Friday, March 8, 2013

Some Tried And True Favorites....

Hi friends!

Happy Friday!

I hope you all are out enjoying this beautiful Friday.

If not, tomorrow is looking equally fantastic here in Memphis.

However, I will be be heading out of town tomorrow to celebrate my niece's 7th birthday!

Pretty excited!

Here lately, the hubs and I have been cooking at home 4-5 nights per week.

And today, I thought I'd share some of our favorite, tried and true recipes!

First off:


Check out the recipe HERE!

This recipe is so easy, and has never let us down.

I substitute the regular brown sugar with Splenda, and use Laura's Lean Ground Beef instead of regular ground beef or ground chuck. But you use whatever you want!

See those mashed potatoes?

Well, check out their recipe HERE!

They are delish.

Growing up, my mom ALWAYS made mashed potatoes homemade.

No boxed mashed potatoes were allowed!

(Okay, maybe we had them once...but she seriously made them from scratch.)

In the recipe, I substitute low fat heavy cream instead of the regular, and low fat butter instead of regular. 

They are yum-o.

If the consistency isn't what you like, just keep adding a little cream and a pat of butter until you get what you want.


Speaking of yummm...

Besides mac and cheese, nothing screams comfort food like....


Check out the recipe HERE!

So ridiculously good.

Here are a few other tried and true recipe we enjoy around this house on a regular basis:


(There are several versions out there of this one, but I follow recipe that I've linked to a tee!)

What are some recipes you all are loving right now friends?

Much love, :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Somehow......We Pulled Off A Surprise.......

Two posts in one day?

Some kind of record I think!!

Well, the next post is also pretty late...but if no other posts get written this long as this one is good.

My brother turned the big 4-0 a few weeks ago.

A couple of months ago, my sister in law, the hubs, and I decided that there was NO WAY he was going to go under the radar with that.

So, she and I plotted and planned for months. 

She even set up a fake email account so we could go MIA.

Well, we decided to throw it the night of the my niece's 3rd birthday party so my sister in law didn't have to take off another night of work.

Everything was going off without a hitch...until the day of.


When we told him that she (my sister in law) had taken the night off so that we could all go out to dinner and that was the "surprise," my brother went a little...well...."happy" with his own plans. 

He decided to call all of their friends and invite them to head to the country club to have a celebratory birthday cocktail for both he and my sister in law. (They actually were born on the same day...few years apart...but still the same day. How cool!)

Well, mind you they were already invited to his surprise they were a little taken aback.

But they all played it cool...and, thus, we were able to escape any slips.

In the meantime, the hubs and I made an excuse to get away for a few hours after our niece's birthday party so that we could go pick up the cake and decorate the country club, where the party was being held.

Well, lo and behold who pulls in the parking lot of the bakery?

YEP. My brother. 

So the hubs and I push ourselves up against the wall and out of the way of the window. We were sure he'd seen us and/or my car, which he had parked almost directly behind.

Well, come to find out, he was in a store down from the bakery picking out a gift for my sister in law so he could give it to her at "dinner."

And somehow...he NEVER saw us. Or my car. 


While we were at the bakery, I got a call from my sis in law sort of...freaking out. She told me that my brother had called a good friend of his (who had called her and warned her) to come watch the UK game at the country precisely the time the hubs and I were suppose to be decorating the country club. 

Good grief.

So after the hubs and I circled the club's parking lot a few times, we bit the bullet, pulled up, quickly (and when I say quickly I mean we were running...running) unloaded the car, and put all the decorations into the ballroom.

Without him seeing. 

Luckily, he was in the lounge area...and the door was closed.

For the next two hours we decorated an entire we delicately moved tables, chairs, and blew up balloons.

His friend came and warned us that he was about to leave to go we were finishing up.

We ran (literally) out of the ballroom, to the car, and drove frantically back to his house.

He arrived about 20 minutes later, and said "Well, I think I've rounded up a few folks to have a drink at the club before we go to dinner."

We all remained very low key..."Cool." "Sounds good."

He still had NO IDEA.

So an hour and a half we went.

And as we came in the door..he walked by the ballroom...stopped...did a double take...

And for the first time in my adult life, I saw my brother genuinely surprised.


His response to my sister in law? 

"So, I guess this means we're not going out to dinner?"


We had bbq ready to go!

