Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Hubs Turned 29....

Hello friends!

How are you doing today? sure has turned cold here in Memphis.

Which I am most thankful for because the warmer weather was doing NOTHING to combat my Scrooge-ness.

Well, I wasn't going to let the hubs get away with not getting a birthday post (although I am sure he would like nothing more)!

He turned 29 the day before my half-marathon...and this is all I have to say about that:

On his actual birthday, I took an extended lunch break from my internship so I could spend a little time with him on that day. He decided to work on his actual birthday so he could take Saturday off for my race. 

So, we had a little festive birthday lunch...balloons and all!

World's tiniest bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance cologne. Hey, when you don't work for an entire semester, you do what you can. ;)

Memphis jersey!
Okay, I hesitated putting up our last name to the world, so please don't come to Memphis and kill us friends.

(Don't you love my faith in humanity?)

Anywho, I know the Memphis jersey is a tad cheese, but we've already established that I love cheese.

And the hubs loved it. 

And hey, that's what matters Jack! 

(Did you just hear Uncle Si in your mind?!)

After my race and hanging with my family on that Saturday, we headed home for a quick nap. Then, it was off to The Flying Saucer in Cordova for some fun times with friends!

I didn't get a group shot because...well...I just wasn't thinking. I just made him take pics with everyone as I love to torture him. Haha. 

Our gorgeous dear friend Mary Elizabeth. So glad you got to come by!

We've been friends since Kindergarten!

The hubs and his little sis. With a photobomber. :)

Love him :)

Cupcake time!!

After we left The Flying Saucer, we headed over to Doc Watson's in Germantown to see our friend Bob jam it out with his band!

I think the hubs had a great time as did all. 

Next up...the holidays...and then I turn 29 in January.


I don't want to think about it!!


Honestly, I look forward to every year I get blessed with.

To the hubs, let's make this year our best yet!

Love you.

Much love, ;)


  1. Just found your blog, and I love it! Glad to see another Memphis blogger :)

    1. Hello there! Glad you stopped by! Going to head over your way now :)