Speaking of encouragement...

My mom really needs some encouraging thoughts sent her way.

She has been in her rehab facility (working on healing her right knee) since the beginning of July. And, honestly, she's just plain tired of being there.She really misses being at home. She had planned on having left knee replacement on Oct. 2nd. However, when she went to have her blood work results read to her at the hospital (in preparation for her upcoming knee surgery), they informed her that she has a staff infection. Sooo..she has to stay put. And her knee surgery has tentatively been rescheduled for Oct. 23rd. And honestly, her strength isn't where it needs to be for her to be able to go home, anyway. She has limited mobility in her left leg & foot. And her shoulders and arms only allow her to (barely) reach up to her mouth. So, she's understandably feeling weary. And it just makes my heart ache for her.

And my dear sweet daddy apparently has a stockpile of energy and patience stored somewhere because he has steadfastly stood by her and supported her through all this. I know he is feeling on the weary side. Every time I ask him about it, he always says, "I'm not worried about me. I just worry about your mom." 

So, yea. I am sure they'd appreciate good thoughts their way. Every day I pray for healing for mom and strength for them both. It just breaks my heart that a) they are having to go through all this mess (& yes the insurance debacle still rages on) and b) I can't be there to help. 

But it is what it is. And we all just keep on one way or another.

I got to spend a little while with my dad and some of his dear friends (and church members) last weekend. We all met in Sikeston, MO so that the hubs and I could drop off a gift from my grandfather to my mom and dad...a new motorized wheelchair and a wheelchair accessible van. I know it will be a blessing to them both. 

Love my daddy. :)

Okay...time to switch gears....

For something flipping amazing...

(My niece Heather Dawn's 2 year old pictures.)

Is your heart in the process of melting?

(If not, go check your pulse. You might be dead.)

I could just eat her up.

And it's not fair to gloat over one...and not the other...

Miss Sassy Pants Hannah Jane on picture day. Aren't those boots precious?!

And getting ready for some soccer action on the field....

Annnnnnd I just had to share this little sister in law posted this pic on a day she wasn't feeling so good...look what sweet Hannah wrote:


Good grief I love being an aunt.

You know what else I looovee?

The new Las Delicias off of Quince right next to Yorkshire Liquors in East Memphis. (The old Jarrett's location.)

I mean the food is still the same yummy deliciousness that is a staple of the one that is less than a mile from my home. 

However....that Las Delicias doesn't have a patio.

The one off Quince does

In fact, I would say it's probably one of the prettiest in the city. It's moved right on up to my second fav in the city (behind Bhan Thai. It would take a whole heck of a lot to knock off Bhan Thai.)

It's not the best pic, but I snapped one the other night:

It's cozy..and any place with hanging patio lights is cool in my book.

Go check it out!


If you love chocolate milk...and you love wine....

Then you're gonna love me. 

When we left Las Delicias the other night, we popped over to Yorkshire Liquors to check them out because we never think about them.

Well...I picked up a mini bottle of Chocovine.

And let me tell ya.

It's pretty amaze-balls.

When I say it tastes like chocolate milk...I mean it. Well, chocolate milk that tastes a little, um, strong. 

But in a good way.

Anywho, the amount that's in the mini bottle is just the right amount. I'm not sure I could have drank anymore than that just because it's so sweet. And I'm not usually a fan of sweet drinks. (Other than my husband's newest concoction...which I will get to in a sec.)

Feel free to send me thank you cards. ;)

So, back to the hubs...

I am a little late with the congratulations on the blog for the hubs...but...

Congratulations to the hubs for making the September 2012 issue of 4Memphis magazine's "This Season's Most Dashing Drinks" article!

How cool!!

I am so proud of him.

To be fair, his drink is normally made as a martini, not in the glass shown. And there isn't a splash of Maker's Mark usually...but hey, it couldn't hurt, right?

It's yum-o.

And a fabulous dessert drink. 

So go see him at Jim's Place and ask for Brad's Bourbon Ball.

Hope you enjoy!

He's really excited because they are about to release the new wine & drink list he designed on his own (other than the other bartenders' own personal yummy drink concoctions). 

I am so proud of him and his hard work. He's been working on this new list for over a year. He's very happy to see it being put out!

I hope that you all enjoy your weekend friends.

I plan on spending it my house...and watching Gossip Girl reruns. Yes, I am officially hooked. 



Much love, ;)

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