He couldn't believe it.

And we couldn't believe after all the hard work and the almost slips from the day...we had pulled it off.

Surprising the most un-surprisable person in the world.

Here are some highlights of the night:

The star of the evening was this amazing cake done by L & T Cakery in Milan, TN

 When I first talked to them, I sent them this picture. I told them I wanted it done exactly like this (minus the stars)..and they didn't disappoint!

 I would most definitely recommend them!

The treats were bags of candy...not whiskey or bourbon...haha.

A HOT mess for sure.

More memories...

By the end of the night, we had about 35 people there! So glad so many folks came out!

The other star of the show was this 9th grade big head of my brother. Most everyone had a pic with it, and signed the back of it for sis in law showing some love....

I wasn't going to show so much love.

My brother...about to hit the dance out now...

The hubs didn't show as much love, either...

My aunt and uncle...fantastic.

I had to get a little dance time with the face...

The birthday boy...with himself...


The birthday kids about to cut the cake that was, honestly, almost too pretty to cut!

Getting some dance time in for

Hanging with some of their dear friends :)

My brother...dancing with his mother in law. Boom.

With my beautiful partner in crime:

Sometimes, we can be sweet to one another.

The head moved to the lounge...where it continued to get a lot of dance time in...

Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen my brother cut as loose as he did at his party. He danced (btw the djs rocked the house!) and danced...and danced some more. 

I think everyone had a great time...I'm so happy we pulled it off!

I am so lucky to have such an amazing big brother. And I'm glad we could give him a great 40th birthday surprise....

He's happy. I promise...haha

 He's already plotting my 30th.

I'm scared.

Very very scared.

But it's ok.

Because I was able to get my jab in...

Hooray for fun family times!

Much love, ;)

The "Little Princess" Turned 3....

Hiya friends.

How's your weekend been?

I hope lovely.

It snowed here the past two days, & that was pretty darn lovely!

This post is WAY over due, but my niece turned three a few weeks ago and that most definitely warrants a post.

My sweet niece Heather turned 3 and well...she wanted a Cinderella princess themed party.

And by golly...

She got one!

Here are some of the highlights of the day!

I tried on the crown for size...looks pretty good, I think.

She was pretty excited about the cake part. Obviously. Haha!

Sweet girl.

Present time!!!

Checking out the goods!

Releasing her balloons....the kids really got a kick out of it. :)

At the end of the day, this princess was one happy camper!

My beautiful sister in law, brother, and nieces. Love my family to pieces. (Totally didn't mean for that to rhyme.) :)

With the lights of my life!

Can we just talk about how cool Hannah is in this picture?

With my beautiful sister in law...and best mom I know. :)

I love this picture....being with my nieces is my favorite thing in the world. And when we're together...we like to play Ring Around the Rosy. Because we rock. And together we can take on the world!

Reminds me one of one of my favorite memories I have with them...

photo by: amydale photography

Being an aunt is such a wonderful thing. 

Best job.


Much love, :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Memphis Blogger Meetup...

Hello friends!

How are you doing this Tuesday?

From my perspective, it's dreary and cold outside.


I'm so beyond ready for Spring!

Well, this past Saturday night, I had the privilege of attending a fellow Memphis blogger meet-up at Local Gastropub on Madison!

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it, but fortunately, I did!

And let me say, it truly was so much fun to meet these great ladies.

Laura from Walking in Memphis in High Heels and my sweet friend Miss Bekah from Matters of Merrymaking helped organize it, and they both did an amazing job!

Deocorations were so cute!!

Here's Miss Bekah and me...we used to work together four score and seven years ago...and we've been able to stay in touch through blogging and social media :)

Old friends!

Jamie at Mommy on a Mission made this beautiful and delicious cake: 

Isn't it gorgeous?!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous on my way there...

I like to think of myself as a social butterfly, but I have a teensy bit of social anxiety every now and again...

But these ladies made me feel very's like we've all known each other for a while!

That's what I love about blogging...

It brings people together from all walks of life!

Here's a shot of the group:

Memphis bloggers!

I encourage all of you to check these fantastic bloggers and their blogs out:

Judith at Creating Balance

Colleen at Parties and Cardis

Natalie at My Crazy Busy Life

Jennifer at Southern Belle

Hooray for Memphis...and hooray for Memphis bloggers! 

