Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Still Here...

Hi friends!

Sorry, I've been MIA.

The beach and all its festivities were busy, and I didn't really have time to blog.

We got home late Saturday night.

And then on Sunday, I helped host a baby shower.

Trying to catch up on house work, laundry, work, etc....

Has left me a little behind on the blogging.

And I just found out today that my mom is scheduled to have surgery to repair her broken kneecap (I found out she broke her kneecap while we were at the beach) tomorrow.

That surgery was bumped up from the scheduled date (Friday) I heard about YESTERDAY.

So, honestly, my mind is kind of in 192893830 different directions.

So, I promise to squeeze in some time to play a little catch up...but it may just take a day or so.

Plus, I am leaving this weekend to go and visit my parents...so the blogging will probably be sporadic then, too.

And let's be real...it's not like you guys are sitting at home waiting on my blog. 

I don't live in lala land.


I do ask, if you happen upon this blog, that you please say a prayer for both my mom and dad tomorrow. 

Surgery is never fun. But with my mom's health, any surgery is serious. 

So, I ask for good thoughts....

Thanks friends. 

Much love, ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Post Card Living....and Happy Father's Day...

Hello friends!

I am currently blogging to you from our adorable condo in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

This town is so cute.

I love where we are staying...when we get back...I shall blog about it so that maybe you, too, can enjoy it sometime!

So, yesterday morning, I decided that since I was at the beach, I should then most definitely run on the beach.

I mean, I know it's hard.  

But, c'mon....I needed to work off a few of the adult beverages I knew I'd be consuming later in the afternoon.

And look at the view:

Instagram photo. Beach right across from our condo.
Somehow, I convinced the hubs to come with me.

And for that, I now owe him an "I'm sorry" at least once a day from here until...oh I don't know...eternity.

Instagram photo. See how happy I look before the run???
For you see friends, running on the beach should only be done by those who....well....honestly, I'm not sure it's a good idea for anyone.

I started out in my tennis shoes.

Um, yea, that lasted 10 seconds before I realized even if I ran on the hard packed part, sand is everywhere

It IS the beach for crying out loud.

So, I threw my shoes off and tried out barefoot running.

Mistake #2.

 If you've never trained running barefoot, probably not a good idea to start out your first beach running excursion that way.

Anywho, I finished my training run.

Anddddd I was feeling okay.

Until about 2 hours later, when I realized that I might have the nastiest blister ever on my big toe.

And not only that, my toe was also cut up from the friction involving the sand.

Instagram photo. Yuck Yuck Yuck!!!!!

Lesson learned friends.

Take my advice.

The only reason anyone should ever run on the beach barefoot is if you see Channing Tatum, shirtless, holding a cheesecake, and you want to be the first one to reach him.

Don't be a tard. Don't EVER try this. Unless you are a professional.

Alrighty, moving onto something much more important...

I finally got the Internet to work in our condo this morning, so I wasn't able to properly wish my Daddy a Happy Father's Day yesterday through this little humble writing project.

Happy Father's Day.

Okay, I think that about covers it!


Dad, thank you. Thank you for being the first man to love me. Thank you for being the constant example in my life of how to show Christ's love to others. Thank you for being strong when many can't be. Thank you for being honest with me now on the days when you aren't. Thank you for instilling in me that I had worth...and that worth was waiting for. Thank you for your sharp humor and your laughter...it picks me up on days when you might not even know I need it. But somehow....oh somehow... you always do know that I need it....thank you for your gentle soul and sweet spirit. Thank you for instilling in me a love of Cubs baseball, which in turn, led me to be okay with the disappointments in my life...not only in baseball but also with other things as well. Because life is full of disappointments, but thank you for teaching me it's what you choose to do after that really defines who you are.Thank you for always believing in my dreams, for always appreciating my beauty, for complimenting me on my intelligence, and giving me the confidence to take on this thing called life. Thank you for also marrying the love of my life and me. I am a lucky girl to have not only an amazing father here on Earth, but also my amazing heavenly father who continues to bless me everyday. Thank you to both fathers. I will forever be grateful for the blessing of their love shown to me.

Daddy and me

photo by: amydale photography. Marrying the hubs and me.

Father/Daughter dance

I love him so!

I am a Daddy's girl through and through. 

Always have.

Always will be.

Much love, ;)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Instagram Obsessions.....And Saying Goodbye

Hi friends!

How are you this Friday?

I hope well.

So I have a confession.

I love Instagram!

Of course, I am always a little behind on tech trends.

And I know that Instagram has been around for a while.

But it has just come around to the Android family....

And, of course, I jumped on the bandwagon!

