Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Don't Cha Just Love It When....

Don't ya just love it when a simple $45 trip to get your oil changed and tires rotated turns into $202 because your battery goes dead the minute they pull your car around? neither.


Sorry friends, that's how my day ended today.

Soooo thankful for a vehicle.

So discouraged due to dwindling funds in our already sad bank account.

I digress....


It's been a minute.

I apologize.

Honestly, I've been exhausted lately.

My internship experience is, quite literally, draining me emotionally...which leads to a physical draining of sorts.

I suppose a big part of that drainage could be attributed to...oh what's the word...senor-itis?

Part of it can also be attributed to the fact that I've had a big week school wise...

I had my portfolio presentation in order graduate this week with my advisor.

I passed. 


Andddd the same day I had a job interview.


What was I thinking?!

Okay, I know what I was thinking...

I didn't want to have to take off anymore time that I had to from my internship in order to complete all my hours there on time....

So, I scheduled both on the same day.

Needless to say I was wound up like an 8-day clock on Monday. 

But, I think the interview went well.

There are circumstances that have to fall into place in order for this job to happen. 

So, we'll see. 

I've just been praying this whole semester that God would lead me in the direction that He wants me to go.

Boy, that sure is a hard prayer to pray.

"YOUR will....not MY will..."

So, now I just wait. 

Annddd...until confirmation comes...continue to keep my options open in regards to a job.

Annnnddd....pray that I get to December 5th at 5:00 p.m.

(That's the last day at my internship site.)

Hey, it's not that far away.

I CAN'T believe that Thanksgiving is next week!

Holy moly!

And then the NEXT week is the half-marathon!


Speaking of barfing, our running group is running the race route this Saturday.

I've got to be honest...

On one hand, I'm happy to be running the race route before the actual race so I have somewhat of an idea on what to expect.

On the other hand, I am so nervous to be running the longest distance I have ever run...while also having irrational thoughts like, "What if I hurt myself on this run and can't run the race?!" "What if I hit the wall again?!"

Then again, I've been training 11 weeks for this. It's time to just suck it up, get out there, and do it.

Anything for you Ryan.
Someone in our pace group has decided to bring along 13 names of children who are current patients at St. Jude so that we can say their names at each mile on Saturday. 

We are going to run for them on Saturday.

And ALL the amazing kids at St. Jude....whose experiences have motivated me to get out there and do this each week.

My other motivation is the gratefulness I have in my heart to have two healthy, beautiful lights in my life:

My nieces.

They are my motivational word ("NIECES") as I run this race.

While they may be too young to understand right now, hopefully I can use my running this race as a tool to help motivate them one day....when they think that they can't accomplish something because it seems way too hard, I want to be able to say to them, "There was a time in my life when I thought I'd never run. And hey, I did it. In a little over a year, I went from running a 5k to a half-marathon. If you want something bad enough, you'll fight hard for it."

Seems simplistic...and maybe it is. But, I'd still love to be able to tell them that. 

Speaking of our nieces, I am a total spazz and forgot to share some pics of them from Halloween...sad face!


Isn't this the cutest puppy, ever!?

Making her puppy face.

So pretty. 

Loves of my life!

Proud of their award winning pumpkin.

My beautiful sis in law, my brother, and their beautiful girls.

Needless to say, we had a blast celebrating Halloween with them.

Switching gears, the hubs and I took Christmas card pics this past weekend.

I was trying to re-create this amazing pic I saw on Pinterest:


Needless to say, our experiment in trying to re-create this, went...awry.


The hubs and I almost got into an argument a disagreement trying to make this work. 

Well, long story short. Our pic doesn't resemble this at all.

Not even close.

But, we made it work.

And apparently we were so delirious by the end of the process, we almost used this as the final product:

Full of holiday glee.

Super duper.

Well, friends, this is the end of my post for today.

I apologize that I haven't kept up as I should.

I feel like I am running out of things to talk I'd love to hear from you!

Is there a question I can answer for you? (Or attempt to?)

Let me know!

Email me:

I can't believe that I've had over 20,000 views of this little blog.

Thank you friends for stopping by.

I hope you come back again soon!

Much love, :)

P.S.- I am obsessed with this rendition of a classic...try it out'll like it:

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