Much love, ;)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Some New Favorites...With Some Recycling Thrown In...

Hiya friends!!

How's it been?

I hope well. 

As I mentioned in a blog post before, my life has been all kinds of crazy lately.

My new job has been keeping me busy....and then I got sick with a nasty sinus infection...I celebrated several birthdays including my niece's 3rd....I threw my brother a surprise 40th birthday office moved to a new location....and thennnnn there was Valentine's Day.


I plan on giving several recaps of both surprising my un-surprisable big brother....and seeing my sweet niece as a princess...

But today I'm just going to share some of my new favorites in regards to beauty products....


Some new outfits that I'm recycling quite often.

Remember when I mentioned (waaayyy back..haha) about how I was loving Old Navy's selection lately?

Well, after my birthday I snagged a couple of things on sale, and I've gotten several wears out of each item already!

So first up is this black and white striped top...I love that black and white is such a trend for spring...but I'm so over winter that I'm busting it out now.

I've worn mine several times now....I wore it first to a birthday celebration for my dear friend Robyn:

Top: Old Navy
Tank: Cato's
Leggings: Style & Co.
Flats: Tory Burch

Please ignore my unmade bed.
One of the things I like most about this outfit was the Kardashian-esque bracelet I wore. I picked it up at Charlotte Russe for $5.99. When I saw it, I immediately thought "Kris Jenner!" Haha. I have no idea why I have such affection for that family. Don't judge.

Well, I a few weeks later I wore it again for my brother's surprise 40th birthday's a shot of my beautiful sister in law and me before we headed out:

We called ourselves the "Striped Sistas." 
Well, I loved my black and white top so much, I picked up this green and navy one, too. I don't have any pics of me in this one...but I've been rocking it. :) I love this color combo sooo much. Preppy to the max!

The next dress that has gotten a few recycles in is this one:

I also snagged it on sale at Old Navy. When I saw it, I thought, "That's perfect for Valentine's Day."

Sure, it's a little literal...with the hearts and all...but I don't care. I love dressing up for holidays...(I'm now thinking about a St. Patty's Day inspired get up!)

I wore it to the office on Valentine's Day...and you'll never guess what happened:

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: JcPenney

My coworker and I had the same idea apparently! Haha! 
It was too funny. Everyone in the office got a big kick out of it. The funny thing is...that I almost paired my dress with my blue jean jacket, too. We both rocked tights and brown boots...but I opted to pair mine with these navy tights from Target:

Tights: Target
Boots: Payless Shoes

I loved the outfit so much, I decided to wear it again on the hubs and my Valentine's Day excursion to Texas de Brazil downtown:

Isn't he just handsome?!

Needless to say, after our dinner, the dress wasn't fitting as easily as it was before. 

Texas de Brazil = food coma. 

(And as a side note...I don't really want to eat there for a long long time. Eating all that chicken, beef, and pork, annnnd cheese all at once reeked havoc on my skin. Breakouts galore. Ugh.)

Next on the items I've been recycling...are the pants below...

After Christmas (and before my haircut, too haha) I used a gift card to snag these plum pants at Target:

What kind of look is that?!
I snagged these for $13.00. Whoop!

Anywho, I've enjoyed figuring out new outfit combinations as of late. The hubs and I are trying to scale WAY back on our spending, so I've got to get REAL good at recycling.

Switching gears to beauty products...

I am 110% in love with this lip product:

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Balm!!

This stuff is so soft, but covers as good as a lip stick. 

Love love love it! 

You can build it up to the coverage you want, without drying out your lips.

Speaking of building up coverage....

I've also been using Revlon's Colorstay Whipped Foundation!

It's very light, but you can build it up to the coverage you want! I'm wearing it in all the pics above (minus the purple pants pic).   

Next on the things I'm loving....

This DermOrganic leave-in treatment made with Argan Oil.

After my stylist used it on my hair at Dabbles...I decided to just bite the bullet and get some for myself. My hair has been on the dry side lately, so I'm hoping this will restore a little bit of moisture back.

So there ya go!

What are you all loving right now friends?

Up next on the blog....birthday recaps. Fun fun funnnn...

Much love, ;)

P.S.- Thank you to all the new followers and for all the comments from new faces! I'm so excited to get on over to your blogs and learn about you!