You can follow me at mrsinmemphis. :)

Anywho, here are a few favorites of mine so far:

Baxter: "Please leave me alone...."

Getting back out there.


On Broad Avenue

Bar flair

Keeping time.

Postcard from our nieces....

Jim's Place Restaurant and Bar

Baxter. About to get his nails cut. Looking cute. 

The Elegant Farmer. Great patio. 

Tiger Bookstore Fun.

So there ya go!


Remember a long time ago when I had this wretched d-i-y bathroom wall flair?

Important dates in our lives...

Well I finally ordered something that looked...presentable...the other day off of Etsy.

Instagram photo....


110% better.

We also finally put up some shelving above our television:

Instagram photo

I am also loving this.

I framed our wedding invite and a candle holder from our wedding (on the bottom shelf)...used the "W" that was at our reception...and bought some frames and flair from TJ Maxx.

And ta-daaaa!

It makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy?

Seeing my best friend happy....

My best friend left for her new adventure in North Carolina today...

And while I will miss her more than she'll ever know....

I know that God has amazing plans for her.

She has been through a lot the past few years.

So, I know that what lies before her will be amazing!

Me and Sarah at her goodbye dinner on Wednesday

I love you Sarah. 

You are the greatest friend a person could ever ask for. 

Go get 'em girl.

Okay, I have to stop or I'll start crying...and I don't want to cry anymore!

So, there ya go.

Happy Friday folks.

T-minus 20 hours until the hubs and I are beach bound!!

Take care.

Much love, ;)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recap....Makeup Finds.......And Shameless Plugs.......

Hewwo friends.

How ya doing?

Did you survive the storms today unscathed?

I hope so!

The hubs and I almost didn't.

We were literally 10 seconds away from getting side swiped at Poplar and Oak Court by someone who obviously wasn't paying attention to the fact that the light was out. 

Lights were out all over town from the storm this afternoon.

Whole trees were toppled over onto houses a hop, skip, and not so much of a jump...from our home.

Stay safe Memphis!!!


This past weekend, I welcomed one of my bestest friends in the whole world...and her sweet husband to Memphis Friday evening.

We were all out "celebrating" our other bestest friend's last weekend in Memphis.

Yes, my best friend Sarah is moving to North Carolina.

In 4 days.

Oh how I will miss her so.

However, I am very happy for the new adventures she is going to embark on.

And hope she finds the happiness she most truly deserves!

We headed back to a favorite bar of all three of us...Mollie Fontaine Lounge.

The hubs and I have been in love with Mollie Fontaine's for a very long time.

Our friends even threw us a wedding shower there!

wonderful wedding shower

Here are a few highlights from our time at Mollie's this weekend:

Tim and Steph..aren't they a gorgeous couple??!

Tim, Steph, and our bff Sarah :)

Hubs...looking pretty darn cute in blue :)

We have so many memories together!

2 of the best friends a girl could ask for. :)

We made it a long evening, seeing as we were sending Sarah off....

We left Mollie's and headed to Sweet Grass Next Door...and then to Alchemy.


It was a lot of fun, though :)

And Steph since you stalk my blog (by the way..thanks boo), I know you'll appreciate this:

"Velvet curtain!!!"

Don't ask unless you really want to know. ;)

Here was my outfit for the evening:

Hair clips are sexxxxyyyy...
Please also ignore no sheets on the bed as they were being washed.
Not that you even noticed that to begin with...but now that I've pointed it out...you have noticed. 

Whoops. That was my "getting ready" outfit for the evening...

Let's try again...

Here was my outfit for the evening:

With my best accessory....always :)
Dress: Gap (from 19183237 years ago)
Light pink belt: Target
Heels: INC for Macy's
Earrings and Bracelet: Forever 21

Speaking of accessories and what not....

I am trying a new foundation out (check out the pics from this past weekend)...

Revlon's Photoready Airbrush foundation

Here's a pic of what it looks like...however, this is not a pic of my hand...but of someone else's I swiped off the Internet because I was feeling lazy this evening...(sorry kiddos)

Random person's hand

Okay, here's a few things about this foundation you should know...

#1 It's not oil free. I was in la la land when I bought it and forgot to check this all important fact. I always use oil-free foundation because I hand a tendency to shiny in my t-zones. This foundation definitely gives you a dewy complexion if that's what you are looking for....but I find myself having to reapply powder because of that.

#2 It doesn't take much at all to cover. Probably the amount on that person's hand is too much.

#3 It's very lightweight. So, that's a plus. Especially during the summer!

So, there ya go. I will probably hold onto and use it for a little while just because I spent the money on it.

