Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And Thennnn....I Turned 29.....

Howdy friends.

How ya doing today?

I hope life is treating you kindly.


Well, today is actually my 29th birthday.

Yes, I was born January 22, 1984.

Super Bowl Sunday that year.


 This past Saturday the hubs took off work, and we decided to head out for a little fun.

That afternoon, I made the decision to try out a new hair salon in mid-town.


It's at the corner of Madison and Cooper.

Ariel was my stylist...and she did a great job.


 Annnnddd after:

Sorry it's blurry. :( my camera on my phone is awful.

 Now granted, I have more makeup on in the second picture and my hair is curled.

But, I think she did a great job.

She added some side bangs, and I think they make just the right amount of difference.

I had my hair colored Friday at another salon because Dabbles couldn't get me in for both a color and a cut.

So, I'm a little more auburn than normal.

And I like that, too. :)

I definitely recommend Dabbles. It's so laid back in there...the staff was super friendly...and the decor is funky and very mid-town-ish. :)

Anywho, here's a little pic recap from the evening:

When I came home from the salon, the hubs had roses, a sweet card, and Muddy's cupcakes waiting for me.  Aw. :)

The hubs informed that he had planned on having both of my diplomas framed for me. However, my master's diploma has yet to come in yet...so he wasn't able to. Still, such a thoughtful gift. Can't wait to help pick out frames!

Remember, black is my favorite color. :) Blazer: Macy's Style & Co., Dress: Gap from a billion years ago, Necklace: Premier Jewelry, Shoes: INC from Macy's

Hubs. Looking pretty darn handsome.

We decided to have dinner at Ruth Chris's steakhouse. We had a gift card there...and we really enjoyed ourselves the last time we visited. So it was a no brainer. When we walked in, the hostess wished me "Happy Birthday!" I thought, "Oh that was sweet." When we were sat, there was a personalized hand-written card for me on the table. How cool! It was a nice touch for sure.

Annnnnddd they had confetti on the table as well. Awesomeness!

The birthday surprises didn't stop there....they also  shared this really awesome dessert. On the house. Boom.

 I would most definitely recommend them if you are having a birthday. They truly make you feel so special!!

After that, we headed to the hubs' place of employment for a few after dinner cocktails. 

Of course, I had the bright idea to go to Raiford's. 

Oh lawd.

After much debate (within myself I might add) we decided to grab a cab and head downtown.


Don't let this pic fool you. Raiford's seems like a magical wonderland of fun. 

However, I'm not sure I've ever met anyone who said the next day after visiting, "Wow, that was the best night of my life!" 
However, from the pics below, all seems well, right?!

Well, those good times were all wiped away when I woke up Sunday morning with what appears to be a sprained left wrist. From falling. Down.

So yea. I'm hoping that by the time I turn 30, I'll have gained all the wisdom needed to NEVER again go to Raiford's. 


When I arrived at work yesterday, my sweet co-worker Savannah (who has started her own blog!...check it out here friends!) had birthday cake fudge waiting for me.

Heavens to Betsey. This fudge is amazing. I would liken it to crack cocaine...however, I've never actually tried crack cocaine...so we'll just say it's pretty much addicting. 

This morning, I had a phone call from my brother wishing me a "Happy Birthday." We talked a for a little while, and about 10 minutes after hanging up with him...he surprised me at my door with cupcakes and a nice (minus the "Go Cats" part) note. I was so surprised! He was in town for work today, and came on by. I had no idea! It was truly such a thoughtful thing to do. 

 So yea, I've had a pretty great birthday...minus the whole sprained wrist thing (which I might add is ridiculously painful.)

But, I am so grateful for all the birthday love.

I've honestly been dreading 29. I'm so happy for every single moment I'm given here. However, there's something about the realization that this is the last year of my 20s that is scary. I'm not so much dreading 30 because it's a new beginning. But closing the chapter on my 20s is something I wasn't quite prepared for yet. 

Oh well.

Here's to 29! I hope it's the best one yet. 

Much love, ;)


  1. Wow, you look gorgeous!!! Happy birthday today!!! I've still never been to Ruth's Chris! hahaha, Raiford's is only fun if you've already been drinking and you go with a big group. Then it's awesome lol!!

    1. Thanks so much girl! Definitely agree with you about going to Raiford's with a group...haha!

  2. Happy birthday Jenny!!! I always feel the same way when I wake up post-Raifords!

  3. Happy birthday! Your hair looks great!

  4. Oh my goodness! This post is making me hungry! Muddy's and Gigi's?!?! I also want the recipe for that birthday cake fudge! You look gorgoues. Love your hair! Raiford's didn't look as smokey as I remember it looking. Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comments!
      Here's a link to the birthday cake fudge:

  5. Yes your hair did look amazing! Your brother seemed to be quite honored that you blogged about his birthday surprise!

    1. Wow! Thanks girl! :)
      AWWW. haha! I'm glad he felt special. ;)
      Hope all is well!

  6. Hey! I'm from the Memphis blog group. Nice to meet you!


  7. Hi! I'm from the Memphis bloggers group. Cute blog! And happy birthday :)


  8. So...I see Muddy's and Gigis - which one is better?????

    1. Girrllll...most definitely Muddy's!!! They are the bomb.com! We actually had their cupcakes at our wedding. Gigi's is good...but just not the same. :)