Friday, January 11, 2013

Back To The Grind....

Hiya friends.

Hope this past week has been treating you kindly.

I have been busy training at my new job. 


I've had a really AMAZING person training me, so I feel so happy in that regard.

However, I still have my brown paper bag on standby in case I have a meltdown.

So yea.

I think I'm really going to like it there.

But, it's still a little nerve-wracking being the newbie.

At least my coworkers are the and have made me feel so very welcome!

I am working with my dear friend Ellen again, who if you'll remember I blogged about her husband being sick in the hospital and her being super pregnant....

Well, this past week she had sweet Nora Kate.

We are so excited!

Mommy and baby are doing well.

Speaking of doing well...

I am trying hard to eat at least one salad per day.

Well, at least one per weekday.

So, I used this Pinterest idea!

And here's how mine turned out:

They've worked like a charm!

So good and so easy to reach for each day.

The set up was kind of a pain, but it took about 30 minutes to fix 5 salads.

Not too shabby.

You just have to chop up whatever veggies you need and voila!

Definitely going to try to keep this up.

Something I've not kept up with is....running.



I feel awful about it, too.

I could use the excuse that I've been trying to get adjusted to my new work schedule, but that doesn't matter.

I've just got to commit to doing better.

And I'm debating whether or not just to run 5ks and then run the St. Jude half again in December.

I wanted to run the Germantown Half...but honestly, I'm sort of scared to train on my own. 

Running long runs on my own is lonely.

So, I dunno.

Either way I'm going to run a half this year.

I might run the Dash for Dad half on April 27.


I've just got to figure it out!

Either way I gotta keep running.

I'm also about to try out a new gym since I can't workout on campus anymore... :(

I've got a 2 week trial membership to DAC fitness in Laurelwood.

Does anyone know anything about that location?

It's just really close to my work and my home...sooooo we'll see.

How do y'all keep motivated??

Maybe I need to buy a swimsuit to keep me out there...

Hey, you can pick up one at Target now!

Ugh. Seriously??? It's still January Target. C'MONN.


So, I went to Old Navy tonight.

Big mistake.

I seriously could have bought every single item in there right now.

Yes, some of it's boring.

But I love all the colors they are sporting!

I'm sort of obsessed with green lately.

Mint green.

Prep green.

Emerald green.

Love it all.

And anything with polka dots gets my vote.

Speaking of love...

I loved when I was sporting an auburn hue on my head.

Annndd....I'm making an appointment to have my hair done (hopefully) next Friday.

Should I go back to auburn??

Last Winter.
Or how about one of these reddish colors:

Cinnamon highlights?

This pretty dark Strawberry?

Or a a brighter auburn?

Or should I be bold and try ombre??


One thing's for certain, I'm not losing any length.

I soooo want Kardashian-esque length hair.

Ugh. Gotta keep taking Biotin and pre-natal vitamins to get there.

Kim might be rethinking that hair length once baby Westkardashian is born!


What's going on with y'all?

Hey Laura at Walking in Memphis in High Heels...I promise to try to work on your Liebster Award challenge!

You are awesome for tagging me.

And friends, go visit her blog!

She is freaking adorable.

And I love supporting Memphis bloggers!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend friends!

Much love, :)


  1. Aww thanks! I love the auburn! I've done the Germantown 5K for the last 4 years but am thinking about doing the half instead. They have 2 different Dash for Dads each year. One for a 5K and one for a half. We didn't know that at first and did the 5K last year. I'm planning on doing some more halves this year. I don't know what part of town you're in but we could train.

    1. Hey girl! Thanks! I live in East Memphis...and I have to do my long runs on Fridays. Right now my plan is to run the St. Jude half again...but if I change my mind to train for the half Dash for Dad I'll let ya know! :)

  2. It makes all the difference when you have a good person training you for a new position! Glad it's been working out for you!

    I work in East Memphis in Clark Tower! (just saw above where you said you live there.) There are a TON of people in my office that use the DAC and have wonderful things to say about it! Both men and women--and both people that use machines and others that go to group classes.

    I am obsessed with the red ON dress! Beautiful! Makes me long for spring already. :)

    I nominated you for a Liebster! I've so very much enjoyed following your blog the past and can't wait to keep following along! Keep up the good work!

    1. Omgeeee! You are awesome. Thank you so much! And thank you for the heads up about DAC! I am most definitely adding you to my blog list and heading over to your blog now!

  3. Hey! I'm a new follower. Your blog is so cute! I am also a graduate of U of M. I don't live in Memphis but I work in Germantown. I live about 40 miles or so north of Memphis. Oh, and I love the auburn!

    1. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by! I am now stopping by your blog. :)

  4. Hi! I found your blog from Rachel at Front Row Seat. I love finding other Memphis bloggers and am looking forward to getting to know you! My husband and I live in East Memphis and are members at DAC Laurelwood. We love it there. It's a great place with tons of classes to choose from!

    1. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. And thank you for the heads up about DAC! :) I am adding your blog to my list, now! :)

  5. YAY! I love finding other Memphis blogs. Let me know what you think of DAC. We recently moved to the area and I did the unlimited month membership at Bikram Yoga (I think it is in's behind the Whole Foods)for $40 and LOVE it there!!!! You should try :)