Another thing I bought and am LOVING is this:

Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, in Honey.

I am loving this stuff! 

It really reminds me of those big crayons we all used in Kindergarten...remember?

I really wanted to try the Clinique Chubby Sticks:

So, when I saw the Revlon versions at Walgreens when I bought my foundation, I thought "Why not?"

It goes on pretty smooth, and is VERY build able.

It also has a slight minty smell/taste.

Go get ya one and try it out!!

Happy makeup hunting friends!

Switching gears...

Say a prayer for my dear friend Mary Elizabeth...she is having her 2nd ACL surgery tomorrow...

photo: amydale photography
Mary Elizabeth and me... dear dear friends since Kindergarten!

However, I might enjoy conversations with her on pain meds...those are always fun with friends right?

(But seriously MER...love you and will see you tomorrow.)

To end this ridiculously long post (due to the fact that I am super busy the rest of the week getting ready for beach/wedding madness/work/life...)

I will shamelessly plug the hub's place of employment so you can go and enjoy adult beverages from him...and some pretty amazing food, also:

from The Memphis Flyer

However, the rest of this week, he will be spending help manage. So, he probably won't be behind the bar...unless to jump back and help out. So, go and see him in two weeks....when we're back from the beach.

Much love, ;)

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hidee friends.

How's your Thursday so far?


But I am blessed and thankful nonetheless.

So all this hoopla about going to the beach centers around two very special people in my life.

One being Thomas, who I met years ago when we worked together.

The other being Elizabeth, who started dating Thomas pretty soon after he and I started working together.

I knew when I met Thomas that he was a special person. And I suppose special encompasses a lot of things.

Haha. I kid.

But, I knew that he was going to be somebody very special in not only my life, but also the hub's.

He is truly a genuinely nice person. Would give you the shirt off of his back if you asked...and throw in his shoes, too.

Elizabeth is also an amazing person. Having her friendship is one of the true highlights and blessings in my life.

We all became fast friends.

When Thomas met Elizabeth...it was a cat and mouse sort of love story. 

They were very coy about their relationship status...but EVERYONE knew. 

It was written all over their faces.

So fast forward.

Thomas was a groomsman in our wedding.

photo by: amydale photography
Elizabeth was a bridesmaid.

photo by: amydale photography
Fast forward a year later, and here we are at their wedding time.

I am so honored to be the Matron of Honor.

And the hubs is proud to be an Usher.

And what is a Matron of Honor to do?

Throw the bride a little bachelorette party! 

Of course, with the help of the amazing other bridesmaids!

(Seriously, all three of us are having the best time with this wedding....they are such the bomb.com.)

We had the lingerie party at one of the bridesmaids' houses, headed to Blufin for dinner, The Blind Bear for a cocktail, and then back to the house for some girl time.

Here's a little recap:

Muddy's cupcakes are a must at ALL parties!

Along with chocolate covered strawberries....

The beautiful bride to be! 

Fun time presents...

The ladies...doing bachelorette party things.

The bride with my two partners in crime. We all made a great team!

The bride and me...and our dear friend Jennifer...who was both my boss and Thomas' boss at the job we both shared back in the day. 

Love this sign. Love this pic of the bride to be. And I love Etsy for providing me with cute decor.

Cheers to the bride at Blufin. 

Fun cocktails at The Blind Bear downtown. Try their Apple Pie shot. Amazing.

We all had a blast. 

We proceeded to head back to the house where we started...unscathed...which is pretty rare during any sort of bachelorette party.

Back at the house, we proceeded to read aloud Fifty Shades of Grey.

I had already started the book a few days before the party....(yes I jumped on the bandwagon.)

Our spoken word moment encouraged me to amp up the reading. Good lawwwwd.

(I am sure there will be a Fifty recap soon.)

I'm also giving myself a shout out in this blog.

Hey, it's my blog. I can do what I want, right

You see, being that my husband is a bar manager/bartender extraordinaire/mega-mix master of adult beverages, I was very nervous to take on the bartending duties at the pre-party.

However, all reviews are in....and this lady right here killed it.


I mean, I do have the most amazing coach and teacher.

Thanks honey.

Maybe if this whole counselor thing doesn't pan out, I'll just hop on the bartending bandwagon.

I know that he hears plenty of problems being behind the bar....and he doesn't  have to fork over $1918183273393 to the University of Memphis for a piece of paper stating he's qualified to listen.


I dare not show him up.

(Just kidding honey. You will forever and always be the best bartender in Memphis....and everywhere for that matter.)


I am so looking forward to the beach and wedding celebrations for two of my bestest friends. 

Ain't love grand?

Much love, ;)